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Today was one of those days. It's so sad how people don't understand PTSD. Even worse is when people yell at you for being upset.
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is the conversation between what we love to do and how we love to be. Rest is the essence of giving and receiving; an act of remembering, imaginatively and intellectually but also physiologically and physically. To rest is to give up on the already exhausted will as the prime motivator of endeavor, with its endless outward need to reward itself through established goals. To rest is to give up on worrying and fretting and the sense that there is something wrong with the world unless we are there to put it right; to rest is to fall back literally or figuratively from outer targets and shift the goal not to an inner static bull’s eye, an imagined state of perfect stillness, but to an inner state of natural exchange.

The template of natural exchange is the breath, the autonomic giving and receiving that forms the basis and the measure of life itself. We are rested when we are a living exchange between what lies inside and what lies outside, when we are an intriguing conversation between the potential that lies in our imagination and the possibilities for making that internal image real in the world; we are rested when we let things alone and let ourselves alone, to do what we do best, breathe as the body intended us to breathe, to walk as we were meant to walk, to live with the rhythm of a house and a home, giving and taking through cooking and cleaning.
When we give and take in an easy foundational way we are closest to the authentic self, and closest to that self when we are most rested. To rest is not self indulgent, to rest is to prepare to give the best of ourselves, and to perhaps, most importantly, arrive at a place where we are able to understand what we have already been given.

In the first state of rest is the sense of stopping, of giving up on what we have been doing or how we have been being. In the second, is the sense of slowly coming home, the physical journey into the body’s un-coerced and un-bullied self, as if trying to remember the way or even the destination itself. 👇👇👇👁👁👁

Small tire Fox that aimt afraid to put it in the beams.
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Hi my name is Joey. I am Mexican American. I am a homosexual man, PTSD survivor, human being and champion for love. I am a yogi. Read more of Joey's story at 👇🏼
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<🌍The hardest thing to do when you are in the middle of a rough situation is to stop and raise your vibration high. This takes every bit of one's intentional effort, every bit of being conscious. When we stop, when we pull away, when we focus on OUR overall vibration, opening our heart, amongst all things, WE shift out of the vibration that kept us stuck in "that". When we shift out of one vibration and totally into another, we shift dimensionally. Each dimension has a different physical reality. The dimension we participate in, the one we exist in, the one we allow, the one we believe, this transmits the outcome. The heart transmits one reality, the limited/fixed human mind transmits another. The unified heart/mind create multiple ones, for the more expansive one becomes, the more realities expand as well. The multi-dimensional being will see many realities from within. It will observe, expand and choose a different reality... why? Because it can!🌍The human cannot expand, therefore the reality IS FIXED. The multi-dimensional being gets to choose... This alone is a huge incentive to intentionally expand your mind... first one must choose to see differently, from multiple perspectives... multiple dimensions... yes, it is this simple... yet for the limited human mind, it's virtually impossible and takes much intentional effort until this is how one exists as a natural way of BEing...🌍Each action creates a different parallel to exist in. Each moment is an opportunity to CREATE. You create from your heart. You get to "play" with realities when you can remember this. The head "fixates". The heart flows and expands.🌍If you find yourself fixed, stuck or limited... close your eyes and feel. Drift. Step away. Go into it from inside... see where you are holding onto a "thought". Relax, release, let go..... breathe...... REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.> ✨Lisa Transcendence Brown |www.AwakeningToRemembering.com | ❤️ @transcendence333 ➖➖➖▪️▪️▪️
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What a magical place. @rearedinsteel

Day 11✔️ Stephanie and I randomly decided to go to Six Flags. We are always trying to figure out fun things to do and we remembered how much we love rollercoasters so we went to re-live our middle school days! I had great day and look fine but I still FEEL gross. I usually will try to limit myself when I feel fat and gross but today I didn't let it ruin my fun or my ice cream 😝🍦🎡🎢👯 I win! #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthrecovery #ptsdawareness #ptsdsurvivor #ptsd #thoughshebebutlittlesheisfierce #philippians413 #warrior #selflove #selfcare #sixflags #bestfriends #twin #bethechange #yesican #onedayatatime

Here's a flashback, flex, and RED Friday! I got to meet @bobby_henline at a Military Muscle FaMMily workout. He is super inspiring and super funny. I met so many other reps and ambassadors that day, and it was so awesome. Can't wait for the next one! .
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Sometimes people bring their storms into your life.
I don't know why.
But it's like car accidents, you can't control what other drivers are going to do.
The only way to cope, I've found, is to always remain the orchid.
Find ways to leave situations or until you can, keep your peace of mind and don't let it harden you.
#lovelightandstrength #ptsdawareness 🌸🙌🏼🕊🌱

The garden is where I go to center myself, pray, and be still in His presence. I check to see how the herbs are growing, if they need water, and I also check myself. Meaning I know I need quietness, just noise of nature, positive thoughts, reflecting on the past week, letting go of what is not in my control and giving it to God. Without this time, I wouldn't be the person I am. These plants and herbs take time, the sun, water, and TLC to grow. Some grow faster than others. But that doesn't mean the others will not sprout, eventually. They just take longer. Much like people. If we give them enough time, TLC, and love them as God loves us....they will begin to grow. Treating them the same, even when difficult, produces results. Don't give up on them, and never give up on yourself. God is giving you the tools you need to grow into something beautiful. 💜🌱💚 #gardens #ptsdawareness #tbiawareness #recovery #healing #Godsgotyou #grow #domesticviolenceawareness 💜💜💜 #happysaturday 🤓

Nothing like the happiness of a child to warm the heart! Shout out to @annebonacoach for everything you do...teaching to live in the moment. An amazing person! Thank you! #ptsdawareness #liveit #love #live #love #notfear #bigsteps #kids #misshisface #truelove #fun #gooddad #myboy #mylife

Received the most perfect card in the mail today

I am so blessed that I get to do what I love, every single day! Now through our latest project, JADE - I am paying forward how film saved my life and has helped me heal from a life of depression and anxiety. Come join our family at @jadethemovie and make a difference in this world! #film #director #filmmaking #womeninfilm #jadefilmofficial #women #production #postproduction #preproduction #development #artdepartment #filmmakers #ptsd #ptsdawareness #beyondblue #depression #depressionawareness #domesticviolence @ashleigh.linsdell @maureen.legara #behindthescenes

I am so blessed that I get to do what I love, every single day! Now through our latest project, JADE - I am paying forward how film saved my life and has helped me heal from a life of depression and anxiety. Come join our family at @jadethemovie and make a difference in this world! #film #director #filmmaking #womeninfilm #jadefilmofficial #women #production #postproduction #preproduction #development #artdepartment #filmmakers #ptsd #ptsdawareness #beyondblue #depression #depressionawareness #domesticviolence @ashleigh.linsdell @maureen.legara #behindthescenes

My dough. Trying hard to prove itself in life. New habit of baking my own bread for the family.

When smiles are the only thing that people need to see.
They don't need to see you hurting. They don't need to know how many tears your holding back just to make one smile.

Unfortunately or fortunately I struggle with #anxiety. I have come to the conclusion that God allows me to experience this emotion & feeling so that I can help/coach/teach others to #beatanxiety. For instance, last night out of the blue #intrusivethoughts started to invade my mine, which turned in to worry, which turned into panic, which turned into a panic attack. However, by using the skills I teach others to do the panic attack quickly went away (15mins). How can I help others unless I go through the same thing first? It's all about perspective.
#anxietyhelp #anxietyattack #anxietysucks #anxietyrelief #anxietydisorder #anxietyrecovery #anxietyfree #depression #depressed #ptsd #bipolar #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mental #mentalhealthawareness #mentality #ocd #ocdproblems #ocdawareness #endthestigma #ptsdawareness

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