Naughty pup on the loose! #puppiesofinstragram

Our newest pups arrived in style today, in the backpacks of these Czech cyclists ! The pups came running at them down the middle of road, unknowingly choosing what was likely their only chance at survival. These tourists went out of their way (by a couple days) to get these puppies to us, safe and sound. And now they’re ready for their forever homes! Come by the shelter to check them out !

Facebook famous for my cute little face - thanks for all the love on my instagram, mum takes too many photos of my cute face 💞💞🐶🐶 #firstgroom #puppiesofinstragram #adoptdontshop

Mum keeps saying I look like a teddy 🐶🐶🐶 can’t help being this cute 💁🏼‍♀️ #puppiesofinstragram #adoptdontshop #adoption #rspca #puppy #maltese

When your super sleepy but your legs move without your permission for tummy rubs 😂🐶 #puppiesofinstragram #adoptdontshop #maltese #maltesepuppy

#tbt to my first road trip to Montreal where mom & dad are from, also where I was born! Looks like we are a family of Toronto Transplants! 🐾

Enjoying my day in doggy daycare @hundepasserne_fornebu 💙

Just look at this lil stud muffin 😍😍
#jackrussell #puppylove #puppiesofinstragram #logandorward #puppy

Me and my best buddy Winston (who has short legs and a funny long nose- hes my older cousin). We like to play tug-a-war and play fight - its nice having someone our size to play with 🐶🌟 #dogpals #bestfriends #puppiesofinstragram

😴😴😴 snoozing after a big morning- went out for coffee with mum and dad, went for a big walk (20 mins- our longest yet) and played with my best buddy ❤️❤️❤️ happy 2 week anniversary in my new home 🐶 #adoptdontshop #saveadog #puppiesofinstragram #puppies

The day mum and dad brought me home from the RSPCA 🐶🐶🐶 i slept all night and got to play with all my new toys 🎾 #maltese #puppiesofinstragram

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