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Mama’s super sorry for missing puppy day! She has been quite occupied...
Here is a photo of a lil Frankie nugget when my rope was bigger than me! Wasn’t I a cutie? #nationalpuppyday #whathappened

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👅c'monn how many more pictures do we have to take? I just want my treat already!!! 🐶
Love these #AmericanJourney Oven Baked Salmon 🐟 treats daddy ordered for me from @chewy nom nom' so yummy!!!! 🐾♥️ #chewy #dogtreats #4months #AmericanBullyPuppy

Forest walk this morning 🌳🌲🍁🍂 was so much fun v\(⌒o⌒)/

When you're all snug and cosy on the sofa and mum and dad come to wake you up (º̩̩́^º̩̩̀) the audacity of it all!

Forever snoozing 😴😴 today has been a rather lazy day 💤💤💤

But it's my bone 😐😐.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day! (*^ڡ^*)

Yes, you may have my paw in exchange for the goods. Aka my treats ლ(╹ε╹ლ).

Yes mumma, I'm ready to do some shopping!
Am I doing this right?? 🤔

Got my #safepet Identity tag today! \(⌒o⌒)/ woo!

Mum gave me some duck and now I have a huge slobber ready for her to clean (º̩̩⌣º).
My pawrents say I'm like a baby because my face constantly needs cleaned be it my slobbers or eye bogeys 😂😝.

Giving the side eye because mum would rather takes pics than throw my ball 😒.

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