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|| Remember there are seasons for everything • I have lived in a strong athletes body who was the 6th fastest cyclist in the world for #triathlon in China • a slender models body that worked internationally for over a decade and have grown 2 humans in my body • through it all I know that my environment or body shape or marriage status doesn't determine who I am • my circumstances do not define me • my attitude does • the reason I workout is so that i continue to train my brain to fight through pain • if a season of sickness were to come into my body I would have the strength and immunity to fight (not to do another cover of a magazine) Our bodies are just a shell of who we are but they are also a superpower if we help them be • my mother and father both dropped down to under 99lbs with their cancerous bodies and because my mom was in good physical shape her whole life she was still able to squat down unassisted on the toilet (something most of us take for granted) • throughout every season try to find purpose and passion for where you are and where you want to be || you are so much more than a number on the scale || #fitfam #purposedriven #transformation #morethanabody #bump #fbf #angi5strong

If you have a Gps system in your car and u dont put it to use.. chances are you may get lost in unfamiliar territory...BUT when u do get lost... would you blame the Gps or yourself for not utilizing it?

#GPS #GodsPlanSaves USE IT!
Most of us date without consulting God or Praying about the situation we are jumping head on into and when it fails we get mad at God for human error. 🤦🏽‍♂️

God hasnt failed you, man has (which the bible already warns u would happen)🤦🏽‍♂️

Truth is in the act of dating.. we disobey God by doing the obvious (no need to spell it out 🙃) but still expect Godly results...
Dare to try a different foundation? Dare to let God lead your choices? Dare to nurture the less physical aspects of a relationship? Dare to see the results? Ask yourself, what are the fruits of my current relationship? Does my partner push me to or pull me away from God?

The signs are always there, we just tend to ignore it to go with the flow and “see” where it takes us but more times than not it ends up at the same destination you parked with your X.

Your choice... GodStandard Vrs WorldStandard 🤷🏾‍♂️
(The results dont Lie)

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"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you"(Psalms 119:11). "Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light to my path"(Psalms 119:105). When we do not read God's Word daily we stumbled in darkness, we lack good judgement and we hinder ourselves from growing spiritually. MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO READ DAILY:) Have a great weekend!!!
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Awareness Wednesday, food poisoning Part 2. Today we’re talking about Salmonella and, for our sake, how it can relate to egg contamination. While it’s true that you can be infected with Salmonella from eating under cooked eggs, studies have shown that only about 1 in 20,000 eggs are contaminated from the inside of the chicken. Meaning the disease actually came from the inside of the hen who laid the egg. Actually, most cases of Salmonella come from the outside of the egg and move inward. How does that happen? Glad you asked. When an egg is washed with water or a solution of water/sanitizer (as is done in all large egg operations) the natural protective coating of the egg is removed and and pores of the egg will open up slightly, allowing the disease to penetrate into the inside of the egg. Removing the natural coating not only makes the egg more susceptible to disease, it also decreases the egg’s freshness as it ages. You know we love innovation and that’s why we created a different method than the industry standard. We dry buff every egg by hand with a custom buffer. This keeps the natural protective coating in tact. We do this to make sure your eggs are safe to consume and also so that you get the very freshest taste possible. Yes, we care that much. Cheers!
#eggs #knowledge #PurposeDriven

Friday feels✨✨ Ready for the freakin weekend. Train hard, play hard.
📷: @nina
#bemorehuman #perfectnever #stringisbeautiful #purposedriven

Whatever you do - do it with purpose in mind, passion in your heart, a smile on your face and give it everything you’ve got.
. . .
Especially if you know the stretch is almost out of reach - it’s at the edge that you learn just how far you can go.
. . .

Walking or sitting I am happy but walking sure feels INCREDIBLE. It's definitely not easy but anything worth having comes with a Lil work! 💃🏼 I am driven by an internal sense of optimism that guides me to follow my passions that lead me to my purpose.☄💓 I feel my purpose is to inspire others to see the light within & all around...which then allows happiness to flow without constraint!
Mention this clip & get 50% off an uplifting Session: TalkWithTiphany@gmail.com #PurposeDriven #Humanity #TiphanyAdams

Well hello there! I'm Bri, and I'm showing up today to share 3 random things that you may or may not know about me, but that are currently swirling around my brain.⠀

1️⃣ Pinterest confuses the hell out of me. I want to be good at it, but I mostly end up feeling like a loser who can't dress, decorate, or bake worth a darn.⠀

2️⃣ I don't like going out to eat with people who don't share their food. The goal is to be able to try all the things on the menu that seem yummy, not have to stick to the one item I am ordering. For instance, breakfast needs a savory and a sweet dish. I get the omelet and you get the french toast, and then we SHARE.⠀

3️⃣ I hire people to clean my house and I used to hide it because it seems pathetic. I live in a bungalow by myself that is maybe 600 square feet?? But I just really believe that we should stick to the things that we are good at in life. ⠀


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#WeekendVibes - For many, the time to pursue our passions (& late nights 😅). Does our passion have to become our job? By this age should we already know our passion? And if we don't, is that a problem?

Check out my lady's new video 'How do I find my passion?' up on the channel now! I might be biased, but given what she's built, know better person I think to do this video 💥🙏🏾 Link in Bio! CC @ruthymag PS Glad she's finally admitted she's the more talkative one 😜

A while back I had the opportunity to speak at a Bloggers' Workshop organized by TCRA, hosted by my long time friend @imungy. I spoke on monetizing social media (SM) and effective use of SM for feedback. ~
The greatest honor for me was sharing a platform with my friend and former boss @jmucheru, Google's first Sub-Saharan Africa employee, the then Google Sub-Sahara Africa Lead, now the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of ICT - Kenya. He is quite an articulate and captivating speaker and listening to him speak on taking advantage of Google tools was quite something. ~
2 years later a young Blogger got in touch with me and told me that after my presentation (monetizing SM), he went and restructured his SM and started practicing what I shared. He was now making money. ~
Wow! What a joy when you hear such feedback. That one dude made those 2 days worthwhile for me.
Last night I remembered this guy and was reflecting on the things he told me then, which I'm going to share here:
1. Actions will always beat information any time. Knowing what to do and not doing it will not add value to you. ACT. TODAY. NOW.
2. Commitment and dedication are key in achieving your dream/goal. It won’t come easily.
3. Patience pays. It takes time to see results. Don’t give up.
4. Consistency. It is not the MUCH you do every ONCE in a while but the LITTLE you do EVERY DAY that will make a difference.
5. Be eager to learn new ways of doing things. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Be a risk taker.
6. Have a strong WHY.
7. All the above lessons are applicable to every area of our lives. He applied the same to his relationship and it blossomed. ~
Sometimes all you need in life is to HEAR just one strategy and when you IMPLEMENT it, it changes your life for good. Question is, who or what are you listening to?
Be Ignited. Be Inspired. Be Influenced. Become the best version of yourself you can ever be. ~
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"Black and white creates a strange dreamscape that color never can." - Jack Antonoff 📷

Humble enough to know I'm not better than anybody and wise enough to know I'm different from the rest.
#DreamDoAchieve #DDA
#leadership #innovation #dedication #perseverance #passion #commitment
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My oh my..... woke this morning to this... thanks @adebola_t for tagging me 💕... I am a letter from God, written with the spirit of the living and true God on the hearts of men!!!! Just a reminder of how SPECIAL and PRICELESS I am. It also means DESTINY for short. cc @timiadigun 🙏🏼 #Godhaswritten #destiny #priceless #iamthe🍎ofmyfathers👁 #nodoubthelovesme #lineswillfallinpleasantplaces #godisgood #purposedriven

That breakfast that just gives u energy to hv a super awesome day💃💃💃💃 Saturdays are for sharing the vision with others, inspiring individuals to take matters into their own hands n make things happen instead of waiting on luck to find them! Activated and ready to go! My shake was made by Pretoria's guest speaker for the day @mandla_mohaule24 n dammit it tastes amazing! Its Grow Time Baybeeeee!

About 10 years ago while working at KPMG, I learnt lots of stuff from my first work station strategy to client sites and all but the most important part for me was the Teamwork spirit😍 oh how I love the synergy that comes with what I call #togetherasone 😀.
It reminds me of how I get loads of questions about how I manage family, HR work, business and manage 4 IG accounts😱 I cannot oooh😁 in fact I was offline for over a month recently🙈🙊 Teamwork it is💃🕺💪 I give it up to my team members anytimeT from our newest intern @vpcubestudios to our #vantagepointpicturefamily masters to our @daretoinspire team to our @myfirstmoments crew they are the best after sugar 😂 @boboiso always behind the lens 😋 @17amstudios why are you not in this picture madam @sammiephotomagic don't worry service is ending soon @ikyealice bring our basketball @mirabel_grace Their is rice on Monday 😀 @yemidisu sisterlyoflife thank you @lanreayilegbestudio bring Zabreen's birthday gift when coming and tell Uncle Marvin too🤗 @peculiarheritage Daddy and mummy we miss you but glad you are enjoying the US of A 🙌

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Imagine... waking up on a Monday morning looking forward to your day! You’ve slept through the night, no longer lying in bed at 2am wondering what (or who) you’re going to borrow from to pay your gas bill. Later that day, you get a text from your pestering relative (fill in the blank) who wants to know when you’re going to stop chasing your dreams and get a ‘real job’. You ignore it thinking, I have a ‘real job’ now. One where I almost forget to eat my lunch because I’m so immersed in what I’m doing. One where I’m smiling throughout the day and people I’ve helped are being changed with what I offer. One where I’m making a difference AND paying the bills. Join me for a 3 day Gathering where I’ll show you how to find what you love and how to map out the steps to get started. Only 5 tickets left at the Super Early Bird discount!! Grab your seat! Link in the bio: @creativeworldchangers #ilovemylife #purposedriven #makingadifference #liveevents #studiolive #creativeworldchangers

This is the reason WHY I'm doing this. There is a community in Africa which I LOVE and I want to see every child from this community succeed in the future.
I can;

A) Continue to put every ounce of my soul into this work, doing what l can and friends slowly get tired of the 'same old stories'.
B) I jump lanes into business. People can purchase products they want anyway but who's benefiting? THIS community in Kenya. It's no longer just what I'm doing, it's every customer and every distributor. 🇰🇪
Relief for skin. Relief for communities. It's a win/win! #PurposeDriven

words of wisdom to sleep on...

Happy Saturday! It’s a cracking day here in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 __
When the weather is gorgeous it always feels so much easier to slip into gratitude.
Our minds can always be somewhere else...I know mine likes to drift off....
Thinking about our to-do lists, wishing we were doing something else or being someplace different to where we currently are.
On this gorgeous day I’m grateful for the wind I feel on my legs, the sun on my face and my kids smiles as they are ever present as always.
Wherever you are in the world reading this...I invite you to think about what you’re grateful for.
From gratitude and appreciation for the present moment, we can create anything....

Now it’s time for me to get off my phone and go and enjoy some sun ⛅️ __
📷 by @fashionmenow

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