in the days of yore before insterwebs and sociomedia punks & weirdos across the world would communicate via mail sending each other care packages with zines, fliers, shirts, tapes, stickers etc as a way to share news of their local scenes and strengthen the bonds and resolve of often far-away & lonely comrades. I had been missing the joys of making & receiving these and so on a lark i started collecting stuff to send of to a friend i've never met but who i know shared a similar background & many of the idea(l)s i hold dear. Well the box was sent and the process started... its fun but you really cant expect anythjng in return. You do it for the process, a seed planted right? Well this bore fruit and now? I forgot how exciting it is to get a package like this, i'm ready to dig in. Thanks so much 🤙@californiatravis 🤙and everyone else out there- give it a try #punkrockcarepackage

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