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Who had the better dog selfie? Stolen from @wyatttate99 #puppydogswag

Laugh to live, Live to laugh 😋 #puppydogswag #cute #loveit

Spent the whole day in La Jolla with my handsome boy! 🐶🌊 #puppydogswag #lajolla #kenai #purebred #husky


Spring 😍🍃👏🏻

Stop tryna tear good people and good energy down. The world loves train wrecks, except when they're involved in the crash. #russ #puppydogswag #moonchoker 🐶🌙🔮

Open windows are my jam 👌🏻

Such a fun day out with @hotovenmarketing at @four_cousins with the little pup. Great wine, amazing food and mouse got a whole bunch of puppy sitters for the day. Well, ok I don't know wether they were voluntary or the cuteness was forced on them but either way win-win. Mouse is looking for her forever home so if you are searching for your new family fur member contact @africantails

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