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Throwback to one epic hill run with our rides ❤️🖤 #praisethelowered #lowandslow #rollingshot #rlal #CHI #sti #PTL #stispec #lowenuff #blackbee #hillrun #black #white #brio #i20

#crystal王雪晶 #bible #biblesharing #Amen #PTL #ShiningEPro

Game time has been set! 8:00 KICKOFF FOR GT!!! #ptl 🙌🏼🔥

Kalori dari minum segelas Thai tea sama dengan makan dua porsi nasi putih. Untuk membakar 300 kalori, Anda harus jalan kaki selama 80 menit atau jogging selama 30 menit atau berenang selama 20 menit.

good pals, stillness, river hangs, & this handsome dumplin. my cup overflows!!!💘 #PTL

Tim orang sukses💦
Kita belajar dari kegagalan menuju kesuksesan.

A year ago today, I rode 3 hrs and walked into a rural shelter, shocked and saddened to tears by the smell and the filth. Myself and three other women saved 18 dogs that day but not this one. Rescues told me he was too great of a risk, and friends told me my goal was too far fetched. Always challenge a girl w her heart on fire. With the help of all of you, you saved Buckley’s and my best friend (unplanned parenthood). I’m forever grateful — 99% sure I’d take a bullet for him, and 110% sure he’d take a bullet for me. I guess he owes me one after eating all of my Christmas ornaments and toilet paper over the last year 😜 love you, Hagrid, bc I know you can read #adoptdontshop #gotcha #ptl


#PTL for these people

So great to see how God has provided an exterior renovation 🏗 for the church building 🏢 from a terrible hail storm! ⛈ 🏚 #PTL

This has been so true in my life💕
God will not lead you somewhere and leave you to fend for yourself. Provision comes in all sorts of different ways. We got a random monetary gift just a few days before our washing machine broke down and thank the Lord we did because we wouldn’t have been able to afford a new one without it!

Providing moms the natural energy to keep up with kids since 2009. I sure need my #momfuel today. After yesterday i'm praying today isn't so crazy at work... #wishfuelthinking #PTL #ionlywork2daysaweek

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