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BLACK DONT CRACK 12/8/80 #publishedauthor #publishedqueen #dallastexas

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Soon as I got to #Vegas guess who I seen!! Ayeee! One of the best lyricist to spit through a mic!!! @therealbigboi of #outkast !! Yes I been listening to they Barz!!! 😍😍😍😍 #PublishedQueen

I'm a crescent moon
Not at my fullest potential
Your an 85er I'm 5 percent
The earth revolves around the sun
I am yours
You ain't gotta swallow a mans seamen to feel him dreamin
So I be like have you wrote today?
Can I hear yo song ?
I like that beat, I feel it in my feet..
I don't gotta sit here saying I love you
I already asked you if you ate ..
Listen to the questions she asks
Don't move so fast .. Love is not words.. It's actions
In fractions .. #poetlife
#loveis #publishedqueen


Can I be yo Tasha St Patrick
Can I be yo Betty Shabazz
Can I be yo Dr. Francis
Can I be yo Michelle Obama
Can I be yo Cardi B
Most importantly
Can I be yo Tamara
You know Her
Gail's Daughter
The Poet
The Sagittarius
The one that's never been married yet
The one with no kids
The one that got her own
Not a feminist ... but Still independent
Still need yo money
Still need yo love
Still need yo encouragement
Don't want yo lies
Don't want yo friend zone
Don't want yo soul swap
If you got bed bugs or STDs
I want you to fry the chicken sometimes
I want you to drive every time
I want to trust you fully in-control
I just wanna roll
#✍🏾#PublishedQueen πŸ‘‘ #power #teamnatural #poetry #poeticsoul #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #writerslife #lovepoems #loverofwords #poetblogger #wants #needs #singlelife

I've never given ultimatums
I've never stayed until I no longer breathed
Never stopped eating .... then lost weight
Over a nigga that won't break
I've never been wide open for no man...
like loose bowels after consuming fresh collard greens
Yet I've starved, been frost bitten, frozen cold
No love.. no one to hold
Fuckin with the wrong nigga
In my Tupac voice
Gotta own my choice
Mistakes make the woman
Mistakes make the man
Time is always at hand
One hour end, a new minute starts
Out with the old, in with the new πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ where are you ?? βœπŸΎπŸ‘‘ #PublishedQueen #spiritscience #poettopoet #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #writerlife #lovers #situationships #dating101 #jillscott #lovepoems #loverofwords #time

New age lynching
Sun down operation
Bullet penetration
Death of generations
Stars & stripes
Surviving dads left
studs & dykes
Lil boys get killed too
Now all we got for our daughters
Are White men, Asian men, Hispanic men
Bloodline mutation
Sexual genocide
The slaughter of the Blackman
pigs & hood niggas collide
Not enough revolutionarys to ride
Sistas was waste training
Couldn't operate a machine gun
Snitches on the run loyal to none
Hispanics dipped to Mexico left us hanging
Asians kept selling weave left us banging
White women cried turned a blind eye
Executions no solutions
More dead bodies
More jails
Black man condemned to earths hell
Pictorial ignite
Camera solider
Made you think it over .. βœπŸΎπŸ‘‘#publishedqueen #poetrycommunity #PoetLife #poetry #poetactivist #americawasnevergreat #policebrutality #blackonblackcrime #photographerlife #activistart #thinkersonly

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Intelligence is sexy .... fuck yo cash .. if you don't read that's sad.. even though you can't trust every book you read it still plants seeds, enhances conversational skill ..shit get mad real when you see past ghetto common dominators , and hood associations.. tell me what you know so I can challenge it .. play Devils advocate make you mad , then we can laugh .. #publishedqueen #poetsofinstagram #intellectual #conversationalist #loverofwords #poetry #poetsociety

Them letters gone come speratically , sometimes you gotta remember, people got other shit to do than write you , bills add up .. if it ain't money on the books this month.... it will be next month , life is corrupt we all got choices .. lets make some that don't equate to fed time.. I love the grind , America builds on crime, judges don't serve time... but, you will .. gotta keep the metal.. niggas a give yo momma a shovel , dampen the soil with yo siblings tears for uncountable years.. those flash backs in my mind make me hate that my bruthas doing time, time behind bars, time beneath the earths crust that I am living above .. and I need the love , from my fallen thugs .. the real love that died with all the real niggas, the friendship that I can't reach without prison breach .. it will never be same,
so I primarily catch planes,
Up in the clouds Thinkin aloud ,
sky is the limit
Which was my ring tone for lil boo
However most only live there metaphorically ..
no heaven in the sky
no hell with lava ,
the demons on earth ,
the angels on earth
Co existing with in living veins
Not cremated remains #publishedqueen #writerslife #poeticsoul #poetrycommunity #poetrycommunity #poetryforthesoul #loverofwords #gonebutneverforgotten #thinkingoutloud

People will hurt you
Then desert you
People will use you
Then abuse you
People will love you
Then hate you
People will fuck you
Then punk you
People will remember you
Then forget you
People will do to you,
whatever you allow them to do.. What you allow will continue
My face is blue
My heart is numb
I'm still smiling with pink & black gums.. #IAmAPoet #IWrite #IFeel #ImHuman #Lyricalthoughts #PublishedQueen #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetry #writerslife #poeticsoul

Intelligence is sexy .... fuck yo cash .. if you don't read that's sad.. even though you can't trust every book you read it still plants seeds, enhances conversational skill ..shit get mad real when you see past ghetto common dominators , and hood associations.. tell me what you know so I can challenge it .. play Devils advocate make you mad , then we can laugh .. #publishedqueen #poetsofinstagram #intellectual #conversationalist #loverofwords #poetry #poetsociety

I wanna sleep in my back yard in one of those cots of cloth hung between two trees, and feel 100 percent safe, on a night where the moon shines bright, and for some reason the mosquitos don't bite, I want it to be 95 degrees with the perfect breeze .. the kind you appreciate when it's that sticky hot .. im laying in my cot and waking up to the sunrise with him by my side , irritated by the bees buzzing near by my honeysuckle tree, so we get up to make breakfast with fresh lemonade after I go swing on my porch.. just like the one at my momma house .. my pen & pad at my side as he kisses me goodbye on his way to work .. yelling with a smile .. I want smothered chicken tonight for dinner .. I remember as a little girl that's what I Day dreamed ... when I looked at the sky quickly gazing at the lil thug boy waking by .. I had the biggest crush on him .. he never had his shirt on , daddy didnt let boys call out phone .. so I wrote him letters in YRH don't ask me how I dreamed of picket fences , writing letters to baby jail.. some times things don't match .. you still get attached... #PublishedQueen #316poetgang #porchswing #poetryinmotion #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #daydreaming #childhoodmemories #honeysuckletree #intheghetto #loverofwords #summertime

@sameoshitshay Yo Daughter called Me at 7am! Made me get up and help her write a poem about being in the 3rd grade so she could audition for the talent show! I tried to be like call me later nope she made me get up! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 When yo niece know you a POET/Author & She β€οΈπŸ–€πŸ’šYou !! 😍

#auntysbaby #Auntysmatter #publishedqueen #poetryinmotion #3rdgrade #family1st #PoetLove #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #writerslife #redblackandgreen

I seen a sista posting about fees for Boys & Girls club. So I want to dialog about it with y'all $380 bucks for children to attend Summer activitys .. Here is my research : a unknown source states that about 1.4 million has to be raised in order to provide discounted services to the community.. That money is raised from charitable donations in which primarily come from sources outside the community.. Here is my observation 1: off top $380 is a lot for a single parent mother, $380 is a lot for a family of 3 plus children, $380 is a lot for a family who is already living on a tight income.. Here is my observation 2: Football camps fees vary from $0 to 500 along with modeling , gymnastic, baseball camps . Most parents will invest in an athletic camp for their children, and depending upon what organization host the camp fees can be hustled up on by local dinner sales etc .. So here is my Question? Are these fees obscene, or should we be taking note intrest in developing our own camps? Of the 1.4 million that needs to be allotted for state assisted programs only a small percentage comes from the community that I presume needs discounted fees .. I remember Mc Adams being free to attend during the summer, african family preservation program was free to us and they picked us up.. I remember our drill team had to hustle for uniforms and boots but to join and learn was free.

I can only wonder should churches donate a percentage of tithes given form its members for children to participate in summer and or annual activities? After all not having after school and summer activities is how most child end up joining gangs or getting into unfortunate situations.
Who should invest in the children in our community? Should we demand lower participation fees or start our own programs? Should everything be free or under $100?
#Blogging #publishedqueen #publishedqueensthoughts #boys&;girlsclub #priorities #boysandgirlsclub #summercamps2017 #youthactivities #independentcomics #blackcommunity #investinginchildren #panafricanistviews #churches #donations #strugglingparents

I'm convinced NBA athletes set the black community back more than they lift it up! And niggas will follow any athlete into debt! Yet when the 1 percent of athletes give back to the community and or speak out against social injustice y'all Niggas don't duplicate that ! But a athlete come out with $500 dollar shoes y'all run to support! 150,000 shoes sold one day of release !and he's so dope ! But your local artist can't get no love ! lol I swear I don't get it ! Meanwhile it's hoop kings all through the hood un signed because athletes don't even invest in independent leagues !
Cause they are Million dollar slaves to a team owner and wish to make you a thousand dollar slave to them πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…βœŒπŸΏβœŒπŸΏ Listen I'm all for black business .. one of us getting it that is great but black elitism is just as real as the vice ! If you never invest with poor the only ones who stay afloat are those who been up !

#publishedqueen #publishedqueensthoughts #lonzoballshoes #lonzoball #economics #consumerism #milliondollarslaves #materalism #opinionsarelikeassholes #whoami #thinkingoutloud #priorities #shoesbutnofood #newageleaders #successstory

I'm not a woman that's for decoration, I'm not your favorite #eyecandy or suitable arm piece.. I'm Soul Food, I'm The #Unicorn at the #Rainbow, except my rainbow only has 3 colors πŸ–€πŸ’šβ€οΈβœŠπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎβœŒπŸΏ #πŸ‘‘ #publishedqueen #poetactivist #writersofinstagram #lyriclover #singleblackfemale #selflove #redblackandgreen

PIGS SHOT HIM DEAD 3.5 GPA NO PRIORS 15 yrs Old .. #BlackLivesMatter ... New hashtag face ..
Different dance
No suspension with pay
Fired after the life expired
Conviction would surprise the world
Not guilty results in 3.6 million
Wrongful death litigation
Activist sipping activist numbing the defeat
No body feet hurt
We done marching
Rogue sniper coming soon
Pigs dead on Morning news
Facebook profile rbg flag
Black fist
Daishiki on
Ice T shades on
New jack Dallas
Image in my head
White tears
10 years on the force
Never had a voice
Protect serve just words
The next question lies in hood ties
Who was busting caps
We never wanna talk about that
Evade n allude right into another line of Fire
BeyoncΓ© & jayz might bail us out
Lets burn it down
Language of the oppressed
I need a new Mac lets go jack
Tear gassed us back
We purchased masked for that
Bloods and Crips showed up with gats
Imagine that
They been training killing each other for years
they came together put away they fears
Died for a cause not for a color
I wonder even if that's fair
I just using my imagination
On How to invade a nation

#PublishedQueen #StreetPoet #jordanedwards #blacklivesmatter #fuckthepolice #poetcommunity #unjust #policebrutality #cripsandbloods #writerslife #thoughtoftheday #amerikkka #muthafuckasneverlovedus #africanholocaust #americanhorrorstory #poetactivist #poetblogger #throughmyeyes

Sensitive thugs need hugs
But I have none to give
I wrote you during your prison bid
Let niggas stay at my crib
I dedicated my first book to our dead homie
Who was crippin ,
right along with the dead bloods
What else do y'all want ?
I can't figure It out
Truth is y'all not same friends
Y'all don't give the same love
All y'all do is lurk & judge
Truth is I'm A grown ass Woman
I don't live by set rules
I do what the fuck I want
Y'all can kiss my muthafuckn ass
Transform yo muthafuckn self
Into better men that pick they offended emotions Wisely
Y'all never surprise me
#publishedqueen #streetpoet #reallife #fakefriends #fakelove #poetsofinstagram #poetcommunity #energyrelease #madpoet #fuckyall ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿

6ft deep
I was checking it out
Praying I'm not there soon
nothing is fair
Praying I don't get that call
Another brother slain
Lifeless veins
Stiff corpse
Facial expression says I wasn't ready
My spirit heavy
My nerves bad
I can't wait to see the ocean
It gives me peace
I been giving hugs all week
But I could use one
U know the kind with a strong grip
With strong black arms
The smell of dove soap
A stitch of Hennessy & kush
So I know we feel the same pain
We slide in the same lanes
I'm just saying I'm scared
Need a Tylenol pm too sleep

#publishedqueen #streetpoet #growingpains #hoodcrisis #gangwars #casualties #deathwatch #thinking #writerslife #selfconsultation #fear #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity

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