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Push-up progressions videooo. I've done one of these before but it has been a long while and I know it's a goal for some of you awesome peeps to do explosive pushies so here are some ideas of how to start:
First: lure your cat into the spare room with Temptations treats and commence embarrassing dancing. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
If you're not strong enough to do full push-ups yet, you can do them from your knees or better, on an incline (hands elevated).
Once you can bust out reps on your toes, you can increase difficulty by elevating your feet (decline pushups) or start doing explosive ones 💥#kaboom . You can start with plyo (hands come slightly off the floor) or clapping push-ups and move on from there. And beee confident (it's largely mental) 👊🏻.
Then I did some more chest, triceps, and shoulder focused ones.
The best tip really is to do them more frequently. I struggled and hated them for years but you really will improve if you work on them consistently. Make your weaknesses your strengths, etc etc 😝.
🎶Bonnie McKee - I Want it All (vicetone remix)
Ps these are my fave @womensbest leggings thus far #sosoft #allgreyerrthang

Ab Roll Outs 👊

Changing things up a bit from your traditional Ab Wheel. This exercise will help improve your overall core strength. For beginners I recommend starting off on your knees. Hold 5 Sec at the bottom and go deeper to the ground after each rep
Outfit: @AestheticRevolution

"When you think too much you're removing what's moving"
💢Advise for Movement
💢Advise for Life

Every moment counts.. only YOU know the real work you put in because it's up to you everyday to make all those little choices that eventually add up to the big reward.. whatever it is - to be healthy, to be able to do something you've never been able to do before, fitness-wise or otherwise - every moment is a choice and it's only up to YOU.
12 minute routine.. set your timer

10 front tucks
10 mountain climbers
10 lateral climbers per side
4 diamond push-ups with cat tuck
4 dancer hold per side
Repeat for 12 minutes .. try not to take a break 💪🏼 #YG12 #yourlifewithmovment #carmelrodriguez


Tag a friend and do try this out towards the end of your chest workout. It's one of my favorite chest finishers.
-5X10-15 (cable fly)
Superset w/
-5X15 (push-ups)
Remember, a superset is 2 exercises performed in a row without stopping. You do the these together then take your break. No bullshitting in between.

We get the best #Workout ideas from our GRRRL Stephie ⚠️
💪 @workingoutinparadise 😘
"After class shenanigans with the kiddos. 🙃

Around the clock push ups. 1 round in each direction to target the core and upper body without any equipment or impact!"
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How hard are you working towards your goals? You don't gain muscle by laying in bed, same thing goes for money; you have to work for it.
With @bradleymartyn
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You owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be. In fitness and in life #staydriven @bowflex #selectTech #ad #repost @sluagency

Hi guys! 🙋🏻 So it has been an eventful week for me thus far: I fell ill 😭 And my phone died 😭 So I've been off of Insta, just sleeping away 😴 Was kinda grumpy abt it cuz I haven't been sick in AGES! 😑
Anyway, my doc says zero workouts for me this week-- "you have an excuse to be lazy" she said w a grin 😅-- so I'm sadly not gonna be finishing the #12weekchallenge at the same time as you lot 😒 But it's okay, I'll get back on it next week when I'm all rested up; am still cheering like hell for all of you, in the meantime 🙆🏻
Btw, how crazy is it that this round of #bbg2 has synced up w my first time doing it last year?! I was looking back at older vids as I was curious abt how my plyo push-ups have improved 😉 Found the top vid fr exactly a year ago-- pleased to report I've def gotten stronger 💪🏻 Not a suuuper drastic improvement unlike my regular push-ups, but that's cuz of (I think) two reasons: a. by this pt last year my push-ups were finally getting pretty solid, so it's not like my "before& #34; vid has me flailing abt 😂; and b. I hvn't practised these at all since I last did #bbg2 close to a year ago 🙂 So all in all, am pretty proud of this progress 💪🏻❤️
P.S.: @picplaypost please fix your app-- it's buggy again! Black borders vs the usual white 🙁 #firstworldproblems hahaha. Also, for those who always ask what vid app I use: #picplaypost ! Which is great when it's not buggy 😂

Dmitry Kuznetsov (@dima_kuzya )🆚Kowtyn Igor (@kowtyn.igor )💪💥💥😉
Do you think who is the winner???
Use #beast_of_static or Tag Me!

No shame here. Exhausted, fatigued, cramping, not wanting to do 1 more diamond push-up, unable to do 1 more full push-up, I dropped to my knees and busted out the last 15 to finish the workout.

Who cares if people see you do push-ups on your knees? That's not manly? Hah what's not manly is NOT finishing what you started.

DO NOT care what others think. Pay them no attention. Your biggest competition is yourself. Hold yourself accountable for the work you must put in.

Want to reach your goals? You will undoubtedly have to do exercises you do not want to. Embrace the things you hate doing. Avoiding them will get you nowhere. Embrace them, conquer them, know those are the things that hold you back from reaching your full potential. Change your mindset.

#lookinthemirrror #betterthanyesterday #embracewhatyouhate

Time for bed. 😴😴 what's your routine before sleeping? #teamflyfree

Holla! Her kommer onsdagsøkta; fire varianter av push ups til folket❣️🐯❤️🐾✌🏼 @shapeupnorge #shapeupnorge #pushups #treningspodden #pumanorge

Ooooooh look what came in the mail today! It was free with with all those contortion push ups I've been doing! .
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♡ Ab wheel ♡

My boyfriend gave me this trick to do them assisted with the band! It really does helps to not hyper extend my lower back. Give it a try!
#JRO #Calisthenics #abdominals

Nueva incorporación al team @marquezswfl_usc pisando con mucha fuerza mostrando el control con esos hefestos!!!
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5 sets of inch worm push-ups to failure to end a heavy lifting day = DEATH. Give them a shot. .
Ps. Grab this @buns_barbells tank "Quincey20& #34; . Link up above 👊🏽
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Best of March 😴🚀
• Victorian (not clean) In Rome • Front pull ups wide 90cm • TED +1kg • Oap +8kg • Front lever to victorian with loop band • Assisted victorian TED, not clean of course (inspired by @zito_workout)

If you don't already, don't forget to follow @learnparkournow

Repost from @spacemonkey.35:::: Combito de push ups con la pandilla del barrio! 💪🐒🐒
Estrenando mural 👽🐒🌳🌄🐒 ____________________________________________
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@jac_attack430 and I taking on @natekcro #kettlebell handstand push-up! We call out @tay_l0vee and @josh_thetrainer to try it! .
A couple pointers, make sure you have even weight in your hands. Core engaged. Squeeze shoulder blades. .
#tayloredfitnesssd #titlesandiego #handstand #pushups #kettlebells #challenge #fitness #trainer #workoutwednesday #northpark #sandiego

Incorporating super sets of Decline Push-ups & Svend Press (stole from an inspiration of mine @tjstucke ), till failure for each, to finish my chest day 🙌🏻👌🏻💪🏻
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Midnight Training
Life has been BUSY lately, but time doesn't wait for you and thus you have to fit yourself into it.
I was exhausted, but that is a state you can overcome with sheer mental will power. So, last nights workout consisted of the following:
• 5 Rounds for Time
• 12 Archer Pushups
• 7 Thrusters at 135lbs
• 40 Running High Knee Skips
• 5 Box Jump Burpees
Will be back at it again today with another workout and video. #pctruworkouts

First day of period menu💉
Just a little motivation for you guys. If you think a girl on pms should be cranky and bitchy, well, I turn it into obstacles. This girl is on fireeeee☄️☄️
P.s: I might need lots of carbs and sweetness after this🍫🍫🍫

#bestrong #indobarianmethod #pushups #indobarianladies #vegetarianathlete

2nd bench day this week...since my back is still super fucked I'm just crushing my upper body. @c.t.ali.fletcher style (for little dudes) 185x10 175x10 165x10 155x10 135x10 115x10 95x10 85x10 75x10 65x 10 and then back up, for time. 24:09 at 175# bodyweight. #mgc #gymjones #benchpress you #loyal


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