Started publishing books when I was 29, haven’t published since 2012 & 2014, and I’m 37 now .. soon I’ll try again to be a better Author .. #GN✊🏿#publishedqueen #poetsofinstagram

I don't give a fuck if I'm walking down the street ass naked
don't touch me.. I don’t care how revealing my dress is
How short my shorts are
I don’t care if you paid for all the food on my plate
Don't touch me .. I dont care about the Hennessy margarita you bought
Don't touch me ... I don't owe you sex
A woman's menstrual flow gives life therefore
God was indeed a woman
man was never made from sand
He never gave his rib
He was birthed through a vagina
He was only created to build me a crib
He was only created to give me protection
He is her reflection
I wonder how we lost our rule
Now it's a mans world
Women raped every second of the day
In a world where women out number men
What was our biggest sin
Eve is folklore
I need to know more
I need to know why
I need to understand
Why women can’t be valued like men... #poetrymonth #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #publishedqueen #writersofig #thinkingoutloud #womensupportingwomen #womempowerment #nomeansno #notafeminist #speakingfreedom

Some looked right past her
As if she never existed
She refused to eat ramen noodles topped with Cheetos and diced spam
If we broke baby.. I’ll just cook us
Shepard’s pie
It only cost eight bucks
I know what’s up
you think I’m a fold
You don’t see the strength in my eyes
Cause I refuse to applaud mobb ties
To struggle together don’t equate to trust
If yo sentence 20 years
Know I’m gone .. when you was free, you wasn’t thinking about me ... #poetrymonth #publishedqueen #thuglove #poetrycommunity #poetofinstagram #writing #poetry_addicts

Remember when we had the same enemy , the same scars, from whips.. same skin, only kissed full lips, remember when there wasn’t many Options , we only had us .. remember
Most don’t, cause they didn’t live it
Most don’t cause they didn’t feel it
Primarily cause they didn’t see it
They read about it but didn’t connect
How could some forget, then, and now
To know your truest enemy is also to know self .. to know your cultures enemy is wealth.. Niggas fall in love with vultures
Salad bowl mindsets
Then they seeds grow blind
#poetrymonth #publishedqueen #blacklove #blacktwitter #writerslife #poeticthoughts #loversofwords #poetrycommunity

I don’t filter it all
What if he run into me at Kroger
My beauty gotta match my profile
I can’t always suck it in
You can tell yo shoulders up too high
You only a model in still pose
He would still hit it from the back
He don’t even want eye contact
Plus these men never hide they 2 in dicks
Saggy nut sacks
Razor bumps n beer belly’s
But they want a dime
Black as fuck, only wanna date yellas
These fellas be killing me
That’s why I’m always being me
I’m not contouring my nose or bronzing shit
You gone still lick on my clit
Kiss this ruby woo on my lips 😛🤗💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 #publishedqueen #poetrymonth2018 #poetrycommunity #poetryporn #poetsofinstagram #loverofwords #writerslife

Be careful what you build on
It could be greed
An improperly planted seed
Be careful what you build on
It was never love, Because
There was never trust
Be careful what you build on
Miss calculations left you short changed
Set you back, it wasn’t minor
No major comeback
Be careful what you build on
Yo comprehendsion unbalanced
Need some water & sage
Clear yo mind and yo space .... Be careful what you build on
Yo thoughts have power
Yo mind has will
Be Careful ... #PublishedQueen #publishedauthor #publishedpoet #poetrycommunity #poetryforthesoul #loverofwords #poeticthoughts #lyricalqueen #

She assumed the position
She listened
She bitched cause she understood
Words that would never be uttered
Arms that never reached
A touch that was never felt
Your welcome, she said
Even without the thank you ... She was killing time
The reason had no rhyme
As if the clock didn’t tick
Like arguments she picked
No icing to lick
No candles to blow
Just the know
Just the truth
She assumed .... #publishedqueen #publishedpoet #poetofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poemoftheday #poema #loverofwords #lovequotes #writerslife

I think he fine as wine
But he don’t look like he takes his time ... I don’t think he can bless me
I’m more than sure he’d just stress me
Make me wanna slap the dog shit out his momma.. cause it’s all her fault
Mothers be selfish they don’t teach they sons to love a woman..
they only teach them to love them .. if yo momma the only one you ever gone have patience for, then incest is for you
Don’t waste my time
Give ya momma that nasty grind ... 🤷🏽‍♀️😅✌🏿#publishedqueen #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poeticthoughts #poeticjustice #loverofwords #rhymewithoutreason

When your happy with what a Good gave you
Even if you could afford a nip n tuck
You’d keep the cellulite in your thighs
The sag in your breast don’t matter
You respect the aging
Appreciate being alive
Seeing lil kids cry about absolutely nothing
Listening to adolescents feel like no one understands when you have been 14
Yet they never been 37
Laughing inside as baby’s you babysat
Graduate high school
Turning the radio off when Iggy come on
Still bumpin Tupac
Lil Kim Don’t want dick tonight
Can’t even relate to Cash Doll
Can’t even relate to Young Ma
still fashionably correct poppin tags
Grown woman swag
Still with the shit if necessary
Approaching the end February
Time passing so fast it’s scary
30 ain’t the new 20
Even though I’m still getting carded
40 is near
I’d never want my Twenties back
Didn’t really get dirty in my thirties
So I need to catch up
Hope to be settled in my 50s
it will be officially time to sit down
In my forties I can still take a pound down
No cougar traits But,
I’ll let you youngns still take me on dates 😅

#publishedqueen #growingold #timeflieswhenyourehavingfun #poetsofinstagram #poetcommunity #poeticjustice #loverofwords #poemsofig #selflove #privileged #blackdontcrack

The Neanderthals could not even get upset
Niggas got mad for them
Massa what they doing
Why they getting dressed
Why they happy
Why they Proud
Why they dancing
Why they smiling
They love you when you coonin
They respect you in red bottoms
Judge when you in a daishiki
They lust for filtered photos
They hate your original skin
They want you to blend
Sleep walking, depressed
As if the hood ain’t produced enough of those zombies yet .. #publishedqueen #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth #poetry #poetrycommunity #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #teamnatural #blackpantherpremiere #poetactivist #loverofwords #comicsart

Niggas really think they momma ugly
they sister ugly
they nappy head dark skinned ass daughter ugly
Every single time they admit they don't date dark women
Especially when they dark skin
I wanna slap him with a bottle of hen
Revoke his hood pass
Condemn him to Trailer trash
Make every hood hoe deny him ass
How can you reject your own reflection
Why do I have to be light, to be right
For you ? Hell why do light women have a fetish for dark men ? When did all these preferences began .. why can’t we just admire and connect with all shades of blackness ? Let me ask this ... if I was light would you Marry me tonight ! I doubt it so you don’t feel strong about it .. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #publishedqueen #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poeticsoul #poeticthoughts #poeticjustice #loverofwords #datingproblems #prefrences #myblackisbeautiful

You often fill the dead air, the silence that never ends, as a telephone friend .. but who are you really ? The guy who has often made my eyes wet with tears but rarely soaked my panties in secretions .. everything is cold, except the sound of your voice that warms my soul, cause I visualize yo smile, So beautiful it is , Then I remember we just friends. In deep thought on how I’m loosing, by choosing wrong, so I’m Home alone , Almost told the guy in my inbox yes, free drinks, was a test , and today I’ll pass, yet how long will that last .. ready for a real companion , the one I have is dope, but there is no hope .... #publishedqueen #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #singlelife #writersofinstagram #saturdaylove #poetry #loverofwords

Amerikkka is a pathetic soap opera series on repeat, the white male is the original dead beat dad, media mad , at Ginuwine for not following the fad, face it the nigga ain’t gay, he wanted a woman to ride his pony, not a genetically modified male , Neanderthals Born with tails can suck king Kong balls then go play in the jungle, with that weak ass green hoodie on, mean while Check out The Unapologetic Woman Blog, My Sister got some shit to say to y’all ... #poetactivist #writersofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #publishedauthor #publishedqueen #amerikkka #hm #hoodyseason #racistmemes #loverofwords #freestyle #myownthoughts #myownwords #Ginuwine

I’ve never lived sexually free.. I’ve always felt convicted, pressed by some, and over looked by others. There are always boundaries with me, I’m never open for anyone.. I’ve never been promiscuous, I have never sold my sex, I’ve given it at my own discretion .. never been a hoe.. made a few hoe decisions .. Truth is I’m often celibate .. I hate when a guy tells me he wants to fuck the shit out of me.. it makes me feel unvalued, yet I would rather him just do exactly that once I allow him too.. I never know how to just have sex with a guy, I always want more.. I always want growth.. I always wanna be held with high regard.. I always wanted to be given the chance to really love a man.. yet I have always chose wrong .. so never was given the opportunity .. now I feel my self ready to settle.. ready to fuck my way to love.. like most the people I know.. #shesgottahaveit #publishedqueen

I know what I did wrong
I know what I did right
I might be mouthy
I probably do talk to much
It’s ok for you to tell me to shut up
But only if you gone kiss me later
Don’t push me away
I wanted to stay
I wanted to laugh
I never wanted to be mad, or sad
What I need from you Is Understanding
Every word in that SWV song
I dedicate to you ......
#publishedqueen #poeticsoul #conclusions #poetsofinstagram #poetcommunity #lovequotes #poeticmood

Through my eyes
I think it’s all lies
Everything .. small truths only
Even artifacts dated back
Could not be authentic
If I didn’t live to see it through my eyes
It’s compromised
My soul confirms the rest
How it feels when I digest it in my chest
Do it speak to my heart
Like abstract art
Or lose me like a young thug verse
Hmmmmmm..... 🤷🏽‍♀️😴😴😴😴 #goodnightpost #goodnightpoem #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #publishedqueen #truthseeker #abstractart

I don't give a fuck if I'm walking down the street naked ...don't touch me.. I don’t care if you paid for all the food on my plate....Don't touch me .. I dont care about the patron margarita you bought... Don't fucking touch me ... I don't owe you sex because I send you a naked photo in a text ..
Women raped every second of the day
Just cause they woke up and walked outside
Just cause they said no
Just cause they was drunk
Even if they sober
Even they a nun
Even if they a stripper
Even if they 80
Even female infants get raped
In a world where women out number men
What was our biggest sin
Eve is folklore
I need to know more
I need to know why
I need to understand
Why a vagina is so irresistible to men
Maybe with more men becoming gay
The less we have to fight
The less we have to fear
A woman's vagina is her curse
Controls her reign
#poetactivist #publishedqueen #rapeculture #rapeawareness #crimesagainstwomen #womenworldwide #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writerslife #thinkingoutloud #facts #statistics #uglytruth

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