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Recall commands are so fun! Especially when everyone one is watching. 🐢πŸ₯‡πŸ‘πŸ» #goodpuppy #southbay #eastbay #puppyraising #workshop

Our history of #futureassistancedog vests! Have you ever been a #puppyraiser for the Guide Dog Foundation or our sister organization, @AmericasVetDogs? Read about our #volunteer #puppyraising program by visiting the link in our profile today.

Two hearts, one little hero. #CCIMiller #PuppyRaising #HeartsAndHeroes #Intrepid

If you live within one hour of Cambridge, ON we need you! We are searching for 12-18 month Puppy Raisers to help raise our upcoming litters.
Join us Tuesday June 6th, 2017 from 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM at NSD headquarters, 1286 Cedar Creek Road for Puppy Pawlooza Orientation.
Orientation will include everything you need to know about being a National Service Dog Puppy Raiser. You will also get to have hands on experience with some of our NSD dogs!
If you plan on joining the fun, please RSVP on our Facebook page! We look forward to seeing you there!
#NSD #PuppyRaising #Servicedogs #Volunteer

Meet the newest member Snoopy ! He is going to be a service dog to a boy with autism and to help sense seizures. #austrilianlabradoodle #servicepuppy #servicedogtrainer #puppyinstagram #puppyraising

Dog days of summer by #volunteer #puppyraiser @wild_wild_whit 🐾🌞😍🌊 Info on our #puppyraising program in profile #americavetdogs

"A little to the left, Mom.." #growingupwithgranger #puppyraising #freedomguidedogs

Me thinks he doth protest to much. I'm mean seriously he is howling and eating at the same time...... SWIPE to see both video clips. #honeymoonisover #puppylife #puppyraising #unleashedexplorers


Cruiser loved his very first Frosty Paw frozen treat..almost as much as he loved seeing all of his pupper furiends!! Big thanks to our group leader and area coordinator for hosting a funtastic Summer Puppy Raiser Social!!

Nahla has been working hard on getting acclimated to the #dremel and relaxing for handling.

She was extremely sensitive to any type of handling and would startle when we started the DREMEL, fight when we touched and handled her legs and paws and try to fight and bite when we restrained her.

She is still somewhat tense, but has come a long way from lifting her lip and trying to bite myself or the Dremel when we lay her down and do her nails.

Young dogs need to be started ASAP on handling, restraint and desensitization exercises so it is not foreign or difficult when they grow larger, stronger and have more power to try biting and fighting.

They should learn to be calm and relaxed and allow us to handle / touch all body parts, hold and restrain them and move their body if needed in different positions without getting defensive.

If you are lucky, your pups breeder should have a program and protocol for all of their puppies that introduces them to these vital exercises and exposes them to surfaces, objects, sounds and other things they may encounter throughout the rest of their lifetime during their first 8+ weeks before entering your home.

If you acquire a puppy from a breeder, ask your breeder lots of questions about their breeding program:
Puppy handling, puppy training, puppy imprinting, puppy socialization, noise desensitization, temperament testing of pups, parents lineage, parents training and accomplishments, parents temperament, and many other essential questions to determine if they are setting their puppies and families who acquire them up for success πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘! AND in doing all of these things the caretaker of breeder of the puppies can get to know each as an individual to help them find appropriate homes. calm pups in calm homes and active in active homes.

A well bred, well raised, well trained, desensitized and handled puppy from good genetics has a much greater chance of developing into a great family dog with less potential issues for behavior problems.

Even puppies from rescue can live with fosters who ensure they are given lots of appropriate handling, Socialization, desensitization, etc. to assist in developing confident and well rounded pups.

Deputy is 11 and a half weeks old and he's ridiculously mellow. So mellow in fact, I think he's broken. #ccipuppy #ccicanine #caninecompanionsforindependence #puppyraiser #puppyraising #proudtobeapuppyraiser #giveadogajob #futureassistancedog #holycute #dogoftheday

Our club got three babies today! Female black lab "Valley," male black lab "Leno," and male Labrador/golden cross "Banjo." We can't wait to get to know them better. This was a surprise for Jonna (Leno's young raiser) who didn't know she was getting her first guide dog puppy today. We were happy to be "in" on it. #guidedogsfortheblind #puppyraising #puppiesintraining #guidedogintraining

Puppy #11, "Valley." Varone/Brie, 5/1/17. The puppy truck driver handed her to me and said "You have a spirited one!" πŸ˜³πŸ™„ Great! My club and I had just been talking about how it's about time I get a "naughty" one. We'll have fun! #guidedogsfortheblind #guidedogintraining #puppyintraining #puppyraising #labrador #wasatchvalley #wasatchpawstolovepuppyraising @wasatchpawstolovepuppyraising

Last year we got a call about CWD Hexe from someone who was unable to care for her anymore so we agreed to take her into our care. We found a foster and one of our dear friends was able to help us organize a transport route from GA to South FL. Her foster home decided to keep her and I finally got to meet her today! She's adorable!! I'm so glad this retired hero is happy and enjoying the #SaltLife !!!! #CWD #RetiredCWD | 🐾Feel free to DM us with any questions or to make an appointment πŸ“§Email us at OpusK9@GMail.com
#NorthCarolina #CarolinaCanines #DogLoversofIG #DogTrainersofIG #DogTraining #BoardAndTrain #PuppyRaising #DogFit #BalancedTrainer #K9 #K9LeadsTheWay #DoYouEvenK9Bro #Dogtra #Malinois #GSD #DutchShepherd #MPC #MWD #LEO #MolonLabe #CanisFidelis #OpusK9

Peek-a-boo outside 😊#westiepup #threeweeksold

Loving practicing my touch pad! We practice on everything! #obedienceunleashed

"A little to the left, Mom.." #growingupwithgranger #puppyraising #freedomguidedogs

It's my birthday, I'm 8 weeks old and I've been with my foster family for 1 week and to celebrate I'm chewing a bit of grass and a leaf here and there, I'm also practicing my sexy bedroom eyes
#alberttheguidedogpup for @guidedogsvictoria

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