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Started kipping then ended up doing pull ups 😂 guess I couldn't make up my mind at the end of a workout lol struggling 😴
#frontlinefitness #gymshark #pushthrough #trusttheprocess

#pushthrough 💪🏾

your thoughts, comments, and opinions don't matter.. my actions and my results factor out my reality, so why should they!

Be the best you can be..
Don't sale yourself short, and put in the work it takes, max effort! there are going to be days where you come up short, that's called life, just shake that shit off find another gear, and keep it moving!


2018 Chapter 2 coming to an end!! #pushthrough

My favorite..Chest/arm day (with a 1/2 mile jog)!! Not sure why but I always feel like a bad ass when I’m finished doing arms. 😂 Unfortunately because of this bipolar weather.. I’ve been battling a cough/cold for 3 days now, but have managed to still close all my rings regardless. I’ve had to modify some things (mainly cardio), just to not exasperate my lungs with this cough but so far it’s all good! #ilovearmday #ilovechestday #chestdaybestday #lovetolift #nastycold #bipolarweather #fitlife #shedgym #pushthrough #eventhoughimsick #itsallmental #badass #tattoosandfitness

What are some of your ambitions?

Welp here is my very active Saturday + day 5 was done and the baby girl did it with me!! Alright sweet saints. I’m going to bed.

What a wonderful Saturday!!Step class,manicure,pedicure,massage and social media event.Sometimes when you just don’t feel like it push through.Great things are waiting for you.Just push through and step into your greatness.#davinaelise#speakerdavina#pushthrough#saturdayhustle#takecareyou👩🏽💅🏽💆🏽‍♀️👣😃💜

When I sign up for college 🎓 I didn’t BEG or ask for support. I didn’t cry about a lil student loan.
This is MY Dream I didn’t expect THEM to believe in me I BELIEVE in me.
#Ericthomas #ET #PushThrough

Some days are easier than others to put in the work. Today was NOT one of them.
I’ve been running on two and a half hours sleep...got my booty handed to me at BOTH jobs today and honestly did NOT want to work out.
However, I kept telling myself,” if you aren’t happy with where your bodies at Red, you HAVE to suck it up and DO IT!” So I sucked it up and did my 30 minute combat. I didn’t push myself because I didn’t want to injure myself. You know what?
I’m glad I did. I was able to let out ALL my frustrations from the day and just visualize and attack!
If you want results you can’t give in to the negative in your head. I’ve done it for FAR too long and this year has already been a year I’m grateful to have been around to see. I want to see what else God has I. Store for me. I’m going to PUSH through and just stay with the dang fight! #combat #combat30 #lesmills #staywiththefight #pushthrough #letgoofnegativity #visualizeandattack #waterboyreference #martialarts #loveit #oneweekdown #7moreahead #igotthis #mentalhealthwarrior

Want to know one of my favorite things about home workouts? (Other than, not caring what I look like, being able to sneak it in over nap time or with the kiddos going crazy, never having to leave the house whether the weather is good or bad, etc...) There's RARELY a valid excuse to not get it in. Tonight, I didn't feel like working out so I streamed my workout from my computer and put on a funny show. I still gave the workout my all but also had some comedic relief that made it seem to go quicker. I'm feeling great about my day now. I hope you're all having an awesome weekend!

I'm feeling this shirt today... Today was a rough day, but if you hustle and push through you will make it to a better day don't let anyone stop you and be proud... Mood = 🐺💯🌲 .
#🐺 #💯 #workhard #workout #fitness #wolf #sheep #vans #mood #MN #pushthrough #drinks #guyswithtattoos #behappy #proud

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