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Hoy me he caído por la calle, llueve y el día está cargadito de putaditas... pero eh, estoy monísima, vuelvo a ser sirena y tengo las mejores cejas del mundo gracias a @benefitspain ❤ Grabo vídeo pelisirena ya de ya con los truquis de color!

♡my ship went down in a sea of sound, when i woke up alone i had everything. a handful of moments i wished i could change and a tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade. in a city of fools, i was careful and cool but they tore me apart like a hurricane. a handful of moments i wished i could change but i was carried away.♡

She's a vamp.
Lip colour: @kyliecosmetics in angel
Hair: by @stevieenglishhair and @matrixaustralia

Even when seated #casual , @jinxkittiecosplay's still the flyest #Raven around 🐦 #TeenTitans | @_picolo ✍️🎨

My facial expression in this is weird and boring but nvm,my cat looks cute
(+you can see my lap and knees which looks hella weird idk)
Can't take another second of this hell
making up stories
and saying I'm better off dead
they want me to be this perfect thing
like everything is fine
like everything is ok
but I'm not close to perfect
I'm not close to sane
I'm not the one to worship
and I'm not the one to blame
but you made up your mind
and put me on your stage
just take it all back
I'm not the king of anything.
Can't take another second of this pain
I've tried to be the person
all of you want me to be
maybe I'm ok with who I am
I know I'm just a child
but I'll try to be a man.
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Outfit to go along with the Soft Petal 🎀🌹 style one look.
I love the color combo and how well it goes with this summertime flower dress ⛱💕 can't wait for summer!
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