Stand Up Sam has 3 Uncles. This is one of them in Homer Alaska #standupsam #worldwide #50statetour #publicfailure

The Real Stand Up Sam x Leaning Tower of Pisa #standupsam #publicfailure #worldtour

Stand Up Sam X Rome Italy #standupsam #worldtour #publicfailure

Stand Up Sam in Northern Michigan c/o #mmlmeese #standupsam #50statetour #publicfailure

Was challenged by good friend and honest art critic @kjbraaten to paint in an old style of mine, “oils as stained glass” (left, circa 2007). So I’m painting over a sketch (right) to give it a shot in acrylics. No brushes and no white, only rags and reductive painting. No idea how this will work on a canvas that’s already had color applied or in a medium based on water. This could turn out to be another failure but I’m willing to give it a shot. #art #acrylicpainting #painting #basementstudio #worried #publicfailure #idontcare

And now for something completely different...drew a sketch today that was a better use of the “compositional theme” of this piece, and in some perverse way that NEW-old composition cannot inhabit this particular canvas anymore. So instead of just changing it to the new sketch I’ve decided to obliterate this one. Ah well. #sketch #acrylicpainting #painting #art #tryingtofindmyartmojo

I've been thinking a lot about failure today. The other day, someone asked my husband if he ever failed publicly at anything. His response was no. ✨
I was a little bit baffled, because I have failed publicly. SO much. I have failed publicly more than I have succeeded. I failed a voice competition when my voice cracked and I got the giggles. I failed being awarded a very prestigious scholarship because my answers were ridiculous and unplanned. I failed winning salutatorian because I literally got a 54 on my English final (and English was my best subject and I was a straight A student). I failed teaching many fitness classes. People have walked out of my class. I have lost my place. I have cried publicly when I was supposed to be entertaining. I failed when I quit my job as a fitness instructor and then I failed at failing when I begged for my job back when I realized what a mistake I made.

My work is public, and I fail at it all the time. Just today, I failed to accrue the minimum number of participants for a retreat for a project that has been near and dear to my heart for the last year. I have been trying and trying to make this idea happen, and after over a year of pushing and working so hard, I have failed. Totally. ✨
But the thing is, once you experience public failure as much as I have, you let it wash off you pretty quickly. Whereas I would have been upset about this recent failure for weeks, today it was just a couple of hours. ✨
When things fail, over and over again, to me it's a sign that I'm barking up the wrong tree. And so I appreciate failure as a guidepost to tell me, "Hey, Amie, headed in the wrong direction." Does it still sting? Sure it does. And some failures feel bigger than others.

But I know my success is only success because I have never once let failure stop me from moving forward. I have never decided to no longer risk. I have never decided to hide away. I have never decided to let failure win and let the learning experience die.

You fail.
And then you move forward.

If you find yourself failing, lately, at doing the dishes or at your career, at pleasing your mom or practicing self care, at launching a... (cont. in comments)

Looks like you went ahead and bought a superfluous vowel. #losangeles #dtla #roadsign #publicfailure

{Learning to include that last portion of ourselves--that we sometimes save just in case we fail.. that's the missing ingredient) #WANT #WITH #EVERYTHING #PublicDesire #PublicFailure #PublicVictory

This mom is on the clock today. Most people complain about working weekends... Not me, I love my job! #smallbusiness #buysmall #wedding #weddingdetails #details #chalklettering #handlettering #mombusiness #etsy #etsyseller #creativelife


I was in a blogging state of mind this morning, so I wrote something especially for you if you struggle with what people think of you and the fear of public failure.

Check out my five reminders on overcoming these fears! All you gotta do is head on over to the blog!

Go to alex beadon dot com, I'll see you there! ✨😃💕

I don't know how.... But I know I will succeed... I know I will make it.... I will conquer the path God has for me..... And if I have forgotten you once I've arrived..... It is because I didn't identify you in my failures 🙌🙏👏 #mythoughts #proudoffailing #publicfailure #publicsuccess #preparingmytable #anointmyhead #overflow 🙌👏👌 #faithBOUND

Tonight I will fumble through words and stories and babble on like the weirdo that I am. Listen in live and call in or chat. It's a fucking talk show after all! 9pm online at KCHUNGRADIO.ORG #kchung #publicfailure #fuckthatshit

What I get for skipping on the running last week. #clumsy #TotalCluts :p #PublicFailure But, my #Skechers #GoBionic sneaks sprung me back up! :)

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