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@secretofdd using our BB Tinted Moist Cream in shade "DEEP" 😍 What is your favorite shade? #BBwithDD #purlisseBBwithDD #purlissexSecretofDD

Hey purlisse-stas, be sure to tune in to @secretofdd's IG live at 1PM PST to get all her tips on how she uses purlisse, her skincare routine, and summer workouts! #purlissexSecretofDD #purlisseBBwithDD

I was at Coachella last month and a girl asked me if black girls wear SPF or sunscreen. Yes we do. Black don't crack but we do burn and need to protect our skin like everyone else.
For my beauty routine and to protect my skin I use @purlisse #BBcream in Deep shade. This foundation, moisturizer + SPF30 delivers beautiful coverage while protecting my skin. I'm loving the flawless, matte meets glowing finish. Great for all skin types, even sensitive. It's also my favorite SPF.
How do you protect your skin? .
#BBwithDD #purlisseBBwithDD

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