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You order through Postmates and I’m your delivery guy. What do you do? Best comment wins 😂

I JUST WANNA LEARN AND I WANNA GROW. I WANNA CONSUME AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE. I WANNA BE GREAT! @kidcudi #SmartIsSexaaay 🤓🧠 Love this feature from my beautiful pawtner, @thedodo! Some comments left on their page have me wanting to clarify...
1. I’m a task trained PTSD service dog to MOTHER ONLY. I’m more than an Emotional Support Dog because I’m trained to work.
2. I plan to be a therapy dog and help OTHERS in the future. I once practiced in “The Bingo Room” at a rehab where I greeted like 35 people without touching anyone’s bingo chips!!
3. According to @servicedogproject and @neadsdogs, PTSD is the only qualifying psychiatric disability for a service dog in an otherwise healthy handler.
4. Mother and I have trained daily since I came home at 13w/o. I get lots of breaks, playtime, and exercise... duh, I’m a dog!
5. I am not “jumping” at any point in the video. That’s a CUED “gentle hug” (great command to teach jumpy dogs) and a small part of my service dog training.
6. Still can’t catch my tail wtf

🎯30 THINGS TO START DOING FOR YOURSELF BY: MARC & ANGEL ❣️Start spending time with the right people. ❣️Start facing your problems head on. ❣️Start being honest with yourself about everything. ❣️Start making your own happiness a priority. ❣️Start being yourself, genuinely and proudly.
❣️Start noticing and living in the present. ❣️Start valuing the lessons your mistakes teach you. ❣️Start being more polite to yourself. ❣️Start enjoying the things you already have. ❣️Start creating your own happiness.
❣️Start giving your ideas and dreams a chance.
❣️Start believing that you’re ready for the next step. ❣️Start entering new relationships for the right reasons. ❣️Start giving new people you meet a chance.
❣️Start competing against an earlier version of yourself. ❣️Start cheering for other people’s victories. ❣️Start looking for the silver lining in tough situations. ❣️Start forgiving yourself and others. ❣️Start helping those around you. ❣️Start listening to your own inner voice. ❣️Start being attentive to your stress level and take short breaks.
❣️Start noticing the beauty of small moments.
❣️Start accepting things when they are less than perfect. ❣️Start working toward your goals every single day. ❣️Start being more open about how you feel. ❣️Start taking full accountability for your own life. ❣️Start actively nurturing your most important relationships. ❣️Start concentrating on the things you can control. ❣️Start focusing on the possibility of positive outcomes. ❣️Start noticing how wealthy you are right now. ➖➖➖➖➖➖▪️▪️▪️
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Today may be Thanksgiving, but November is National Native American Heritage Month. Community starts in our homes, amongst our family, biological or chosen. You can also decolonize Thanksgiving in your own home, especially if you’re European American with white privilege. Whether it’s calling out racist relatives, unpacking the imbalance of power and privilege in this country, or encouraging your family to do something actionable in support of indigenous communities, even it that means collecting donations. The amount of collective trauma, especially amongst indigenous communities is the foundation of this holiday, like the Sioux Tribe at Standing Rock, who around this time last year were protesting in freezing temperatures, hosed down by high pressure water guns, just for protecting their land and water rights. Did you know suicide rates for youth on reservations is amongst the highest in the US, as are the alcoholism and PTSD rate? Privilege allows us to say things like “I don’t get political” or “lets not focus on the negative,” but for others in this country who don’t have that privilege, it becomes clear that this has nothing to do with being political or negative. It has to do with raising their voices, advocating for justice, and having those uncomfortable conversations that are desperately needed. Thanksgiving at our place is small this year, it’s just my mom, @digit, and I. I’ve started a new tradition in our family, where each of us donates to the following organizations: Indigenous Environmental Network, Indigenous People’s Power Project, and Native American Rights Fund. I’m refraining from saying “Happy Thanksgiving” and just saying “Mindful Holidays” to avoid causing triggers. We learned how to make Wojapi for one of our dishes, it’s a Dakota Berry Sauce, while learning whose ancestral land our house sits on (Chochenyo and Ohlone Lands). As our dinner prayer, I’ll be reading poems from Long Soldier’s new book (Whereas) and then giving thanks. I too, encourage you to try this at home, and ask politely, that you refrain from giving me praise because this is a message about holding ourselves accountable. Mindful Holiday to you 💛🙏🏼

War is trauma
But it's not just experienced by soldiers in combat.
Did you know that the rate of PTSD is 7% in women yet only 5% in men ?
Statistics make it clear as day it's not just a problem experienced by soldiers in combat & that those 7% of women fight war on their own forefront every single day until they experience post traumatic growth, which is not always guaranteed.
The rate is higher in women due to the high rate of sexual violence and domestic abuse, and it's sad to say many of these incidents go unreported due to the fear of re-experiencing the trauma.
So what's the statement really?
Is war trauma
Or is trauma war ?
#ptsdawareness #breakthesilence #awareness #nuitblanche #posttraumaticgrowth

Remembering Nicholas J Brown, AEC US Navy
04/18/81 - 01/18/17

Nick was the most loving Father and dedicated sailor, he will never be forgotten. He left this world to soon but we know that he is with our maker. I thank God everyday for the time we had.

#ridefor22 #22toomany #honorthefallen 🇺🇸 #outofthedarkness #breakthesilence #gonebutnotforgotten #navy #ptsdawareness #standtogether #resteasywarrior #family #fightptsd #militaryfam #fighter #warrior #endsuicide #militaryfam #buddycheck #battlebuddy #militarysuicideawareness #fightlifewithlife #standtogether #veteransuicide #hero

regranned from @evenoneistoomany
People don't understand how hard it is to "act" normal. You can do it, but every day you can't be YOU, every day you can't talk and act and be what you were trained and yelled at and PTd and beaten to be, you lose part of yourself. Each "normal" day you become less, because how can anything "normal" replace the pieces of yourself that you lose? It is like telling a gay person "have you tried not being gay" or a white person "stop being white." We cannot just "stop" being a Marine or a soldier or a sailor or a combat grunt.
It is like they make you turn in part of your soul with your weapon and equipment. And then society and your family and your employer want you to give up the rest of it just to fit in.
regranned from @brownkidc
Coming fresh out of high school and seeing just how ugly the world is was the best thing to happen to me. Also, being taught to end lives, that was cool.
Isn't that easy to "act normal."
#WaketheFuckUp #USMarines #MarineCorps @pop_smoke_official
#22aday #22istoomany #oneistoomany #IGY6network #makeacall #semicolonproject #fuckPTSD #notallscarsarevisible #PTSDawareness #checkonafriend #obligation #devildigs #USNavy #USArmy #USAirForce #USCoastGuard #armedforces #veteran #vetslivesmatter #brothersearnit #EAS #combatvets #woundedvets
#WhyActNormal? #FUCKNORMAL #BeYou #IsntThatWhatTheySay???

If you haven't risked coming home under the flag, don't you dare disrespect it!

A little half assed most muscular on this Turkey Days eve. Everybody better be getting ready to stuff their faces with some good chow and be full to beyond satisfied. Stuff ya faces!!!! Even my beard is going to eat a damn turkey leg. He stays hardcore


Thanksgiving this year was surreal. I'm doing dishes and in walks a carbon copy of my cousin. I hadn't seen this little boy since Ashanti's funeral a year ago. It was like seeing a ghost. Poor kid, I just kept staring at him. But a couple hours later we were talking and taking pictures and he gave me a huge hug and it was all I could do not to cry. You did good cousin. Your son is such a vibrant and smart kid. We missed you. #suicidesucks #ptsdawareness l

I was going to post a picture of myself in a really cute blue bra saying something motivational, but I'm feeling modest today and shy. I'm not in the best of moods due to work yesterday. I feel overwhelmed, anxious and a little depressed. We all have our bad days and this is definitely one for me. It may get better or it may not. It depends on me and it depends on the rest of the day. I have work later so I can wager that I may not feel better. Yesterday was a horrible day. Having to be surrounded by so many people got to me, I'm not gonna lie. It was hard. And it's still effecting me now. I shouldn't let it, I know. I should let it go and move on. But that's the thing about mental illness, it doesn't always work that way. It doesn't just disappear or back off because you tell it to. There's no magic button to push to make it stop. I wish there was, I really do. Instead I'll go outside and go for a walk in hopes that that will make me feel somewhat better. And who knows, maybe it will.
My advice to anyone suffering from a mental illness and who's currently dealing with something similar, do as I'm doing. Go outside, get some air and go for a walk. Get out of your own head for a bit and I can almost guarantee that you'll feel better. You may not be walking on sunshine or jumping for joy, but you will at least be able to face the day a bit a more and hopefully with a smile. 😊😋 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #mentalillness #mentalillnessisreal #ptsdawareness #mentalillnessawareness #bopo #bopowarrior #bodypositivity #bodypositive #bodyacceptance #bodylove #allbodiesaregoodbodies #allbodiesarebeautiful #bodylove4all #selflove #selflovejourney #journeytoselflove #selfloveisbeautiful #selflover #edfam #edfighter #bedrecovery #emotionaleater #intuituveeating #immorethanmyeatingdisorder #recoveryisworthit #inrecovery

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Back on task! Why do I care about RunFar? Because I was adopted and know that giving love and support to a child is one of the most valuable things one can do. I've had several friends commit suicide in the last ten years. Depression is a part of my life and purpose is an excellent tool in that battle, and I owe the freedom I embrace joyfully to courageous men and women who've protected it in our armed forces. 👉🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 .
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It’s GO TIME!!! 🚨 Get this little black beauty now - while they last!!! And, EVERYTHING else at 30% OFF NOW thru Friday 11:59pm est. Use DISCOUNT CODE “BLACKFRIDAY” •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••💯% proceeds purchased from Run-Far.org go right to the Sgt. Sean Northcutt scholarship which provides assistance to children of veterans and active service members that have taken their own life as a result of ptsd. Can you think of a better way to spend your Black Friday 💰??? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #blackfriday2017 #blackfriday #blackfridaysale #blackfridayshopping #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #ptsdsucks #ptsdawareness #ptsdeffectsthewholefamily #runnershigh #runnersofinstagram #runnersofinsta #runnersofig #running #run #runners #marathoner #marathoners #ultramarathoner #trailrunner #trailrunning #forthekids #lbd #littleblackdress #runnershigh #runnerslife #runnerscommunity #runningcommunity #teamrunfar

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