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Berhasap Itu Menyenangkan🍀🏖 #psyhedelicrock #terbang #menyenangkansekali #happy420 #420life

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#hibushibire #riotseasonrecords #psyhedelicrock


@naxatras were amazing. This trip was worth this groovy, spacey, trippy, meditative gig.
You can put a price on tickets, but it's priceless having this ability here and now to jam with the tunes you like *now*, it's priceless to see reaction of the band when they learn from how far you've came to see them, it's priceless to talk to John about future album, his inspirations, synchronicity, Bruce Lee's unnatural naturelness and more. It also made the world look even more fragile and smaller 🙌👌✌️
#naxatras #spacerock #psyhedelicrock #rockconcert #greekrock #philosophy #smokeoverwarsaw #hydrozagadka

Berhasap Itu Menyenangkan🍀🏖 #psyhedelicrock #terbang #menyenangkansekali #happy420 #420life

#riverside #riversideband #riversidebandpl

This was a spontaneous show. I saw an announcement on FB a few months ago, was reminded the day before and only then listened to two albums and was like "hmm, WOW. I need to see this today!". You won't believe what happened next ...
From the very first sounds it felt intense. Broken beat rhythm section, spacey and mistical keyboards, laser firing guitar solo and, I won't hesitate, angelic vocal. Light effects that make you feel you're in a 5 frames-per-second parallel reality. Spacey. Trippy. Groovy. Audience waving their bodies, closing their eyes and tripping away.

You close your eyes and in a moment you feel like a photon, a neutrino flying across an endless universe among galaxies and stars. As music turns heavier it feels like a battle with a black hole, a battle for existence. SUDDENLY high pitched bass notes, a drum solo bridge. Silence. Pause. Transformation. Music turns into jucy major tones, with melodic guitars riffs, bass waves and 70s synth keyboards. Faster light visuals. You now feel part of particle cloud on a way to start new life. You feel connected, you feel light, feel good, you smile 😏
I think this was the best show going ahead of Colour Haze, My Sleeping Karma and Samsara Blues Experiment.

Riverside's music reminded Ayreon's Into Electric Castle or 01011001... but he almost doesn't perform live. Naxatras - is your turn soon!

#ItDoesntLookLikeItButIWasSober #TheresADrugFactoryInMyHead
#musicissergeisaeroplane #psyhedelicrock #postrock #postmetal #progressivemetal #soundmeditation

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