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I’ve never lived sexually free.. I’ve always felt convicted, pressed by some, and over looked by others. There are always boundaries with me, I’m never open for anyone.. I’ve never been promiscuous, I have never sold my sex, I’ve given it at my own discretion .. never been a hoe.. made a few hoe decisions .. Truth is I’m often celibate .. I hate when a guy tells me he wants to fuck the shit out of me.. it makes me feel unvalued, yet I would rather him just do exactly that once I allow him too.. I never know how to just have sex with a guy, I always want more.. I always want growth.. I always wanna be held with high regard.. I always wanted to be given the chance to really love a man.. yet I have always chose wrong .. so never was given the opportunity .. now I feel my self ready to settle.. ready to fuck my way to love.. like most the people I know.. #shesgottahaveit #publishedqueen

His murder still un solved
They gave you a white cross on hillside
Mothers who lost their sons to gang violence .. Never Alone A Crisis organization
I was away at the million woman march
Oct 25 , 1996 when I got that call
16 years old , 6ft deep
Never even got the chance to grow
Never got the chance to know
The color blue wasn't worth death
Guilty was the association
Rollin with the wrong big homie
Gunned down at Total gas station
I can still envision your body on
Mrs watts curb ,
until your last breath
My first crush on a real thug
I use to write you in YRH
Still got the letters
I remember my Daddy
checked you for call our phone
I was only 13 yrs old
You Sitting on our porch no shirt on
Sagging in your jeans
Momma saying boy pull yo pants up
I recollect us running from Gun shots
Summers on wabash.. block party's
Fish frys... Dj's .... talent shows
Real kicking it for sho
Some the best days of my childhood
Yo Big Brother A certified Gangsta
Big NonStop loc
Yo cousin Surg loc
Yo homie clueless loc
Rollin 60s migrated from cali
Police chasing niggas in my back alley
The drive by shooting that paralyzed your grandmother for life
The church all the gang members attended as kids
Then killed each other as adults
Banging on wax
Neighborhood crip tats
I cried for years
Thousands of tears
My first friend I ever lost
So I dedicated my first book to you
Right along with my deceased blood homies too ... Gang Violence was the death of all my friends .. all killed by other black men
All pawns in the white mans lawn
After they infiltrated the activist
They planed dope, then came street gangs .. 2017 niggas still don't get it
I wonder if you killer walking free regrets it ... #writerslife #poeticjustice #publishedqueen #thinkingofyou #friendsforever #restinpeace #gangsterlean #gangviolence #poetactivist #loverofwords #lifegoeson



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Intelligence is sexy .... fuck yo cash .. if you don't read that's sad.. even though you can't trust every book you read it still plants seeds, enhances conversational skill ..shit get mad real when you see past ghetto common dominators , and hood associations.. tell me what you know so I can challenge it .. play Devils advocate make you mad , then we can laugh .. #publishedqueen #poetsofinstagram #intellectual #conversationalist #loverofwords #poetry #poetsociety

Support as many different genres of local artists as you can! Looking forward to this book signing with @publishedqueen herself! #icrownedmydamnself #publishedqueen #panafrican #author #poet #entrepreneur #artist #booksigning #dallas #dfw

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