‘’Flan’’ I’ve recently noticed that I haven’t been very informative about the materials I’m using to paint my ‘’inner images’’. And not one word of dimensions or time spent (measurements, not alternate dimensions; I’ve spoken in great-detail about those) So, for this piece: I’d like to refrain from babbling about the symbolism in this piece and focus a tad more on real world shit, so to speak. I painted ‘’Flan’’ roughly 3-4years ago on a 15x20’’ illustration board. It’s layered with a quality fixative that has kept the image nice and vibrant. Flan took about 2-3 months to complete. Partly because it was the second painting I created using the ‘’HAL’’ method I developed while painting Flans predecessor: Yaldabaoth (visit my profile to check it out) And partly due to the fact that I’m not a very speedy painter. All of my work is mixed media. And Flan is no exception. The painting is a mix of pen and ink, charcoal and ivory, among others. Everything is hand done. I don’t use magazine cut-outs, or digital manipulation. The anatomical incorrectness is deliberate. These aren’t human beings I’m portraying. This painted was plotted, pre-sketched, and finally executed on my drafting desk with the help of various tea’s (yerba mate) and coffee (expresso) oh, and I believe I was still an avid nicotine junky at the time. The symmetry, simplicity, and monochromatism of this painting is very soothing to some viewers. I hope to create more like this in the future. I am open to feedback. Thanks for reading. #art #fineart #mixedmediaart #mixedmedia #blackandgreyart #blackandwhite #anunaki #trippyart #painting #artwork #arte #aliens #conspiracy #psychadelicart #symbolism #penandink #drawing #weirdart

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