The last several months have been hard. I have cried, laughed, smiled and cried some more. I’ve gone through it #ALONE - I am my biggest fan. I amaze myself. I didn’t skip a beat. I got up, dusted myself off and remained focused. Strong doesn’t even begin to describe what I’ve been. It’s all I know. No pity party here. #PushingForward Every Fucking Day. #GodGotMe ❤️ You never know what anyone is going through. BE KIND. 💕

Its a Rollie not a ⏱... #keepshowingup #trx #pushingforward #grinding

OMG I hope I am doing ok at getting this. Been 10 years since I studied any of this. Some of it is coming back ok, other parts not so much. Studying for CompTIA Network+. Of course, there is also the fact that in 10 years, obviously some things have changed, a lot! Do I really know what I am doing with my life? NOPE! I guess at least I already have a background and a degree and a half in this field, so I am not totally starting over. Started my notes late, though. XD Oh well at least it is videos I can always watch over and over again if need be, not like a class room. #networking #comptia #comptianetwork #informationtechnology #iwillsurvive #pushingforward

Today we went on a 3 hour trip up a mountain to ancient ruins dating back to 1110 bc! I swam in an ancient thermal pool with lots of minerals that are fantastic for skin and bones! I went into a calcium pool and saw some one of a kind views! It was gorgeous!
Normally I don’t post many pics of myself because I’m a lil bit chunky but u know what? I don’t give a sh!t anymore. Life’s too short to be worried about trivial things. I’m not letting anything hold me back ever again. This trip has literally been a trip of self discovery and I’m loving it!

She remembers all you taught her..
Sleep in Peace Grandma 💐😍🙏🏾
#smilesarefree #mourning #lifehappens #mrsalma #moma #ihavesomegooddays #darkness #blueismyemotion #pushingforward

On Mondays we set the standard for the week. This week I am looking forward to getting back to my routines and normal eating plan. Although I tried to stay consistent during my vacation, making better choices and staying hydrated I always over indulge during my vacation.
I decided to do a detox this week to clean out toxins and just regulate my body. Our bodies get a bit confused when we are on vacation and irregularity is something I struggle with.
Thank God for sweater weather as I am feeling a bit BLOATED. I am excited to get back to routine and to my eating plan. I made a yummy detox soup for the week along with some natural juice and tea’s. All part of my self care and self love regimen.
I am happy with my progress but I am not where I want to be. We all have goals and as we reach those goals we keep raising the bar and going for another goal.
#workinprprogress #keeppushing #health #itsalifestyle #accountability #oneworkoutatatime #progressnotperfection #myjourney
#goals #fitness #strong #pushingforward

Yang xiao long is one of ma favorite cosplays aaa aaa aa//
So excited for my exchange year I WANNA GO TO THA RTX, nothings gonna staph meh!

Happy Monday, precious humans! Me and Mr. Grumpy Gills wish you the most peaceful and serene Monday. Remember that you ARE enough as you are, but you are also always capable of change if that's what will please your highest self. Stop worrying so much about what others will think- they most likely aren't even paying you any attention. Do things that make your soul radiate, light the fire inside of you and shine! Such a short life we have, when will we realize our only true duty in this life is to live? 🖤💫🙏🧘‍♀️ light and love to all

My new motto! Little Monday humor! #thegymismyboyfriend #gettingfit #pushingforward

I don't think I am going to continue on with weightlifting. I think I'm just a powerlifter with a little crossfit thrown in for fun. .
#landcgym #weights #fitover40 #instafit #pushingforward #womenwholift #thisis41 #igweightlifting #cleans #fitnessjunkie #homegym

The momments when you prove alot of mofo's and doubters wrong! Where all your hard work pays off and when the voice in your head telling you to give up says wow you actually did it you actually stuck it till the end...momments of success Excited to do it all over again 🥇🏆#pushingforward #ifbb #arnoldclassicsau #imcoming #excitied #dohertysgym

Today was my first workout in TWO WEEKS 🤷🏽‍♀️ .
Two weeks ago, prepping for #HurricaneFlorence at home AND work kept me working extra hours, which wiped me out #SafetyProfessionalLife 👷🏽‍♀️
Last week, I was adjusting to a new meal plan while dealing with some health stuff. I was basically functioning off of borrowed energy... and even that supply was running low 🔋
Today, i may not have woken up with the utmost enthusiasm, BUT I GOT UP. My workout was NOT the #BeastMode session I wish it was, but I got it done. .
I’m doing the best I can with what I’m given, and making the most out of every minute possible! It may not be perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction ⬆️↗️
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Custom drifit shirts for Manila Teachers' badminton tournament. Salamat po sa tiwala!

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