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@kimcankickit strength, faith, and grit during her fight with an extremely aggressive cancer will never stop amazing me. The other day she texted me, "It's amazing how much stronger you feel love when crap happens. It really is beautiful! Not that I didn't feel love before but it bonds you in a way you never could have imagined." Over the last couple of days I have seen that love firsthand and it's something I'll cherish forever. I've seen her parents' love as they sit at her bedside whispering little reminders to breath then anxiously wait for her chest to rise while she quietly sleeps. I've seen siblings' love as they make arrangements for babysitting, meals, and calls to check in. I've seen her husband's love as he gently kisses her forehead, tells her she's beautiful, massages her sore back & legs, makes sure she's comfortable, and cracks little jokes to make her laugh. He has to be exhausted, but you would never show it because it's obvious his girls are his priority. I've seen her 4 year old daughter's love telling Kim, "You're a tough mom." Then screaming with excitement when she heard she might get to see her today after a long week of not being able to. I've seen Kim's love. Her love for herself, her body and her healing as she pushes herself to stand up and then take a few steps days after her entire chest was cut open. I've seen her love for her parents as she thanks them or says something to make them laugh. I've seen her love for Treagan by watching her look at him, worry about his work/sleep schedule or by listening to her raspy soft voice tell him she loves him. I've seen her love for Hensley as she arranges her schedule down to the hour for the next couple of weeks or as her eyes filled up with tears seeing Hensley on Skype and hearing her little voice. Kim has Hensley's drawings hanging above her bed because it's what reminds her most to keep fighting. I don't know if there's a stronger earthly love than a mother's, but one thing I do know is one day Hensley will know what a "tough mom" @kimcankickit really is. When you realize how fragile life is, you realize how strong love is. Love YOU. Love others. Love love. Love like Kim. ❤️ you Kim baby!

Demonstrative assessment in Public Speaking Class. I hope that my friend can learn from my lecture about rhythm of boxdrum/cajon and applied in their life. 🎶 .
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Sometimes, in between running, working, and mom stuff, I get opportunities to pay it forward by speaking at a seminar or university. I especially love my chances to speak to students as I was invited to do by @lmbook this week at IUS..
In other news, today was a double run day, both easy runs, but I'm freaking out a bit because my glute is starting to protest again. Good thing tomorrow is a short easy run or rest day. .
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tomorrow is going to be a pretty awesome day. I have been asked to speak at @osteriacasuarina ladies lunch event on a topic that is very meaningful to me: the power of perseverance. I am a lover of personal growth, living a life of radiance and having a platform to share a bit of my gritty little world with you is going to be very spesh! I am nervous, but its all part of my own path of perseverance and I am grateful for the practice to expand in new ways. See you all tomorrow 🖤#getGRITTY #gritLAB #gritCERAMICS

Class Public Speaking BEM STMIK WidyaPratama Pekalongan, terimakasih teman teman, alhamdulillah bisa share ilmu dengan kalian, semoga bermanfaat 🙏 terimakasih apresiasinyaa 🤘👌 #publicspeaking #speaking #speak #public #stmikwppekalongan #stmik #pekalongan #indonesia #2017

"I want to be like you, Natalia!" - Thank you. And I want you to be (like) you. You do not make use of your greatness and (hidden) gifts when you aim for copying someone else and his/her purpose, skills and way of living. Everyone on this planet is here to contribute in his/her own way. Everyone has a special skill and/ or way of seeing things that will help our societies evolve. But only the courageous act of self-work, self-observation and authenticity will allow you to unleash your full potential that will make a difference. Do you love yourself enough to follow your dreams and intuition?

Over three years ago I began a clinical trial in Brisbane for a targeted treatment. The drug was incredible and I've had amazing results with dramatic reduction in cancer. My condition has been controlled and in partial remission for several years. Unexpectedly, this January I had a seizure at the gym which prompted us to act on the situation and investigate further. After a couple of months of follow up scans and appointments with specialists, this week I found out the trial drug is no longer completely controlling my condition.
As we took control of the situation early we were already prepared and I was able to end the trial and change over to another targeted treatment, which luckily was accepted onto the PBS recently. Hopefully this will continue on from the amazing 3 years I had on the trial.
Yesterday I visited the year 9's at St Michael's College and shared my story and messages of gratitude, resilience and self belief. I was also able to talk to them about the past few months and how I've handled the situation and implemented these 3 things. Despite the fact I had a seizure unexpectedly the whole situation has been positive, there are positives and opportunities in any situation. This is what gratitude and resilience is all about! The seizure meant I've lost my license for 6 months, but rather than seeing that as a negative I went and bought a bike and now cycle everywhere and continue to get fitter and stronger. I was so lucky to have a seizure, it prompted investigation allowing me to be right on top of this situation at the earliest possible stage. With standard scans I may not have known about this until it was progressed and causing problems. Thankfully everything is under control and I'm positive about the future. That's how I manage my chronic condition, being on top of things, being grateful and especially being resilient.
These are the messages I talk about in schools and with other groups. Difficulties provide opportunities, lessons and perspective! #gratitude #resilience #selfbelief #perspective #positivity #growthmindset #publicspeaking #speaker #schools #adelaide #southaustralia #australia


If your willing to step beyond your fears and comfort zone you'll be surprised on how much you can accomplish.

Nothing is more powerful than the will of a human being..


31 марта в 18:30 состоится уникальный мастер-класс "Public Speaking in English".
Мы освежим навык общения на английском языке, овладеем ключевыми фразами для презентаций и научимся быстро снимать волнение перед выступлением.
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We also celebrated birthday of our beloved, Emriati Samosir, DTM. Lucky us and lucky guests who came because we ate devils chocolate cake, yesterday. Let's come again next meetings ya. See you!

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Yesterday, I got to share a little of @altbrpodcast's history through the lens of my favorite book - A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by @donmilleris. Thanks to the Book & Brew crew for putting this on!
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3 апреля стартует новый поток курса Public Speaking for Business на английском языке, и я хочу подарить участие одному счастливчику:) Это пока самый успешный проект #UpSkillMe , и вы можете выиграть участие.

Курс построен на постоянной практике и обратной связи. Вы будете отрабатывать свои реальные (!) бизнес-презентации на английском и сможете: - увереннее говорить и презентовать на другом языке
- сделать свою английскую речь богаче и не забывать слова на полпути
- получите 10+ ресурсов для бизнес-презентаций - отработаете структуру и работу с англоговорящей аудиторией
- научитесь лучше слушать

Условия, чтобы получить ❤FREE TICKET: - ✅сделать репост этой записи ✅ написать свою историю: почему вы хотите участвовать в этом курсе
✅вы должны говорить на английском (от уверенного Intermediate), т.к. весь курс будет in English

Репост можно делать на русском:) 👆Срок: до 1 апреля.
1 апреля я выберу самую искреннюю историю. Мне важно дать именно "то" и именно "тому", кому это нужно.

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The Family Brand Movement, LLC.... A movement formed by mother/son team, Lavette and Yungche, to encourage families to build family brands!

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March Madness 🍀! Are you going up or going down?!? In life we are striving reaching for those goals or we are settling.

Sometimes we run up a little then run down a little... Where are you?!? Where do you want to be?
Picture from @carnegiehall

Assalamualaikum sobat.. Belajar public speaking kuy.. .

"There is enough room in this world for all women to shine...whether they are shining at school or in the market place" We will upload the whole talk to SmittenO on YouTube as soon as we can. Let us know what else you want to see!

Una splendida giornata di formazione, grazie al grande #robertotiby 🔝🔝💪💪 #publicspeaking #alwayson #prato #seitelkoinè #noncifermapiunessuno💪 #insiemeversoilfuturo

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