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The puppy dog eyes you give bae when you want chocolate 🍫 🍦
#backtobackselfies #underboob #puppydogeyes

They love him! 😍
From: unknown

Cute - yes or no? 😍
πŸ“·: @golden.state.mango - congrats on your feature!
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Poke, poke, poke!
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Credits: @nerothecorgi

This is such a tremendous transformation! #onepethubpillow
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Hello there little guy! 😍
From: unknown


What do you mean I'm not allowed any of your beer? We're in a pub after all... #beagle #wants #a#beer #but #they #said #no #angry #dog #in #pub

mummy and daddy left me all day to go to work, how dare they!! #beagle #grumpybeagle #puppydogeyes #butterwouldntmelt #sadpuppy #beaglesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #beaglelife

Always available for snuggles and snackies Mumma ... (hint hint) ...
#pugstagram #subtlereminders #puglove #puglife #blackpug #snackies #instapug #squishyfacecrew #flatfacecrew #puppydogeyes

Yes dog.... you hang your head in shame! Just what I wanted to come down stairs to this morning.... 😑

Oh heyyyy there! Hmmm, what's that? No I wasn't doing anything I shouldn't have been doing, honest πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ What's that on my head? No idea...must have come from those pigeons πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ˆπŸ™Š

Mud everywhere thanks to this devil dog #puppydogeyes #wetdog #hestinks

We got to meet Chloe for the first time last week when she came in for her puppy health check 😊

Did someone say breakfast?

My journey so far... I arrived at my forever home on the 28th May 2017. The first 3 days were so much fun, I was bouncing off the walls and causing mayhem in my new home, I was having SO much fun. Then all of a sudden I became very sick, I couldn't really walk, I didn't eat anything and I began to be very sad. Mumma & Dadda took me to the local vets. The vet man was very concerned and said I needed to stay in hospital. They thought I had Parvovirus 😰. I stayed there for one whole week and at times the vets were unsure if I would make it. I went back home but was still not feeling great, I didn't really eat much and didn't really like to play any games with my new toys. Mumma & Dadda took me back to the vets, where once again they said I was very sick and needed to stay in hospital. I was then diagnosed with Ehrlichia virus.
The first time I went to hospital they found a very big tick on me, the vet man said I must of got it from the place I was being kept prior to me arriving at my forever home. Turns out that tick had infected me with the terrible virus and Mumma & Dadda were told to expect anything to happen😩. It was a very sad time for everyone, I didn't like staying in hospital and Mumma & Dadda were extremely worried. After undergoing treatment the vet man said I could return home and continue my treatment there. So I am still undergoing treatment. I visited the vet yesterday and things are finally looking positive! My red blood cells have improved and I am close to finishing my treatment. I am now back to being a cheeky little puppy. I eat like a pig 🐷 and I have so much energy!! It's been a real tough start so far and I can't wait to get fully better so I can go and play in the desert and make some new friends.
Dog owners please check your dogs every day to ensure there is no ticks on them as it can be very dangerous. #adogcallednala #justnala #labpuppy #labradors #labradorable #labradorchocolate #labradorsofinstagram #puppy❀️ #sickpuppy #puppylove #puppydog #labpuppy #puppydaily #puppygirl #choclatepuppy #labradorable #dogsofinstgram #dog #dog🐢 #labrador #labrador #labradorpuppy #labradorworld #puppypower #puppydogeyes #beautifulgirl

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