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Our little Maia 🌸
#adoptdontshop #pupylove


Sooo cute...Snickerdoodles!!!! Happy doggie day!!!🐶❤️🐶❤️#Snickers #pupylove

Day 84 of the #Pitsky experiment. Strange dog. 😂 Social yet very quiet. So much love & personality. I'd say she wouldn't harm a fly, but she ate a fat worm today so yeah. But she wouldn't harm a people. 😉 Food and play drive both solid, snuggle factor is high and she high fives like a Jedi master. After many struggles (and teething) she finally mastered "drop". Huge milestone. 😍 And she accelerates into the dog bed on purpose. Every. Single. Time. #puppiesofinstagram #fetchmaster #pupylove



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