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Last episode of pukaar and this click it was amezing smile fahadmustafa
Alwida WO Bhi mukuraahat ke saath ❤
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And they lived happily ever after.❤ The fact I was sad about was fahad's scene. Samra ke khawab ne mujhe rula diya yaar. It was so sad.
Fahad looks so cute when he was playing with his child. I am gonna miss pukaar for sure.
Saad and Yumna were so cute together. They should do more dramas together. I really like the chemistry between Zahid and Yumna too.
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Did you watched the last episode of their drama serial #pukaar?

Adieu, Pukaar.

If you want to hear my review in three words, it simply is "I LOVED IT!" but if you want to feel exactly what I am feeling right now, read on!

I had tweeted how I wasn't emotionally ready to watch the last episode and to be honest, I still wasn't but dekhna toh tha hi na, yaar. I smiled, I felt like crying, I awww'd, I even laughed (can you imagine?) watching this episode so yeah, this episode deserves a post of its own!

I may have gone overboard with the edits but hey! Its a farewell for one of my favorite dramas! Let's shuru the review!

Edit 1: I. ALMOST. CRIED! This was such an emotional scene! The way he was playing with Qasim, the way QASIM SMILED AT HIS FATHER, the way Samra confessed, the way Fahad said he isn't coming back—uff! Why you see such jazbaati khwaab, Samra? This dream was a really nice touch. I mean it showed that Fahad was the reason why Samra was distant from Sarang and Fahad was the reason she came closer to Sarang.

Random fact: I think for me, Saad Qureshi made Fahad's death even more upsetting than it was... I mean, look at him! He looked adorable, yaar!

Edit 2: LAMBI NAAK WALA SHOHAR 😂 that one line made me crack up in this very serious scene!

Edit 3: Samra: "...do chaar din mein miltay hain." Sarang: "Allah karay yeh do chaar din kabhi na khatam hon." UFFF! How beautifully did Yumna portray Samra's conflict with her own decision?! And Zahid Ahmed's dialogue delivery! Just WOW.

Edit 4 and 5: do I even need to say why this scene is in my favorite list? I think not. Such a small scene but SO. MANY. FEELS. Theek time par baarish ka hona, Samra ka baat ghumaana, Sarang ka usko muskurakar dekhna, unka izhaar e mohabbat, hayee! This was my most favorite scene from my favorite scenes!

Pukaar was amazing and I loved watching it! Zahid Ahmed and Yumna Zaidi created the same Zulfi-Jugnoo magic for me but in an entirely different way! Sarang and Samra will always be one of my favorite drama couples!

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This scene was too adorable ❤ what an simple emotional and beautiful ending to the story. @zahid.ahmed.official you were as always phenomenal 👌👌👌Yumna you were awesome as Samra. Will miss #Pukaar #SaarangSamra 💕 # #pukaar #saarang #samra #zahidahmed #yumnazaidi @zahid.ahmed.official @yumnazaidiofficial

The rain scenes in this drama are just so breathtaking and amazing! This was sadly the only drama I was watching these days and now it's over 😭 Do tell me if you have any good drama recommendations. Anyways this was a great ending and @zahid.ahmed.official and @yumnazaidiofficial acting is amazing as always and thier chemistry too😍

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sarang&samra [Pt 1/2] || gazab ka hai din || Ft: @zahid.ahmed.official & @yumnazaidiofficial ....
EHH! I cannot believe, I managed to complete this one and it turned out just well! 😄
Anyways, hope y’all like it
Love, Ashi 💙
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sarang&samra [Pt 2/2] || gazab ka hai din || Ft: @zahid.ahmed.official & @yumnazaidiofficial ....
EHH! I cannot believe, I managed to complete this one and it turned out just well! 😄
Anyways, hope y’all like it
Love, Ashi 💙
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samra&sarang • jannat ke jaisa jahaan.. ft. @yumnazaidiofficial & @zahid.ahmed.official 🌸

Right! *grabs her little umbrella and heads out into the rain* HAH, I wish! Glad the heatwave is low-key over, though. It's still warmer than usual, but not as bad as it's recently been. *sigh* At least we're not roasting in 30ºC weather!

Okay, this caption's starting to read LESS like a behind-the-scenes and more like a weather report. Let me just find the remote real quick. Ah, *switches channel* RIGHT! *clears throat*

I know what you're thinking: 'she doesn't vid on shows she ACTUALLY watches as religiously as she does with Pukaar! Where's that ArJiya VM (she promised more than a month ago) at?!' It's true; 'tis my second VM, within a month, on Sarang and Samra. Meanwhile, my *official* Arsal and Jiya one still hangs at 90%. Hah! Lekin kya karein - when it comes to Jugnoo and Zulfi *cough* sorry, Yumna and Zahid, I just can't seem to help it! *shrugs*

I was originally going to vid on a baarish-based song. I'd already picked it out and all, but then inspiration hit me like a flying parinda [see how I snuck in a cheeky little song reference?!].. and, so, this!

My love for 'Zinda,' from Verna, simply cannot be put into words. It's a melodic (and lyrical) masterpiece. You feel every word, every note.. right in your "full-sized aortic pump!" *places hands on heart and falls back on imaginary cloud*

I hope this VM brings a smile on your face!

P.s. I reiterate, I have not watched this sh ow. Yeh sab social media ki meherbaaniyan hain! Saw various screenshots of this particular scene, from Pukaar's finale, floating all around Instagram; and I couldn't resist!

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