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It may be a long weekend but that's no excuse to fall off course 💪🏼👊🏼Weekend or not - wake up with intentions of improvement 💛 #EverydayCounts

Leggings by @goddessnewyork 😍

Justin and his little sister, Jazmyn.

justin speaking french got me feeling some kind of way


if you want the photo without the mark just talk to me by message!// si queres la foto sin marca háblame por mensaje
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This memorial day weekend marks the 8 year anniversary of my car accident back in 2009. Below are a few pictures of the vehicle I was driving. I'm sharing this picture as a reminder that we are all survivors, in one way or another. Make your weakest day, your strongest by taking the sacrifice of engaging your powerful mind and turning it into a healing process of overcoming any obstacle that may be placed in your way. I was left in a hospital bed with an open femur break (also known to be the most gruesome). This is when a high pressure force is exerted onto the femur by an outside object or in my case, further known as a Bronco driven by a slightly intoxicated middle aged male racing home from the beach. Looking down at my leg after being t-boned and realizing what I saw was not only just an exposed bloody bone with a dashboard on my lap and the door stuck in between my legs, but a miracle. I opened my eyes at that moment to realize that God was shouting out at me in the most silent of ways that I am here on Earth for a reason-whether it is to behave, believe, become whoever I am or intended to be, I am here and so are you. Make something of yourself, believe in the power of YOU. Have a happy, and safe memorial weekend friends. Love you all xo #LIVEWITHPURPOSE#passion#purpose#opprotunity#blessed#riseabove#Godisgood

Just loving & thinking. Drinking in New Orleans with every sense I have access to. Never knew healing through culture would feel so good. It feels so damn good.

The door is always there if we but look. #successtip

Happy Memorial Day Weekend from Mr & Mrs Hustling Spirit!! #hustlingspirit

There is not a single moment where change is not present. The constant of the universe, the motion of impermanence, is observably evident in the world around us and the world within us. Just like nature, a human being is always in a state of dynamic change, this is why when we fight change or resist growth we encounter hardship and pain.

Since each individual is an accumulation of emotions, thoughts, and attachments much of our healing work revolves around releasing whatever burdens our being. We are already always changing, but when we focus on healing work we change in the direction of our choosing, these are moments where we intentionally reclaim our power. The combination of letting go and building inner peace allows us to feel more alive, love more purely, and observe our reality with a sharp new clarity.

When we observe ourselves through different healing techniques like meditation, we ignite the process of change to move at a faster rate. Sitting silently in observance of ourselves allows space for our being to do quick and significant releases. Every moment we take to know ourselves, we return as someone new. Freedom is ultimately the end of craving, because it is our cravings that cause us misery. To truly heal ourselves we need to accept the truth of change and create space in our lives for own transformations that move us closer and closer to freedom. Sending love to all beings. May we all realize that our freedom is in our ability to transform and in our understanding of change.🙏🌎💙
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I can't help it! I like buying shit that helps me grow. This thing.....building character. #itsastart #punchingbag #work #grind #character #purpose

I need more Tailynn in my home.

The meaning of life is so simple. Stop buying shit and start loving people. #purpose #art #inspirational #snapoutofit

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