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"When you think too much you're removing what's moving"
💢Advise for Movement
💢Advise for Life

Push-up progressions videooo. I've done one of these before but it has been a long while and I know it's a goal for some of you awesome peeps to do explosive pushies so here's some ideas of how to start:
First: lure your cat into the spare room with Temptations treats and commence embarrassing dancing. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
If you're not strong enough to do full push-ups yet, you can do them from your knees or better, on an incline (hands elevated).
Once you can bust out reps on your toes, you can increase difficulty by elevating your feet (decline pushups) or start doing explosive ones 💥#kaboom . You can start with plyo (hands come slightly off the floor) or clapping push-ups and move on from there. And beee confident (it's largely mental) 👊🏻.
Then I did some more chest, triceps, and shoulder focused ones.
The best tip really is to do them more frequently. I struggled and hated them for years but you really will improve if you work on them consistently. Make your weaknesses your strengths, etc etc 😝.
🎶Bonnie McKee - I Want it All (vicetone remix)
Ps these are my fave @womensbest leggings thus far #sosoft #allgreyerrthang

Ab Roll Outs 👊

Changing things up a bit from your traditional Ab Wheel. This exercise will help improve your overall core strength. For beginners I recommend starting off on your knees. Hold 5 Sec at the bottom and go deeper to the ground after each rep
Outfit: @AestheticRevolution

Every moment counts.. only YOU know the real work you put in because it's up to you everyday to make all those little choices that eventually add up to the big reward.. whatever it is - to be healthy, to be able to do something you've never been able to do before, fitness-wise or otherwise - every moment is a choice and it's only up to YOU.
12 minute routine.. set your timer

10 front tucks
10 mountain climbers
10 lateral climbers per side
4 diamond push-ups with cat tuck
4 dancer hold per side
Repeat for 12 minutes .. try not to take a break 💪🏼 #YG12 #yourlifewithmovment #carmelrodriguez


No shame here. Exhausted, fatigued, cramping, not wanting to do 1 more diamond push-up, unable to do 1 more full push-up, I dropped to my knees and busted out the last 15 to finish the workout.

Who cares if people see you do push-ups on your knees? That's not manly? Hah what's not manly is NOT finishing what you started.

DO NOT care what others think. Pay them no attention. Your biggest competition is yourself. Hold yourself accountable for the work you must put in.

Want to reach your goals? You will undoubtedly have to do exercises you do not want to. Embrace the things you hate doing. Avoiding them will get you nowhere. Embrace them, conquer them, know those are the things that hold you back from reaching your full potential. Change your mindset.

#lookinthemirrror #betterthanyesterday #embracewhatyouhate

Time for bed. 😴😴 what's your routine before sleeping? #teamflyfree

Tag a friend and do try this out towards the end of your chest workout. It's one of my favorite chest finishers.
-5X10-15 (cable fly)
Superset w/
-5X15 (push-ups)
Remember, a superset is 2 exercises performed in a row without stopping. You do the these together then take your break. No bullshitting in between.

Killer stability core and upper body workout! Took me a long time to learn V-ups into handstands but well worth it! I'd love to help anyone trying to get these down! DM me with any questions! 💪🏾

Incorporating super sets of Decline Push-ups & Svend Press (stole from an inspiration of mine @tjstucke ), till failure for each, to finish my chest day 🙌🏻👌🏻💪🏻
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Best of March 😴🚀
• Victorian (not clean) In Rome • Front pull ups wide 90cm • TED +1kg • Oap +8kg • Front lever to victorian with loop band • Assisted victorian TED, not clean of course (inspired by @zito_workout)

Dmitry Kuznetsov (@dima_kuzya )🆚Kowtyn Igor (@kowtyn.igor )💪💥💥😉
Do you think who is the winner???
Use #beast_of_static or Tag Me!

Success is created in the boring seemingly mundane choices every day. The choice to exercise daily, eat nutritious food daily, give yourself adequate rest daily, and push beyond your comfort level daily. This is where success lies and it's attainable by each and every one of us... You just gotta want it bad enough 💪#transformationtuesday #neversettle

Bored of regular ol' #pushups and hungry for @McDonalds? Lucky for you, push-up's are of the simplest body weight exercises that offers endless variations and works the entire body. For every 10 push-up's you complete varied or not, you earn $1.00 of #McDonalds money and THAT is a beautiful thing. 🍔

So mix up those push-up's and work that body in new ways. If you whip out some variations, shoot a video, post it, and tag the #pizza squad because we want to see whatchu got up your push-up sleeve! 💪🏼

It always seems impossible until it's done.

♡ Freestyle ♡

I haven't attempted this move in 2 years... yesterday I saw @carladfit try it and I decided to give it a try and to my biggest surprise I got it! Merci mini monkey pour la motivation 😍

Today after trying over and over to get it again... I unlocked it and was able to play with the side to side Korean dips 😊 Very happy to see progress!
#JRO #Calisthenics #koreandips

Wall climbs w push ups🔥 It has been a longggggg time since I have done these but these are great for the entire upper body😈Happy to be gaining my long lost strength back💪🏼 FYI the video is sped up a little 🐰#bootyfullfitness

No Gym! So my Goal was 300 Pushups...
Motivation was increased x100
w/ @pudgethecockapoo keeping me company🐶
I love this guy❤

--⚔️Attack Ambition🔥--

Favorite bench warm up and accessory (pre and post)
Warm up: scapular push-ups. Practice moving your shoulder blades to warm up your back and shoulders and prevent winging.

Post: Dumbbells are great for imbalances and building muscle. I love me some income bench!
#benchpress #pushups #girlswhopowerlift #bodybuilding

The 4 foot high human tower of planks. Which part do you like best? The jump, plank, or push-ups?
I've been influencing too many people lately to trust me with my shenanigans. Thanks @hope_dupilka 😂😂😂

Family Gym time👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 the real #fitfam
🇳🇮Gimnasio en familia 😜

Feeling like a challenge?
Cool, here's something we like to use at the Lab.
Grab your phone- Now, download a metronome app. (Any would work) I'm gonna take you through a killer 6 minute push up challenge, not only will this make you strong as an ox but it will give you a pump that even the incredible hulk would be jealous of. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here we go.
In 1 min I want you to perform one minute worth of push ups. -
Min 1- Metronome at 30bpm- Go down and up when you hear the beep.
30 sec Rest. -
Min 2-Metronome at 20bmp- Go down when you hear the beep and wait at the bottom until you hear the beep then finally push up and continue following the sound for the entire minute.
30 sec Rest. -
Min 3- Metronome at 20bpm- Start at the bottom of a push up (Not touching the floor) every-time you hear the sound explode up and quickly come down and wait at the bottom of a push up until you hear the next sound for the entire minute.
60 sec Rest. -
Min 4- Metronome at 50bpm- Simply follow the beat. Go up and down on every beat.
60 sec Rest. -
Min 5- Metronome at 15bpm- Everytime you hear the beat go up and down, lock out your elbows core tight and wait in at the top until you hear the next minute. -
60 sec Rest.
Min 6- No Metronome. Perform as many push ups as you can in 1 min.
Let us know how it went! 😃 ----------------------- - -

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2 exercises for da Delt wooorrrkkkkk! 🤓

Nothing fancy here!
Working rear delts can be tricky.
You want to only pull back so your hands align with your shoulders!
I think the best cue to feel is rather than pulling your hands back to the wall behind you, you want to feel your hands pulling out towards the walls to the side of you. As far apart as you can during the rep. 👍🏽
If you pull back further than your shoulders, you will lose tension in your rear delts and start working other muscles!
Happy Sunday!

@mayo_bros_calisthenics freestlyle push up game strong 💪👊but did you see that smooth worm he hit?! The Mayo Bros getting super creative with their calisthenics and staying icy ❄️❄️❄️ go and give them a follow!

If you don't already, don't forget to follow @learnparkournow

Repost from @spacemonkey.35:::: Combito de push ups con la pandilla del barrio! 💪🐒🐒
Estrenando mural 👽🐒🌳🌄🐒 ____________________________________________
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