Purging isn't all about closets. Carrot cake! #purgethepantry #thebigmove2018 #funtobefancy

Dinner tonight is warming Thai style pumpkin soup 🥣
My husband is coming down with something - poor thing - it’s his birthday tomorrow 😫 - so it’s been cups of tea, hot lemon water with honey and couch time for my man.
This is a delicious recipe, and so easy.
First I roughly diced half a pumpkin, popped onto oven trays and topped with EVOO, salt, a small amount of turmeric and curry powder, then put in the oven. Then I fried a diced onion and some garlic, allowed to soften, then added a teaspoon of red curry paste (Maesri brand - my favourite!), mixed through until fragrant, then added 3 diced potatoes and one small sweet potato, and about 1.25L of chicken stock. I let this simmer gently until the potatoes were soft, and the pumpkin in the oven was also soft. I added the pumpkin and allowed to simmer together for about 5 minutes. Then I blended with a stick blender, put it back on the heat, and added in a tin of coconut cream. Adjust seasoning if necessary, and done!

I had no plans for dinner tonight but managed to make my first ever curry! This was made out of pantry staples and tasted amazing. Bowls were empty all round which is always pleasing when you go to so much effort. Pumpkin curry for the win!
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Just a little top up shop today. Some items from Coles - notably the half price $11 Bonds Wondersuits! 👏🏼👏🏼 And then some bits and pieces from a grocer - lemons were $2/kg and my husband is coming down with something...so this is 1.7kg worth! Then the capsicums were $3, so not a bad little haul. We’ve also got half a big pumpkin, plus some green beans, shallots and a couple of carrots to get us through the week. Will see how we go!

Today’s #purgethepantry or #shelfcookingchallenge (depending on who you follow 😂). Finally using up this can of #chickpeas that’s been staring me in the face for months! I use more dried chickpeas now, the taste of canned I dot find as nice. I also had some #babascurrypowder to use up, and an old container of #tumeric, plus a tiny bit in a tin of #vegeta. Hopefully this slow cooked pumpkin, beef and chickpea curry 🍛 is gobbled up by everyone 😋

A purge the pantry brekky for us this morning!
Hubby and I are sharing an omelette - with our 3 remaining eggs, a last bit of capsicum, some wilty kale, garlic, our second last potato, a bit of cheese and some fresh herbs 👌🏼 Topped with the last of one of our avos 🥑
Umm...this completely fell apart coming out of the pan...and it was also completely overfilled 😂
I find it harder to do on weekdays, but it’s nice getting some extra veg in at brekky

Dinner tonight is grilled pork (marinated in mustard, some maple syrup, oregano and S&P), roasted potato wedges and pumpkin (both coated in EVOO, smoked paprika, dried oregano and S&P) and sautéed green beans, kale and spring onion 👌🏼
We’ve got a huge freezer stash of pork, and need to start getting through it if I want to have any space at all for freezer meals for when bub arrives.
To be honest, I’ve gone off meat quite a bit since falling pregnant, and only occasionally crave it 🤷🏻‍♀️

Gosh I love warming winter foods! I’ve made a veggie Indian curry tonight with turmeric rice and pappadams.
I fried onions, garlic and chili in butter and EVOO, added some Sherwood’s korma curry paste, then a tin of coconut cream, then a bunch of veggies (in stages according to how long they take to cook) - capsicum, green beans, kale, carrot, sweet potato, potato and pumpkin 😍
I like this curry paste because I know what every ingredient is (!!!), and it saves a lot of time vs making your own. I use the Maesri brand of Thai curry pastes for the exact same reason 👌🏼

First day back at work today, and successfully got my emails down to 10 from 500 👏🏼👏🏼 very productive day, but feeling tired now 💤 ) NZ is 2hrs ahead of Oz.
Dinner tonight is vegetarian Mexican - one of my all time favourites! We’re having quesadillas - filled with onion, garlic, homemade spice mix (smoked paprika, cumin, oregano, chili, S & P), carrot, capsicum, fresh tomatoes, kale, potatoes, kidney beans and cheese 👌🏼 topped with avocado and hot sauce, and this is one very tasty meal!

Back home! So my stories might not be so pretty for a while 😂😒
I had a work call (straaaaight back into it), so my husband ducked into Harris Farm by himself - $46.51 in total.
The coffee beans were $20, and will last approx a month - he has at least a coffee a day, so this works out to be a maximum of 67c/cup. He no longer buys coffee during the working week in the city, so happy to support this outlay, which I see as saving $70/month (coffees are $4.50 near him 😳).
So I think he did well - $2 for this very big bunch of kale 😍, shallots $1.70, bananas $1.70/kg and green beans $4/kg.
I’ll be getting creative with some meals and am going to be hardcore purging our pantry and freezer over the next month, so watch this space!

How not to shop on a budget! Ugh, all of this was $50.61 😳
We knew we would be in full relaxation mode after our massage and facial (which I can now confirm is absolutely the case 🧘‍♀️), and so earlier today we went to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for a warming, comforting classic dinner at home - bolognese, and picnic ingredients for a big walk we’re doing tomorrow (Hooker Valley Track). The wine was only $7 by the way - some for cooking, some for hubby 😂 But the veg is just so expensive. 4 mushrooms - $1.50, the pepper - $2, onion 80c etc. So dinner tonight will make 4 servings, with a cost of about $25 😳 Still cheaper than going out, but this is a classic budget meal back in Oz, and it doesn’t feel that way here. I’d normally add more veg too, like zucchini, but there were only 4 terrible looking battered ones for $9/kg, so gave it a miss!
I have a new respect for Kiwis living healthily on a budget! A stir fry was the original plan, but I think the veg alone would have been $20!

We were $25 over our grocery budget that I set for our last month! We spent a total of $475 or $118 a week. Not a bad effort really I think! Better than the $600 we were spending s couple of months ago! #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #grocerybudget #budgeting #cuttingback #purgethepantry #budget

15 Minute Organizing Tip #4....purging expired pantry food. This may be a bigger job than 15 minutes if you haven’t done it for a while...you can set a timer and quit after 15 and come back to it again later or maybe you will be so motivated that you will keep going! And yes, organizers can even have expired food in their pantry...some almost 3 years old! 😬😳 Have fun purging! #organizingtips #organize #declutter #purgethepantry #expiredfood

Biscuits and scrolls (vegemite/cheese and pizza). •

Last night I did some late night baking for the week ahead. Hubby will take some to work and the rest will be for the kids/play dates this week. Always feel better when I’ve done a bit of baking for the week ahead. Now to get a start on dinner! •

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Grocery haul - grocery edition - $67.03 from Countdown (Woolworths in NZ). Where we’re staying we have a full kitchen, so we’re keen to have brekky at home (should save us $50 a day, which is what it cost this morning 🙄), and have some snacks for our little day trips.
As a general comment, the groceries definitely felt more expensive here. A lot of produce is bought individually - like the capsicums were $1.80 each and the broccoli $1.50 each. Umm...the avos were $6 each!! The exchange rate is basically parity, and this doesn’t feel like a big Aussie haul for $67! I guess the butter, eggs, coffee, milk, apple juice (grr they mis-charged us!!) and bacon were all over $5 🤷🏻‍♀️

As many of you would have seen, there’s a wonderful savings challenge floating around for May - courtesy of the amazing @thefrugalbugle and @kiwigirlonabudget
Our goal is $10k - I wrote a more detailed post about how we’re planning to achieve this previously 👈🏼
One of the quirks of this month is that my husband gets paid 3 times instead of the usual 2, but to counterbalance this, we’re cash flowing our 12 day babymoon to NZ - we leave today!
I’m setting aside $2500 spending money (about $210 a day), and I’m not quite sure where we’ll end up with this. On some days we’ve got nice dinners and lunches planned, so I know on those days this amount alone won’t cover the meal, but on other days we won’t nearly hit $210.
This is our last proper holiday with just the two of us (well, bub is technically along for the ride 😂), so we want to enjoy it and do things we won’t be able to do so easily when this little guy arrives. We won’t spend recklessly on crap, but we won’t avoid a restaurant or experience because it will throw out the $210/day guide. Will keep y’all posted with how we go! 😘

Dinner tonight is the veggie bake we were going to have last night but ran out of time to make.
Check out my stories (and my story highlights) for the recipe 👌🏼
I’ve layered potato, eggplant, zucchini, onion and carrot with a tomato sauce, a dash of cream and of course cheese.
There’s a bit of veg prep involved, but it’s worth it, and this recipe made 2 dishes, so we’ll get a few meals out of it.
Only 2 more sleeps until we set off for New Zealand ✈️ I can’t wait, but our house is a hive of activity right now! I’ve got clothes washing, and a to do list that’s growing...😳

Picked up a few #reducedhaul goodies on my way home from the chiro. I try not to go bananas over reduced meat when I see it because it’s just the 2 of us & we eat a lot of vego meals as well. I haven’t really picked up anything in months as we’ve been #shoppingthefreezer but we’re finally starting to get low on supplies so this will replenish our stock nicely 😋 #purgethepantry #reducedtoclear #budgetmeals #budgetmealplan #frugalfeeds #groceryhaul #stretchingthebudget #cheapeats #budget #budgeting #budgetliving #savingmoney #savings

Ok - so we’re not sticking to the meal plan (see my stories). Instead of the layered veggie bake (which would have taken about 2hrs), I’ve made a great cheat meal. Not completely healthy, but not a terrible option either.
It’s a veggie noodle soup - (yep, 2 minute noodles) - before adding the noodles, I cooked up some garlic and chilli, then added zucchini, carrot, capsicum and green beans for a good veggie hit.
We got home at 7.55, and I’m putting this on the table at 8.15.
To be honest though, I’m that tired that plain noodles probably would have been fine, but I’m trying to make my choices healthy where possible!

It’s been a looooong day! I finally made Devilled Sausages (They were meant to be for last nights dinner but the kids wanted crumpets) The plate with two beans is for my eldest who hates them but will eat two if I ask her too 😆 Here is the breakdown of tonight’s dinner;
Beef Sausages 8pack - $5.00
1/3 bag White potatoes - $1.33
Handful of Green Beans - $0.80
2 x Carrots - $0.80
1 x Brown Onion - $0.35
1 x Green Apple - $0.60
2 Tbsp Tomato Sauce - $0.20
Maggi Devilled Sausages Recipe Base - $1.66

Total $10.74 for 4 meals and 1 serve leftovers for lunch ($2.15 per serve 😊)
Swipe ⬅️ to see what also happened today....my daughter needs glasses to help with short sightedness. The black markup’s are for where the bifocal lenses will be inserted. Hopefully these will help with her sore eyes! #dinner #frugaldinner #maysavingschallenge #halvingourfoodbudget #reducingourfoodcosts #purgethepantry #purgethepantrychallenge #useitup #frugalmum #frugalaussiemum #whatsfordinner #glasses #optometrist

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