Check out my audible! (Clip in bio) I read a little from my book The Sisterhood of SWEAT and have a funny outtake too. Are you on a journey or on a mission? There is nothing wrong with being on either one. But it’s good to be clear on which path you are on. If you are on a journey, you are easily moved by distractions. Life is unpredictable so it’s difficult to keep promises to yourself when time gets away from you. However when you are on a mission you have a deep why….and nothing can stop you.

In this powerful episode I share with you the KEY to being consistent and focused on your goals. We talk about the importance of a detailed plan and how to develop the grit to see things through. If you have been struggling with consistency in your fitness goals (or life goals) chances are your “why” needs some work. In this week’s episode, we dig deep into this topic, I also share with you some hilarious outtakes from my audible book!

#purposetourworld ❤️💙

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