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Simple edit but I like it 🀘

Gym time

can i just meet cam again please?πŸ˜©πŸ€• [edit: this isn't me haha]

Check it out! Justin Bieber is getting some great promo for his #PurposeTour in Minneapolis, MN from this sportscast on the NFL Network!


It was a beautiful magical night for thousands of Arianators. Until an explosion happened. I'm so sorry #Manchester ! My condolences to all of the families who lost loved ones tonight. My condolences to all those injured, wishing them a speedy recovery. I can't believe how some people still don't know the concept of humanity. Why can't we all love each other? Why can't we all leave our differences aside and love one another for who we are? Why can't people be kind and not cruel. Why does there have to be violence. No one should feel fear when they're at a concert doing nothing but seeing their idol. A human that has inspired them so deeply & greatly. To the beautiful angels that lost their life today. Rest In Peace beautiful angels. You will be missed, but your smile will brighten up heaven. I have no words, I'm shocked. I'm shocked to see how much hate & crime there still is in 2017. I wish I could have magical powers and cure everyone and bring those loved ones back. I'm broken, my heart is broken. I saw Ariana the 3rd of April. A month ago! I just can't imagine what I would've done if that happened at my show. @arianagrande We love you babe. You have nothing to be sorry for, this isn't your fault. You didn't do this. A monster, without a heart did this. I'm truly broken. I hate when these kind of things happen. No one should ever feel fear or afraidness in a place of happiness listening to inspiring music. Be safe babes. ❀️❀️ the families and Ariana & her team & the injured are in my prayers. #PrayForManchester #ArianaGrande #dangerouswomantour #Manchester

Tbh im scared to go see Justin now after this whole incident with Ariana's concert. Things like that make me feel lucky to be alive. Don't ever take that for granted. I just pray that when I go, nothing bad will happen and I can enjoy my night with my best friend watching the love of my life perform.

prayers to those affected in manchester right now πŸ™πŸΌ β™‘ #justinbieber #justinbieberpics #beliebers #purposetour #bieber #jb β™‘

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