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No-one changed the world by sitting on the fence. That's what I was reminded of today when I spoke at The New Zealand Women's Leadership Symposium. It was a room full of smart, savvy, inspiring women from all walks of life....all of them eager to empower, encourage and support other women in their journey up the ladder of life. I talked about leading a conversation when you're going against the grain of public thought. It's always challenging. Change never comes easy. You have to know that your 'purpose' is true, that you're being authentic to yourself and your beliefs, and above all you have to understand that when you challenge the thinking of the masses, you'll attract your fair share of wrath. Today's event came at just the right time for me. It reminded me that there are many women who are courageously defining their own course in life, and hoping in some way it will bring about change for the good. #sisterhood #leadership #empoweringwomen #wlnzsymp

This past weekend I was blessed to be on stage for the first time since my injury and surgery. And it felt AMAZING. I realized how much I missed it and truly how much I LOVE it. Literally thousands of people turned out for my 4 sessions and it was incredible and so humbling. It was definitely different rolling around on stage in a wheelchair, but I wouldn't change a thing. #redemption #calling #purpose #publicspeaking #blessed

Content creation is no joke. Putting the microphone down to work on my passion projects. Rebranding, vlogging, podcasting, writing, translating and launching , "Lead With Success" in Spanish. Then I'm off to Mexico & Washington D.C for work and play! #girlboss

What does Buzz Lightyear and Spock have in common with this happy bunch of PwCians? They're all Toastmasters, or on their journey to become one! If you're keen to be a confident public speaker, join our very own in-house Toastmasters club. They meet fortnightly to reduce your fear, one 'um' at a time. #toastmasters #publicspeaking #buildingconfidence #nothingtodowithtoast

WHAT?! Forbes named me as one of the top 20 speakers you shouldn't miss! I am humbled to be on the list (and also feel a smidge less ashamed about how much time I spent in school sitting out in the hallway as punishment for running my mouth too much. Dear Children, let this be a lesson on how if you play your cards right, you too can capitalize on the thing that is currently landing you in detention. 😬😂 ) The link to invite me to speak is in my profile! I'd LOVE to meet you!


The queen is in the house @bruna_zanardo_
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@bruna_zanardo_ you are an example of commitment and hard work. Very proud of you Miss Earth Fire 2016. Never stop chasing your dreams. #oratoria #teacher #publicspeaking #missearth #missbrazilearth #filipinas #philippines #pageant #photooftheday #salandystips #misstierra #elartedehablar #missterrabrasil

I'm doing this course on Saturday folks and will be bringing it to core xxx anyone who users there voice to project in anyway needs this xxx #singers performers book in #liverpool #sefton #performers #arts #neptunetheater #singers #drama #childrenperformingarts #publicspeaking #lectures #project #voicebox

Good morning 🦅
You have a decision to make to be a good or great leader as you move toward achieving your goals.
Good = depend on your skills alone to move mountains, create impact, and build your empire.
Great = pull out the strength of others, value their skills, and bring them along for the ride.
Are your people skills at the GREAT level? If not where do you feel you can improve. Let's talk! Comment 👇🏾👇🏾 #softsskillssuccess, #selfawareness, #growthmindset, #communicationiskey, #leadershipcoach, #entrepreneurlife, #itstartswithyou, #gogetit, #publicspeaking, #womeninbusiness, #buildinganempire, #nevergiveup, #liveonourpose, #appleaday,#leadershipexcellence,

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Ain't that the truth?
Have a great day everyone!

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Début de long long weekend - réveil tôt pour écrire mon CC2 (discours #2) Toastmasters! C'est ce soir! #toastmasters #lastminute #publicspeaking #smile #keepsmiling #longweekend #lovepapeterie

Why is so hard for people to invest in themselves?? Answer = You have to deal with origin of the issue rather than focusing on the problem. Chuck Grigsby @Chuckgrigsby.tk LIFE COACHING #LIFECOACHMICHIGAN #COMMUNITYLEADER #PUBLICSPEAKING #MICHIGAN #GOALS #PERSONALDEFENSELESSON #YOUTHADVOCACY #NOBULLIES #DREAMSGOALSDEDICATION #GUNITYWORLDWIDE #WHATAMIGOINGTODOWITHMYSUMMER

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I'm giving a TEDx Talk today!!!!! Whooop whoop😁😁💃🏾💃🏾
Time has flown by with no consideration of whether you are ready or not. This why, you must do what the clock does - #keepmoving 👣👣👣
I'm excited about this #opportunity today and I intend to be present throughout and enjoy the moment.
Enjoy your Thursday!!!!❤❤

Dalam setiap keinginan selalu diiringingi keinginan-keinginan baru. Sebab itu focuslah pada kebutuhan, maka kita terbebas dari sedih, takut, cemas dan marah.. Bukankah Tuhan senantiasa melimpahkan yang kita butuhkan..! Selamat menikmati mudik dan Sholat Tarawih sahabat... Tks.Rabb.

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Most states list "listening, speaking, reading, and writing" under their language arts educational standards. I find that speaking is the hardest of these to practice. The other three incorporate easily into our daily read alouds, independent reading, and journaling, but public speaking opportunities are harder to find.

That's why I was so excited when we came across this cute little amphitheater while on vacation a few weeks ago. My kids, particularly the one in pink, love to perform, so I knew this would be a hit with them. We went back to the house, wrote down some stories, created a simple set and some costumes, and invited friends and family to come watch.

And what a rich experience it was for all of us! We talked about editing our words so they make sense to others, projecting our voices, speaking with feeling, listening for cues, and all kinds of other stage behavior. It took a bit of extra effort on my part to get this activity going, but I'm so glad we followed through.

Did you ever put on plays as a kid? Have you done any with your kids? What benefits do you think come from activities like this?

"I don't just want to read books. I want to climb inside and live in them."

Yesterday I managed to get a chance to position myself and speak in front of entrepreneurs which was an amazing and valuable experience. My confidence is growing as I go on this journey of TALK 2 DAN and most importantly my network is growing which has allowed me to meet amazing like-minded people within the industry! I have built confidence over the years but to publicly speak in front of people is a skill I have learnt and still learning to date. Take a risk, step out of your comfort zone and do one thing everyday that scares you. Give yourself that challenge. I can admit my heart was pouncing before talking to the entrepreneurs but as soon as I got on stage, I said to myself what's the worst that could happen? Try something new in gaining a new profound skill in life. A big thank you to Aaron Tan who is an amazing public speaker that has taught me great things in structuring my talk, utilising my stage and creating impact through my story!#trysomethingdifferent#publicspeaking#overcomingfears#personaldevelopment#takearisk#doonethingadaythatscaresyou#stepoutofyourcomfortzone

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