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ครั้งแรกในเมืองไทยที่สาวกฮิพฮอพต้องห้ามพลาดกับ K-Hip Hop Party in Bangkok วันเสาร์ที่ 2 ธันวาคม 2560 เวลา 18:00 น. เอ็มซีซีฮอลล์ เดอะมอลล์บางกะปิ คอนเสิร์ตที่รวบรวมศิลปิน #HipHop และ Rapper จากประเทศเกาหลีใต้ นำโดย #YOUNGB (ยองบี) #PUNCHNELLO (พันช์เนลโล) #PENOMECO (เพโนเมโค่) #OFFONOFF (ออฟออนออฟ) และ #ellenoel (โนแอล) เรียกได้ว่าแต่ละศิลปินที่จะมาสร้างสีสันบนเวทีปาร์ตี้ฮิพฮอพครั้งนี้ ล้วนเป็นแรปเปอร์สายเลือดใหม่ระดับท้อปที่หน้าจับตามอง การันตีความสามารถด้วยการเดินสายกวาดรางวัลและโกยคะแนนความนิยมมาแล้วทั่วเกาหลีใต้
ซื้อบัตรที่ https://ticket.do-concert.com/khiphopparty2017/


2017 07 29 (Sat)
Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul

굿투미 랩 파트 라이브 너무 듣고 싶었는데,, 째고다 째고 🎶 @fkuropinion

3 days ago or more i don’t remember haha there was soap festival (don’t know the exact name 😕) we didn’t expect to see nello bc he wasn’t performing but he was there with apro and peno :,) a little boy who support his friends how cute 🤗
anyway the pics and vids aren’t mine like all on my account so all credits to :
@holidaynoise @yourlovebin @weixin.xie @3160__ thanks to them for theses 🙏🏻 please tell me if you don’t want me to upload your vids -
@fkuropinion @penomadeincorea @apro.co.kr #punchnello #penomeco #apro #aproisdifferent #soap

Different people are all the same
obsessed with falling all day
it seems there’s something you’re worried about
not saying anything and working hard is the best thing to do
it isn’t hard at all, even if you change night for day
I’ll keep living the same way
you changed your self
as you pleased, who cares
I do what I want
I’m Chillin with good people
I Fill it until I like it
if you want something you have to take it
if you stay still leave, get up
time is precious
if you think it’s for your sake
instead of the happiness in front of you right now
you have to think beyond that
a green light calls for me and I plan on going
because I hate not doing anything
and failing
To fly I catch
people’s good vibe
I plan on achieving what I imagines
you need a lot of effort and sweat
don’t worry, don’t worry
the things you have to see are the way you have to see anyway
I load my body with feel good music
I make it happen the way I do every day
What you want man
tell me what you want
time turns off like this
think about how you can help
from now on you have to erase put aside the you that is like that
mirror mirror on the wall
you’re the main
instead you have to look at what rises to win, win
I have to go on a very long road, I made up my mind
you just pushed me in like you were throwing me
my pen is wet
I feel a sense of distance with guys who just talk
even my phone case
I go up, no matter what anyone says
I don’t know how to stop
(Punchnello - Green Horizon)
#kpoplyrics #punchnello

간만에#corona#punchnello 내사랑


DPR(Dream Perfect Regime) special
1. Eung freestyle--LIVE, SIK-K, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz, Flowsik
2. Know Me--DPR LIVE(ft. Dean)
3. Right Here Right Now--DPR LIVE(ft. Loco, Jay Park)
4. Cheese and Wine-- DPR LIVE
5. Movie Shoot--Loco(ft. DPR LIVE) #dpr #dprlive #sikk #punchnello #owenovadoz #flowsik #dean #loco #jaypark

I noticed that the songs that have been on my playlist consist of havong Crush feature in most of them 😂 thats how talented he is 👏🏻👏🏻
#H1GHGRND #Punchnello #Rap #Hiphop #Rapper #Lime #Corona #kmusic #SouthKorea #korea #Crush

พบกับ #Noel #punchnello #Penomeco #offonoff #YoungB เสาร์ 2 ธ.ค.นี้ในงาน #KHipHopPartyinBKK จำหน่าบัตรที่ ticket.do-concert.com/khiphopparty2017


"I'd put you in a wedding dress but I ain't Taeyang" - @dumbfoundead 🙏🏼💥

my type of drug

Tickets will be open on Nov. 23rd 6PM (KST) !!
Date: Dec. 14th, 2017 7PM
#NUCKSAL @nucksal
#CRUCIALSTAR @crucialstar
#KIMXIMYA x #DSANDERS @sondaehyun
#FANA @theuglygoblin
#HWAJI @hwajilla
#TAKEONE @takeone.official
#YTC4LYF @ytc4lyf
#OLNL @hiolnl
#PUNCHNELLO @fkuropinion
#NIIHWA @niihwa
and more!
<Ticket Info>
- Open : Nov. 23th, 2017 6PM (MELON TICKET(https://goo.gl/BTmpAG), YES24 Eng. Booking(http://goo.gl/P1zKjr))
- Price : (Early Bird) Standing 29,000 Won, Seated 39,000 Won / (Regular) Standing 59,000 Won, Seated 69,000 Won

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