I feel like I have a lot of homes at this point in my life.
Places I more or less feel settled in. Places I partially call mine. That I can come back to no matter how much time has passed and it feels comfortable. Places too that I can’t physically return to but are still labeled in my mind as ‘Home’. .
But there hasn’t been a place that is wholly mine for a while now and I realize that is part of why I loved living on the road so much these last few months. My car, Blue Moon, is the only big tangible thing that’s all-the-way mine and for some reason it just feels good to have something grounding like that, to completely rely on and call yours.
And the road too, the road, even though it is so wide and expansive and metaphorical in so many different ways, it feels like mine too. It’s generous enough with itself to allow for multiple inhabitants and owners and it is always reliable in the sense that it is always there. .
I started to share this image thinking I would write about something else, but this came out instead. So I guess it’s what I’m really feeling today, right now. There is overwhelm and eagerness and sadness and frustration and joy all mixed up inside my person right now but most of all: anticipation.
#thewildandwonderfulamericanroadtrip opened up a whole hallway of doors for me and, for the first time in a long time, instead of being overwhelmed by the world being my oyster, I feel clarity and focus and I’m ready to pick a door and walk through it and See if it leads to another home. .

spending the day doing some Spring cleaning (which mostly entails shaking out all of my sheepskins... because i pretty much live my life by the motto #putasheepskinonit).

also posting a few new Slow Living tips in my instagram story today (which will be viewable in the highlights if you're reading this after the fact). i think this is something i'm going to start doing with more regularity since what i've shared so far has sparked some of the best conversations with you guys in my inbox and DMs! keep those coming. they make my day and i absolutely love connecting with you all. these intentional conversations are the biggest reason i use instagram and why it's honestly one of the few social media platforms i keep up with. so let's have more of them (as long as you all can be patient with my response time sometimes lagging a bit with my lack of internet 😂)

Memories of a warmer place. #putasheepskinonit

hello instagram world! i am back and ready to share a bunch of vintage finds with you this week! get ready for some real gems. ✨
this post is brought to you by my current favorite corner in #theknittingqueenscastle. a former closet turned magical open-space accessories showcase. i've realized over the years that stowing away all of my jewelry and accessories doesn't really promote me actually *using* them. i mean, "out of sight out of mind" you know? so i've been using this vintage printing press tray and now i actually wear more of what i have and identify what i don't, which then allows me to let go of those unworn pieces and give them a new home.
and, of course, i always enjoy finding new and creative ways to showcase my plant bebes and sheepskins. 🌿


#diy lesson: How to make an ugly chair less ugly. #putasheepskinonit 🤔 My husband loves this chair. But it’s a throwback of something puke green 60’s. Put a fur on it and we both like it 😂 PS- hanging artwork on picture railing is kind of a pain. We will put a larger painting on this wall soon... but this will do for now. #antique #accessories #shelfstyling #interiors #midcenturychair #accentchair #accenttable #lamp #lemonlime #whitewalls #interiordesign #interiorstyling #renovation #restorationhardware

posted quite a few vintage pieces in the story today!
used sheepskins in lieu of a model and i think they showcased everything quite nicely. then again you guys know my bias/affinity for sheepskins.... 🐑

Last week on a super glamorous date night - my husband and I saw this table at Goodwill. It came with two benches, is real wood and cost $34. We have a small dining area so I've been kind of wanting this shape of a table and also to bring in some more wood tones to our home. I'll sell our other round table for about $50 - so redecorating will actually turn a profit;) #diningroom #spotthegoodwilltag #putasheepskinonit.

We found this rocking chair for her at a yard saw over the weekend, and she's been straight chilling in it ever since. "It's fo me? It's so bootiful! Gank you mama!" #whereareherpants #putasheepskinonit

it is no secret how much i love sheepskins. i have several strewn about my humble abode. adorning anything from the floor, the end of my bed, chairs, the couch and-admittedly- on chilly mornings: my shoulders. they're in constant rotation and are such a lovely way to transform little vignettes and cozy corners. •
this one i recently found is such a dream. it's from New Zealand and will make any spot in your home that much more homey. —$90 DM to purchase *sold*

Happy Sunday!! Today is our seven year anniversary so I thought I'd post a picture of where I will be spending it - right here prepping for a talk I am doing on foster care tonight at a nearby church 💙 this space is so cozy and displays one of my favorite wedding photos (also reminds me of a time when I had collarbones 😂) #putasheepskinonit #messywordsbykim #tuftedleather #mycurrentdesignsituation #colddeadfingers #ehdweekendmakeover #homegoodshappy

I was so desperate to see how this mirror would look right here that I hammered into the wall during nap time. What can I say? I am a risk taker. Also is there any problem that can't be solved by tossing a sheepskin over it?! I mean, there probably is..but still #putasheepskinonit is my new life motto.

1 chair, 4 ways. (The options are endless!). Which way would you choose? Plain, sheepskin, indigo or Kilim?

#TBT Paradise, MI - 1986
Proof positive I've always loved cowboy boots and sheepskins. Fun Fact: It took my folks and some friends only twenty days to build that log cabin.

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