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The best couple ever

I love how this turned out 😍

Being rich must be fun I wonder how it feels

love me like u do, love me like it’s new love me like u love me like there’s nothing left to lose we’ll up in a benz if u trynna cruise hop up in the bed baby if u trynna snooze louis v shoes look at me do it, got a lot of secrets baby can u guess clues, and if u had a choice I know what you’d choose

Those shoes 😍

this is for the stupid ass people who think that this gorgeous and flawless man is ugly, think again honey

tour life = merch life 😂

Thank you @jasmineperriperu for finding this photo! So many memories ❤️ #purposeworldtour #TBT #tourlife

i find this video so embarrassing and hard to watch. justin bieber, aka your fucking idol is standing right in front of you and instead of looking at him and engaging with him, you're on your phone telling people that he's in front of you... that girl needs to just chill and talk to him. even her answer to his question was annoying i'm. man i wish that was me there instead of her


Okay so what am i supposed to do with my life now that purpose tour has ended and now dangerous woman tour has ended too

good night i love jesy

Good morning

with that bmw in the back? phew A MAN! 🤤

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