Always good to see an old teammate. Good luck with the PR national team this year! #pfeifferalum #PUMVB #RIP

Until next time brothers #PUMVB

Today never gets any easier for us, but it helps to be able to read what others write about you, and be able to see the impact you have left on all our lives. I miss you every day brother. I still remember the overnight trips to away games where we all got stuck cramming 4 to a hotel room and being forced to share beds. Even though you were the worst at splitting the bed evenly, giving me any pillows, and sharing the blankets, you were the best of us. We wont ever be able to thank you enough for how much you helped us all. #LZJ11 #PUMVB #falconswearethefalcons #BOOM

Big weekend starting tonight at 7pm against George Mason and tomorrow against St. Francis. Needless to say the boys are frothing. Tune in and show some love. #brothers #pumvb

Starting off the season 2-0 going into a big week with a conference match tomorrow and Ohio State at the end of the week, needless to say the boys are amping #pumvb #brothers #rattail

I don't think I've ever worn one of these, but if I had to choose it would be way to difficult #3xConferenceChamps #PUMVB

🏆✖️3⃣ #PfeifferMVB
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I don't think I've ever worn one of these, but if I had to choose it would be way to difficult #3xConferenceChamps #PUMVB

Got this beauty in the mail today! Big thanks to my boys for this one #PUMVB #Icantfollowsonny

Earn a legacy that lasts forever. #PUMVB

Watching @jesseprint and the falcons take care of business and win a conference Carolina championship #pumvb

Conference champs 3 out of the 4 years I've played for Pfeiffer University... are you kidding me? I am beyond proud of my team and former teammates for all the memories and accomplishments the past 4 seasons. I wouldn't have wanted to end my career at Pfeiffer any other way #PUMVB

Today I will play in my last regular season match ever. I cannot believe college volleyball is coming to a close! It's been an awesome 4 years and looking to end it on a high note! #PUMVB

Anyone who has ever set knows that it brings some of the best and worst action shots #awkwardhands #pumvb

Pfeiffer takes on Ohio State tonight at 4, apparently Cardale couldn't hang out today. Maybe next time 12 Gauge #PUMVB

"I said, 'Are you strong?' They said, 'I'm strong if you strong.' I said, 'We strong then.' - Jameis Winston #PUMVB #squdbuls #weakstache

Beer pong table complete #Falcons #PUMVB get ready to sign it boys

Gotta thank the team for this! #PUMVB #family

Listerine will mess you up #pumvb #family

My junior season starts in less than a week! #pumvb

Love my teammates #PUMVB

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