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Ta mina oddaje zachwyt i entuzjazm, towarzyszące momentowi, w którym wychodziłam na wieczorny bieg :p W skrócie: cimno, zimno, ale za to jak teraz fajnie w domku 😊🤗 7,5 km zrobione. #takmisiechcialo #wieczornybieg #walczezlenistwem #pobiegane #terazkolacja #niemalekko #bieganie #pureenthusiast #runninggirl #running #eveningrun #darkandcoldoutside
This is what a moment of pure joy looks like when going out into the cold night to do some running 😅

Tell me what got you into cars. “Just growin’ up with it, everything from the family. Everybody’s always had a nice car, like, my brother, my cousin, my uncle. My dad used to have a Mustang Mach 1. It was all classic, but he sold it ‘cause we needed money or whatnot. The funny thing about this car is when I got it, the A/C wasn’t working. I went to get it fixed, and they fixed the wrong part, so it literally caught on fire. I ended up having to wait at least three or four months before I could drive it, and I nicknamed it Kamikaze. It’s a German car, but yeah. I’ve always had like, I love Tiffany blue. Like, I’ve been meaning to put an accent on it, like the gold and Tiffany blue, but yeah man. This is my second car, but this is my first I’ve actually done stuff to. I used to have a Mustang. This is my second year coming to @importalliance . I love cars man. I can’t wait to buy more cars and work on them. My little, he’s trying to be a mechanic. It’s crazy; he loves cars more than me.”
I feel that dude. I’m so pumped to be here. “Same dude. I’m getting that adrenaline rush. I woke up at six in the morning just like, I’m not even tired. Just ‘cause I knew what I was waking up for, I’m so excited. The beautiful thing is I have all these friends who haven’t been here before, the three or four people that are with me today. I know this once in a lifetime experience, well, you’re gonna keep experiencing it, but the first time you get in here, and you see all these cars revving and burning out. It’s just, frickin’ awesome.”
Hell yeah. --Jose @joseluissanchez3 BMW M328ci
#TheClutch #ImportAlliance #Bimmer #3Series #CarEnthusiast #PureEnthusiast

[2/2] “Yeah this is my baby, but I actually recently got a S13 that had already been LS swapped, um pulled that out, it was an iron block, pulled that out, built an LS1. Actually that was the first motor I’ve disassembled completely and reassembled. New bearings, rings, everything, put a big cam in it, getting it tuned, and we’re gonna get a new Origin widebody four piece kit on it, maybe put the factory wheels off the GTR on it. I’m not sure if they’re gonna be a little too big. There’s actually another car over that’s got the old wheels off my FD RX-7 on it. They were sold like three or four times, and I saw ‘em again. He’s got ‘em for sale now, so I might end up buying back a set of wheels that I sold with the car a couple of years ago. But yeah an LS1 swapped S13, something fun, driveable and makes a decent amount of power, lookin’ at about four-hundred wheel, super light and fun to drive. Parts for this are taxed so high, like there’s a drift tax on S-chassis, but there’s a GTR tax on R-chassis as well. But I really enjoy it. I hate hearin’ my own voice, so you can keep that one [recording].”
[Laughter] Sure. What’s your instagram handle? “It’s @bruce_vin_statham because my friends tell me I look like Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and Jason Statham all together.”
--Tate Whiting, Drill Sergeant
#TheClutch #NissanGTR #GTR #JDM #ImportAlliance #PureEnthusiast #Nismo #LS1
Full frame photos of Tate’s GTR can be found on his personal page.

We always worry so much about what we feed our bodies which is important, but your skin absorbs so much of what we put on it! Isn't it time to think about what it is we are putting on it? #handmade #cleanliving #crueltyfreebeauty #chemicalfree #ecofriendly #realfuckinnatural #pureessentials #pureliving #pureenthusiast #organicskincare #organicbeauty #organicmakeup #allnatural #yeglocal #madeinyeg #madeincanada #essentialoils #naturesbeauty

The Oak seed doesn't need to ask who he is, he doesn't judge the pressure he feels before he sprouts he just allows himself to BE! Until one day he becomes the magnificent tree he knows he is inside! #justbe #love #inspiration #instaquote #joy #laughter #spirituality #loa #balance #organic #organicbeauty #organicskincare #organicmakeup #naturalbeauty #natural #naturalhealth #greenbeauty #greenskincare #beauty #naturalmakeup #cleanliving #pureliving #pureenthusiast #livingenthusiast #handmade #allnatural #shoplocal #yeg #yeglocal #madeinyeg

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