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Rip @ my theme part 74858483892 but I'm changing my hair in a few weeks ;w; I've been planning this for monthssss who can guess what it is 😅💕 .
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So I cleaned out my locker today at school and found my other @nevertakeitoff bracelet along with the @blackveilbrides rosary so I thought I'd enter again and share my vows. I, myself, have been struggling with self harm since late 2011 after the passing of someone I loved dearly. I was thrown into this grey world we call depression, and every day was an uphill battle. I'll admit that I've had and still have suicidal thoughts time to time, and yes, they have gotten the best of me to a point where it was a couple of close calls. I've been bullied and I know the feeling of hating yourself based off of what you think of yourself and what others think of you. I know how it feels to be alone and isolated as I grew up that way and found myself "different" than others. The two bracelets I have have specific meanings to me. Both are vows to myself that I can do this. I can push through these battles, these thoughts, these addictions. I can overcome anything that comes my way. Today, for example, I had a massive low and wanted to relapse very very badly, but I stopped myself and said "It's going to get better". My personal idol @andyblack taught me to never give in and never back down, and to stay alive through the bad. I hold that lyric and the lyric "hear my voice remind you not to bleed" very close to my heart and in the near future plan to tattoo them on my body forever. I strongly support NTIO as I believe they help others as much as they've helped me. I'm still clean, I'm still fighting, and I'm still alive and that's what matters. I vow to stay clean for myself, my idol, and many more because I am much more than a blade or a lighter. I'm much more than the demons in my head. I CAN do this and I WILL do this. I vow to take care of myself, and that means three meals a day, drinking water, taking medicine, etc. My body is a temple and I need to treat it right. I will soon reach the point where I love myself every day no matter what. If you haven't entered NTIO's contest I suggest you should and share your story. I'm learning to love myself every day, and you all should too ❤
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This week has been AMAZING
COMMENT BELOW would you rather DANCE in the rain?🌧 OR dance on a STAGE?!🌈

Shoutout to everyone at @rockontherange for pushing the limits with ATTILA! You guys now hold the new world record for the largest circle pit 🏆

So if you find it hard to breathe, you can put your faith in me. I'll be the light that leads your way🌤

Children of Fate,
Have confidence in who you are, don't waste energy thinking about who the world wants you to be. † Sep†ember - Riven - Wraith - Shadou - Stitch †

don't know what im doing with my life but i guess that's ok


Take notes

I love how sarcastic he always is

Now that's how you start a show!! @piercetheveil is one of the best live bands! #ptv #concert #piercetheveil #rockconcert

For real

There can never be serenity on earth istg. Prayers go out to those who have died and were injured in the Manchester bombing. It's so awful. In better news, bts is one of my new favorite groups and I'm saying groups bc some people get butthurt if I say band (: ALSO THIS PICTURE SAVED ME

This is so true

This show is gonna be heat!🌄
Come catch us rip the high desert apart July 15th with @agatg 3 stages, and hella supporting bands. Scroll this bitch over to catch the stacked lineup 👉
Bonus Points: they've got tacos and beer so you know what we're gonna be up to after our set! 🌮🥙🍻

i most likely will not be posting until next week, please read previous post. this also includes wattpad. i have friends in the U.K. and one is currently not responding, i do not believe they were at the concert but it is possible and i am a tad worried. so yes please read my previous post. •

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