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Mr.Jack keeps me company in the studio🎃. Lots of music to get on schedule! I'm just telling you I'm gonna release stuff very often ❤🎃 be excited! Love you!

This nigga right here is my fuck'n rib, yoo I love you to the max my brother idk what I'd do with out you . @jc___xx #ittybitty #pumpkinpatch

Poor baby has been under the weather the last one week with high fever and flu and cough and now finally put on antibiotics. Breaks my heart cuz I feel so helpless. But she's really a trooper. Despite being so sick, she still poses when I say "Aleena, smileeee" 😆😆❤❤❤

5-5 PLO. Just realized the jaguar I have is the same as the logo for MGM 🤔. Couldn't play long tonight bc of other obligations. Quick 2.5 hour sesh. In for a little, out for more 😇 #hitandrun #pumpkinpatch #chipporn #wifsuwo #pokerlife


Pumpkin Patch Boys Cuffed Hi Top size 7 Idr 399,000 >> 149,000 #spectacularbazaar #spectacularbazaarsenayancity #pumpkinpatch

Pumpkin patch girl metallic braid sandal size 10 idr 299,000 >> 120,000 (nett) #pumpkinpatch #spectacularbazaar #spectacularbazaarsenayancity

Little Rob at pumpkin patch. @reverendredwizard55

Pumpkin Patch Boys Skate Sneaker disc 389,000 >> 149,000 size 13 #spectacularbazaar #spectacularbazaarsenayancity #pumpkinpatch

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