Harlie and her new sister, Celestia 💕

The real pug bunnies. 🐰💕

Bath time for me.

What do you mean I’m not a bunny momma??? #lettucelover #pugbunny #cutiepuggie #daretodream #iamabunny

There’s a new visitor in our house for the next few days and I can’t stop staring at him!

Feeling a bit sleepy. 😴

Why isn't he moving? I swear he is real. 😧

Pippa insists on eating greens (spring mix) when we feed the bunnies! #jealousmuch #pugbunny #pippa #snaggle #toofus

It's ruff being this cute 🐾

Had to save my pug bun from the heavy rain today ☔️ not sure why he doesn’t go under cover 🤔

Hoppy #bunnybuttfriday ⚫️🍑

There’s an imposter among us 👻

Wishing you a positive start to the week 🖤

Cuddly boy is getting more used to us holding him. Human Daddy was carrying him around while making coffee and watching the rugby 🐰 🏉 finally I was able to get my snuggle in ☺️

Pienso que realmente soy un bunny 🐰 😳.
What do you think? Bunny🐰 or pug🐶?

#pug #puglovers #pugbunny #pugsofinstagram #puglife🐾 #pug_feature #pug #puglia_super_pics #pugliversclub #pugloversclub #puglove

Big brave boy got his booster today 💉 now they have found a new virus strain which all bunnies in New Zealand won’t be protected until they bring in a vacs for it NEXT year 😖

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