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The #Sumerians
Some of the earliest civilizations known sat inbetween the rivers #Tigris (Sumerian #Idigna #Akkadian #Idiqlat ) and #Euphrates (Sumerian #Buranuna , Akkadian #Purattu ), an area known by the later Greeks as #Mesopotamia (Μεσοποταμία) meaning “land between the rivers” and commonly referred to now as #FertileCrescent. These rivers sprouted from the #TaurusMountains during spring the snows from the mountaintops would melt and cause the rivers to flood. This being harvest season, the danger of crops being destroyed before they were even gathered made flood control an important staple of the #Mesopotamian lifestyle. In years where the rivers flooded heavily, they could shift and change course, multiplying channels in some areas while leaving canals and irrigation ditches dry in others, turning once well watered fields into wasteland, and leaving port cities abandoned. By the use of irrigation, the building of dams and canals, communities were well sustained at the expense of those who live south of them as this diversion of water could shift the river flow to other channels. While at times unintentional, there are several accounts of kings using this to their advantage. Depriving others of water and, in effect also food. They would also drown them, destroying settlements, and devastating crops.

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