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Remembering Jacob "Jake "Pittman
02/24/93 - 04/01/16

Jake was our family rock and the glue that held us together. We will forever miss his loving spirit, his beautiful soul, his amazing smile and infectious laugh. He was a brother, friend, confidant, soldier, and a loyal Chevy lover. He is my son and will always be my hero. He loved his country, I can still remember him smiling and saying "because Merica"... Rest Easy Warrior
#ridefor22 #22toomany #honorthefallen 🇺🇸 #outofthedarkness #breakthesilence #gonebutnotforgotten #army #ptsdawareness #standtogether #resteasywarrior #family #fightptsd #militaryfam #fighter #warrior #endsuicide #militaryfam #buddycheck #battlebuddy #militarysuicideawareness #fightlifewithlife #standtogether #veteransuicide #veterans #hero

The 55 said he aint scared of Birdman's new Hemi. Hes got some new power too.
#PTSD #ptsdrecovery #PTSDAwareness
#lockitin #lockitinnation
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June is PTSD Awareness Month, LGBT Pride Month, & Men's Health Month... Please join us in spreading awareness!

www.mentalhealthchannel.tv : free films and documentaries about real people.

All Fairy Tales have moments of distress right before the lovers meet. This couple James and @vvicente85 are truly one of those stories. James is a marine veteran and was diagnosed with PTSD and at the same time met his beautiful Brazilian girl. From fighting in Iraq to fighting for his love, this is a true love story you cannot miss out on! Temporary hidden link in our Insta bio for their teaser, feature film and even their love story.

I love my country, I love my guns, I love my family
I love the way it is now, and anybody that tries to change it
Has to come through me, that should be all our attitudes
'cause this is America and a country boy is good enough for me son 🇺🇸🇺🇸
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When I first became mentally ill, I described it as being dropped in the middle of the ocean. I didn’t know how I got there or why I was there. All I knew for sure, was that I was a long way from home.

At first I spent a lot of time screaming out for help, help that was simply not there. I desperately tried to get my bearings but there was nothing but the vast ocean surrounding me. I was treading water, exhausting myself but energised by pure fear all at the same time. I was desperate. Desperately trying to keep myself alive and not loose myself at the same time. But the second I hit that water I became someone else. A different person all together, a stranger even to myself. I wanted to go home, I wanted to get myself back but I simply had no idea where to start. I didnt know what was going on but I knew something was very wrong. I blamed everyone and everything until I came to the heartbreaking conclusion it was me. I had lost something. Something I would come to learn is the most precious thing a person can have. Their sanity. Mine was gone. It had taken a part of me I long took for granted. A part of me I never thought id ever loose. It is true, you dont know what you had until its gone.

I drowned my sorrows in tequila and numbed the pain with sleeping pills. I needed an escape from a life that seemed so inhumane. It consumed me, took over every fibre in my being. In my soul I was still me but even I didnt feel like me. Others saw me as physically the same person and even though they knew I was different they blamed that on me. Like it was a choice I had made to become this looser, horrible useless person. That hurt the most because… did people really think that little of me? That I would choose to be like this? What benefit could acting like this possibly give me? I dont see any. In fact all it gives me is pain, anger, heartache and total life destruction.

Even in the real world there is always a vast distance between me and other people. I find it very hard to find a connection with other people despite relating to nearly everyone. I am very guarded.
Please follow @datingaborderline for my boyfroends perspective on my me and illness

<👋A note to those I call "the sensitives." <3 Have you ever wondered exactly why you are so sensitive? During an incredible encounter this morning I was given a different viewpoint and asked to share it. The bottom line ...... There is no such thing as separation. If existence is perceived as energy, and energy has no boundaries, the understanding of non-separation becomes apparent.

The reality in which Humanity "plays" allows for the belief in separation to the degree that one person can abuse another and believe that it's .. "ok." (abuse = words, actions, war, violence, indifference, etc. etc. etc.) If every person came to understand the degree of the impact they are causing upon themselves as well as the Whole, the realization would cause instant change.

The sensitives are here to feel it all and reflect the impact back to the world. In other words ... if no one feels the cause and effect .. and no one voices it .. it can continue to be ignored. If we are here to create a great change in human reality .. which I believe we are .. then someone had to volunteer to be the eyes and the voices that point out the Truth. As energy we are all one. What you issue out to the One affects the All.

In the encounter .. if I perceived it correctly .. which I believe I did .. this is being mentioned because the sensitives are going to become even more so. I witnessed a mass energy shift, similar to a layer being peeled away. I took it to be a layer of energy that allows for people to remain oblivious. The callousness and indifference that allows one person to harm another is, from what I was shown, going to be more evident in order to be addressed more directly.

If you came here to be "a voice" you may experience a change that is very uncomfortable. The discomfort is meant to be a push toward your Greater Power and Truth.
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Thanks to the human heart by which we live, 
Thanks to its tenderness, its joys, and fears, To me the meanest flower that blows can give 
Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.... #ptsdawareness walkingaway #tiredothebone #imdone #leavemealone #darknesss #williamwordsworth #staybadass #soberissexy

I can't even begin to explain how I'm feeling right now. For the first time in 26 years my sister and I are going to be apart. Although to some it may not sound like that's the healthiest relationship to have with a sibling, they also don't know us or our lives. She's the most precious gift I could have ever been given. I've had someone by my side since the moment I was conceived. She's the reason I am able to have the strength to keep going, but now is her time to find that strength from within for herself. For those of you who know her, you know that she's been struggling with depression for a while. Well as of January there have been several events leading up to her meeting her end. I had to make the decision to let her go and give the responsibility of keeping her alive to someone else. It's been a struggle staying positive and even more so for her. As sad as I am to see her go, I much rather know that someday when I walk in on her sleeping she'll be able to open up her eyes back at me and smile. Her eyes won't be permanently closed, but will have the confidence and strength behind them that she's always had inside her.
Please if anyone of you know someone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any form of mental illness don't leave them just because shit gets rough. You might be able to save someone's life if you decide to stick around and show them they're worth.
We all need to learn how to show more empathy, love and understanding in this world. This reality we're all living in is a scary one, especially now, but now is the time to stick together. Tell people you appreciate them. Listen more and start asking questions. Stop assuming or projecting your insecurities or negative opinions onto people before hearing them out. Always remember everyone has a story of their own even if it seems like they have it all together. Anywho, for ever reads this thank you for being in my life. Thanks to those of you who haven't given up on me and stuck around during my low points. ❤️ #ptsdawareness #twins #love #ifyoulovethemsetthemfree #findyourhappy #keeponfightingthegoodfight #untilwemeetagain #hugofwar

Sippin on some lemon cookies sugar before I start working on more shit. Garage is ALMOST clean haha. 2 years of shit stacked up and not organized is a pain dontcha know haha. Got all my glass here, torch, hoses, tools, kiln, gotta go get some wood to build a table or just a metal table I don't know yet, then just need a few more tools when I get paid and I'm ready to fucking go. Lets crush it today y'all and make it awesome. Cheers 🍻🍻🍻 Rig - @nikocray
Nail - @toro_glass
Cap - @backhomeglass
Dabber - @xcalibur_swords
Stand - @beardedtree
#ptsdawareness #ptsdmedicine #ptsd #americanmade #madeinamerica #merica #710 #420 #cannabiscommunity #headiesofig #headyglass #heady #glassart #glass #shark #mean #boro

The pansy at my feet ...Doth the same tale repeat: Whither is fled the visionary gleam? Where is it now, the glory and the dream?
#ptsdawareness #flashbacks #shower #pain #solitude #wordsworth

Chest day weighted pull-ups x 20lb plates. Was a real struggle to get to 22 😑👍🏼
Tried the Bring Sally Up push-up challenge as a warm-up. I made an extra 10 seconds from yesterday! So now I am at the 1:59 mark in the song which I think is three minutes long (!!). Any progress is still progress I guess. Does anyone ever get to the end of that song????
#weightedpushups #pushupchallenge #22kill #ptsdawareness -
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Remembering Roger Banfield
02/27/79 - 04/14/15

He was loved and missed by everyone that was in his life. He was a great soldier that thought about everyone first. He will Never Be Forgotten. Rest Easy Warrior
#ridefor22 #22toomany #honorthefallen 🇺🇸 #outofthedarkness #breakthesilence #gonebutnotforgotten #army #ptsdawareness #standtogether #resteasywarrior #family #fightptsd #militaryfam #fighter #warrior #endsuicide #militaryfam #buddycheck #battlebuddy #militarysuicideawareness #fightlifewithlife #standtogether #veteransuicide #veterans #hero

@venus_azevedo_laboda so proud to be at such a special event honoring all our vets. So blessed and appreciative for all you do 💕 #bootsonground #ptsd #mentalhealth #awareness #vets #veterans #giveback #godblessamerica #america #positivity #mindbodysoul #ptsdawareness #goodvibes #supportourtroops #ptsdawareness

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