Another week, get up and get going! Time to stop excuses and procrastinating!!! It hasn’t taken any of us anywhere!! .

God HATES laziness, stop expecting miracles in your laziness! He doesn’t function like that!
He wants you moving, bearing fruits! . He called us to bear much fruits! You can bear fruits in your bed or on your knee crying to Him 24/7–take a leap of faith and follow the desire He has put on your heart! Start small! And if He tells you go big, go big! Trust Him!

Yes, There is ALWAYS something to do!
If you can’t see or seems as if there’s no opportunity ask God to give you wisdom and help you! He promised to lead our path and teach us how to profit! And God wants you to prosper! Get up! Do it right! Do it justly! 🏃🏽‍♀️💃🏽💫

Dear God, please:
-teach us to let go
-keep us from wanting to be in control
-Mold us to be more like you
-Shape us into the people you have called us to be
-Help us in those moments when we fall short which is always
-More of you and less of us. May today be a start of something new. All things you and everything yours.
-Strip away everything that doesn't please you, everything that keeps us from making room for you in our lives.
Have your way, right here, right now. In Jesus name...
Blessed Monday saints!

If you are waiting for perfect conditions, you will never start! The perfect condition is NOW! You are waiting on God to move, but is He is probably waiting for YOU to Move! GET UP! Take a step, Trust Him! He is holding you! 💫

You’re ALIVE because you have PURPOSE! Remember that on a day to day basis. #PurposeLiving #life #

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If you are from the islands , please hold on to your seats. Before I became vegan, it’s common knowledge as an Haitian 🇭🇹 woman, you wash your meat with lemon and vinegar. I almost passed out listening to this. Thank you Jesus , I’m done with meat , because I can’t. 🤦🏾‍♀️ if my grandmother sees this video, she would lose her mind.
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Lord I'm forever greatful for the gift of Life😊

At the abundance of the heart,the mouth speaketh...It is through our experiences that we learn&are able to tell a story&testify,The tough times you are going through,are actually for you to learn&to pullup someone else 1day.

Walking into a new week with confidence.

Lets ponder on something real quick....

If you where standing in line on judgement day awaiting to be in the presence of God to give account of your life and suddenly.. its your turn... God then asks you JUST ONE question..
“What did you do for me while on earth?” What would the response be?

One thing is for sure, my Job, career, accomplishments, bank balance, type of car i drove, type of clothes i wore, the amount of flexing i did or number of sundays i attended church wouldn’t be relevant at this point in my defense so “What would be the answer?”

Judgement day could be ANYDAY... and until we put this fact in perspective and act on it, we run the risk of “Gaining the world and losing our souls” to what profit?

If you know deep down inside that God is calling you to something.. GET UP AND MOVE! The grace to accomplish it all is already available.. its all a matter of Priority.. and the Lives of others may depend on that assignment

Most of us say we are waiting on the Lord but in actual reality he has and still is “Waiting on us”!
#PurposeDriven #PurposeLiving #Awake #Unashamed

Dear fellow Empaths...

[ Mantra for the weekend : « I trust my inner knowing in all situations » 🙏🏼 Thank you for those who came this weekend for a reiki healing session. I will be available next weekend, just message me to book in 😊
. ✨ Yoga Class on Wednesday, 5pm, 113 Gladstone Rd - Gisborne (upstairs, turn right) 💕 .
〰️ Mantra du week-end : « Je fais confiance à mon intuition profonde en toutes circonstances » 🙏🏼 Merci à ceux qui sont venus ce week-end s’essayer au Reiki. Je serai disponible le week-end prochain, écrivez-moi pour prendre Rdv 😊
✨ Cours de yoga mercredi, 17h, 113 Gladstone Rd - Gisborne💕]
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