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#CrazyStory 🚨In 2015, a #Detroit woman has pleaded guilty to killing two of her children and storing their bodies in a home freezer.

Mitchelle Blair said she killed her 13-year-old daughter, Stoni, and 9-year-old son, Steven, months apart. Two other children were also living in the home at the time.
The bodies of Stoni and Steven were discovered in a freezer in March, while Blair was being evicted from her Detroit home. Police believe they died in 2012 and 2013.
She said she "definitely meant to kill" Stoni, and that she would do it again if she had to. She says she did it as #punishment because Stoni was sexually assaulting her youngest son.
Blair admitted she repeatedly punched Stoni on several occasions, burned her with hot water and hit her in the head. Blair says she killed Stoni by suffocating her with a grocery bag. "I do not feel any remorse for what I did to Stoni because she had no remorse for what she did to my son. She not only raped him, but she gang raped him with Steven," Blair testified.
She said she was going to turn herself in immediately after but that she wanted to stay and be with her youngest son, the one who is the victim of the alleged sexual assaults.
A year later, she says she found out her other son, Steven, had been continuing to rape the younger son.
She says she then put garbage bags over Steven's head, choked him with a belt, punched and kicked him, and burned him with scalding water in his genital area. She says she also made him drink Windex because the youngest son said Steven had made him drink "the blue stuff from under the sink
The youngest son was 6 years old at the time.
Blair testified she meant to seriously harm Steven, but did not intend to murder him but knows her actions ultimately caused his death. "If I had killed Steven intentionally I definitely would be proud to say I did, but I didn't," she added. "I don't feel no emotion for the death of them demons."

#Punishment for showing up late to training?🤣😂🙈

Anime: Koe no Katachi/A Silent Voice
Original Quotes By Me
I came up with these quotes thinking of the movie so it should fit quite nicely. Anyway, I made an edit with a quote similar to the first edit before and already talked about that previously so i wont say much on that. But as for the second picture, it just shows that how big of a sin you committed and whether or not you should be forgiven isn't determined by you yourself but the person who you have hurt. As a result, depending on how kind hearted or passionate the person is, you may or may not be forgiven. In this case, Ishida was simply fortunate to be forgiven by shouko whom was greatly hurt both physically and mentally by him. It shows how kind and forgiving a human heart can be. As a result, even if one has done a huge wrong or sin, as long as he or she repents sincerely with all his or her heart and changes their ways, I'm sure that sooner or later, others will be able to find it in them to forgive. .
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I think this is worse than a death sentance?! Having a brutal beating to look forward to every year😦


315x13 because I hate myself. Suicide by squats 😝
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Persecution Power Purpose Punishment. Watch full video in the app or subscribe to our Youtube channel
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Со старшими группами есть миллион тем, которые хочется обсудить! Недавно обсуждали #crime and #punishment. Узнали типы преступлений и какие наказания следуют за ними. А ещё посмотрели видео с #tedtalks о преступлениях будущего. Ребята спорили о том, насколько реально использовать современные технологии в отслеживании преступников и как те же самые технологии можно использовать против закона, что правительство должно сделать чтобы обезопасить своих граждан и сделать наш мир более спокойным. Присоединяетесь к нашим занятиям летом и в новом учебном году! #english #kids #братиславская #марьино @interyesru #английскийшкольникам #английский

@beautyinbeastm0de it's all fun and games till you get knocked the fuck out. #punishment #miketyson #littlestupidassbitch

Lord Darth: Looks as though a lesson must be taught, yet again my child..😐
Delilah: It's come to this once you involve my daughter!😡
Lord Darth: *chuckles* Oh, you have much to learn.😂
Delilah: Don't speak too quick father, for I won't be easy on you with such threats!!😒
Lord Darth: We shall see, for someone will pay the price..🤔😞
*both switch into dark vampire forms*
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