Iā€™m not one for Plum Crazy Purple but with the Hellcat decal it pops #purplepeopleeateršŸ˜ˆ

Nes only drinks cocktails which match her lipstick and nail polish. #aesthetic #babe #purplepeopleeateršŸ˜ˆ

Happy birthday to the best Mum and Nonnie ever! Enjoy my kids today, I hope they both sleep at the same time, do nice poos šŸ¤” clean there own faces, feed and dress them self, say please and thank you (maybe Koa can try ta, or Nonnie) if not just flog them. Good luck and Iā€™ll see you tonight to give you your peace āœŒšŸ» back, oh no wait you said you wanted Alayah to have a sleep over. Did I mention thatā€™s your present šŸŽ along with this. Swipe āž”ļø šŸ˜‚ we do love you and everything that you do. #motheranddaughter #happybirthday #mymuma #sheā€™llbeevengreyeraftertoday #purplepeopleeateršŸ˜ˆ #ourknome #nozdawg #needupdatedphotos

Father-son time! #purplepeopleeateršŸ˜ˆ

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