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Kaalipso Amanda

Me and my little buddy ❤️

Ace making sure he helps his bones grow big and strong with only the best, Royal Canin 👍🏻 #royalcanin #giantpuppy

cheese 🧀

So this first photo of me is the face of being guilty and kicked outside because I decided while my family were out and I wasn't allowed to go with them it was a good idea to take tomorrow nights dinner out of the bowl in the sink yes that's right in the sink which I know I'm not allowed in the kitchen or to even jump up to the bench let alone the sink where frozen pork chops are thawing out take a bag out leave the plastic bag evidence on the floor then take the frozen chops up to mum and dad's bed attempt to eat them but obviously it's frozen and I cannot break it apart and I didn't have time to hide my mess and now mum has kicked me outside where I'm patiently waiting to be let back inside.
Sorry mum and dad but the pork chops smell soooo good I couldn't resist temptation now I'm freezing my butt off.

#lifeofblueqtown #purebreed #bordercollie #bordercollieoftheday #qtowncollie #queenstowncollies #qtowndog #dogsofinsta #instadog #naughtydogtonight #itscoldoutside #sorrymumanddad

Ace will be making his debut in the show ring this weekend. Who thinks he will come home with the all ribbons just with this face?! 🙈 I do 🤣

Trying to selfie yesterday & someone in the background doing crazy eyes 👀 #dogsofinstagram #sharpei #moose