This weekend I was honored to lead the opening ceremony for new Santa Fe business, @illuminatedperfume + @gregspalenka! Congratulations to you both!
Havan/Yagya Fire Ceremony now offered for home + business blessings in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
✨Vedas described Yagya/Yajna a tool to a happy and peaceful life.
✨Yagya leaves a great impact on our minds as the verse and Mantra chanted in the Yagya have mind calming powers.
✨Yagya wards off negativity from our mind, body, soul and atmosphere.
✨Yagya have a positive effect in resolving various financial, health, marital/ family and career/ job related problems.
✨They can be performed to seek blessings of God on various occasions like birthday, Anniversary, House warming.
✨They are good to be performed all the year around.
✨It purifies the physical space of the home or business leaving a positive vibration.
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Many years ago, when it was childhood for me, Lakhi puja used to be an elaborate event; and produced a string of content that would make for lifelong memories. The night before the puja was adventerious because young, harmless guys would form groups to silently break into the promising gardens of the neighborhoods to steal vegetables, fruits and flowers. Every household used to be alert of harmless intruders with a small scale adverturous agenda. It was a curious act of gathering harvest and no one necessarily had a serious objection to the development. On the night of Puja - of course after attending the prayers at home - it was a delight to visit the neighbours and relatives who would host the event at their houses. Meeting kids of my age at common gathering venues, eating kichdi, ladoo and so many other homely delights and later selflessly pretending to dance at the tune of the 90s song - all I enjoyed doing. A lot of things have changed since then. A rapidly changing urban landscape eliminates thriving gardens making a curious nightly operation uninteresting. The social inclusiveness to some extent is non existent because of the rise of more nuclear family and people's dependency on mobile phones. The puja however continues to grow, in scale and enthusiasm, and for the present-day younger folks, perhaps, the way it is celebrated represents their preference and priorities. But every generation has it's share of memory, which it thinks is irreplaceable. Here I represented ours. BTW, Happy Lakhi puja. #puja #lakhipuja #silchar #childhoodmemories

Alles ist Schwingung, alles ist Energie - in der heutigen Quantenphysik Allgemeinwissen. Unser Universum unterliegt diesem Gesetz. Wenn es uns gut geht, schwingen wir in einer hohen Frequenz, ist die Frequenz hingegen niedrig, geht es uns schlecht. Wenn du möchtest, dass es dir gut geht, musst du deine eigene Schwingung erhöhen, so kannst du unter anderem auch zu deiner Genesung beitragen. Wie erhöht man seine Schwingung? Durch positives Denken. Durch Beten oder durch das Lesen von Heiligen Schriften wie der Bhagavat Gita oder dem Srimad Bhagavatam. Das konzentrierte Chanten von OM NAMO NARAYANAYA oder das Praktizieren von Atma Kriya Yoga @bhaktimargasadhana erhöht deine Frequenz. Oder schau dir in Ruhe diese hochschwingenden Bilder an, die heute nach der Puja im Tempel entstanden sind und erhalte den Darshan (Segen) von Hanuman. Fühle die Energie in deinem Herzen. Jai Gurudev❤️✨🏛️

Puja is a sacred devotional ritual that elevates the mind, soothes the nervous system, and generates harmony.
Join us for puja with Vedic priest Sanakara Namboodiri — All are welcome!

Guru Puja: Thurs 10.25 - 6a

Devi Puja: Fri 10.26 - 7:30p

Navagraha Puja & Feast:
Sun 10.28 - 6:15p

Krishna Puja: Wed 10.31 - 7:30p

Check out our website for more details!

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It takes a traditional wear, & a lot of courage to smile that bright- & show the world that you truly are happy even though you are not. Ashthami was supposed to be the best day but turned out to be the literal worst one. I am proud of my own patience & I forgot who clicked this picture sorry.
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