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JAKARTA - Aktivitas bisnis 'esek-esek' di kawasan wisata Senggigi, Lombok Barat (Lobar), terbongkar lagi. Ini diperkuat dengan ditahannya Erna alias Tika, di salah satu hotel bintang tiga di kawasan Senggigi oleh tim Opsnal Subdit IV Ditreskrimum Polda NTB, Selasa (25/4). Erna diketahui bekerja sebagai pemandu lagu (PS) di salah satu kafe di Senggigi. Penangkapan terhadap yang bersangkutan, pun berdasarkan serangkaian penyelidikan yang dilakukan korps bhayangkara.

Dirreskrimum Polda NTB Kombes Pol Irwan Anwar mengatakan, sebelum menangkap Erna, jajarannya mendapat informasi adanya transaksi bisnis prostitusi di kawasan Senggigi. Kabar itu ditindaklanjuti dengan menurunkan sejumlah tim menuju lokasi.

Sekira pukul 01.00 WITA, polisi mendatangi hotel bintang tiga di Senggigi. Mereka menggerebek kamar nomor 209 di hotel tersebut. ”Kita temukan satu pasangan, salah satunya Erna yang berprofesi sebagai PS,” kata Irwan diberitakan, Rabu (26/4). #rakyatsulsel

Раз в год надо показать, что ты тоже умеешь готовить, а не только есть 🌮🍜😉😎🖕👍
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5 фактов о средневековом Пскове.
•Самый укреплённый русский город, город-крепость и один из самых больших городов в Европе в XV - XVI веке.
•Псков - пример национальной стойкости и традиции. В открытом бою город ни разу не был взят. Чем сильнее был натиск врага, тем больше пребывало горожан, защищавших границы города.
•В средневековье самыми распространенными профессиями были воин, торговец и ремесленник. Псковские мастера - тонкие знатоки технологии строительных материалов.
•В Мирожском монастыре велась собственная летопись, написанная живым народным языком. Переписчики Мирожского монастыря оставили книжное наследие домонгольской Руси - единственную рукопись «Слова о полку Игореве» в псковской переписке.
•В Пскове ранее Москвы начали чеканить монету с царским титулом.
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That time I got to pelt my former student, @mike_charron45 , with eggs. #LivingTheDream #PSK #AKL #TFM #ItsRippingOffPieABrother

Jangan bilang kami adalah salah satu dari jutaan budak NARKOBA, jadilah salah satu dari trilliunan budak ciptaan TUHAN (ALAM dari ketinggian), Dan Kami hanyalah anak kampung yang suka memandang hijaunya hutan belukar yang sangat amat indah sekali jika dilirik dari jauh!
(Jadilah pecandu NARKOBA diketinggian)
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Repost @sn_limited
Looking forward to the #springcampout2017 @georgiabushcraft #psk upgrades will be available. @jbknife #georgiabushcraft #bushcraft #knifeporn

This should give you an idea what review I just submitted. It was fun putting these through their paces. Unfortunately, I couldn't include them all but I will have them with me on any courses or clinics I run. You will be amazed what kind of performance @sargentedgedtools is able to get out of his 01 steel.
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CALLING ALL UCOK DAN BUTET KOTA MEDAN !! Untuk menjadi manusia yang peduli dengan lingkungan, bisa dimulai dengan hal-hal yang sederhana lo guys.. Salah satunya dengan cara ikutan berkebun bersama Medan berkebun melalui acara Akademi berkebun ini nih guys.
Kamu gak tau cara nanam tapi mau belajar ??
Mau ikutan #psk #sabun #ngocok dan kegiatan seru lainnya ?? Kuy ikutan Akademi Berkebun !! Kepo informasi ???
Bisa hubungi cp di atas ya guys, atau boleh juga melalui akun @medanberkebun.
Free dan terbuka untuk umum !!
Kuy ajak sodara ucok dan butet sekalian yaa. Jangan sampai ketinggalaaan. Pasti seruuuu.
Medan Berkebun ?? Heta markobun lae ~
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Breathe in the spring air all day with this diffuser blend 🐝🌷🌸🌹🌼🌻🌺🌞
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I love my Orb diffuser in my car. Diffusing white angelica and orange on our way to San Diego... happy kids, happy mama and happy papa! This can't get any better

Let's do this! Today and tomorrow only. I am offering $15 back (via PayPal). This is the best way to start with Young Living. Is the best money you will ever spend. It is how I got started and recommend it to everyone. It includes a fabulous diffuser!! Email me for more details: luciana.marriott@gmail.com

💥💥GIVEAWAY TIME!!!💥💥 I'm ready for the weekend and to start it off right I am giving away a 5ml bottle of Lemon!! 👉Like my facebook page facebook.com/thatstheoilymama for 1 entry!
👉RSVP to my Essential Oils 101 Class in May for 2 entries! https://www.facebook.com/events/185726898613878/ 🌟🌟Purchase a Premium Starter Kit now through Sunday and receive $20 cash back!
Young Living now accepts PayPal too!! WHOOOOP! 🙌

#psk paket siap kebul :D

I can't even begin to describe how amazing my journey with essential oils has been... it all started with this kit! These oils have CHANGED MY LIFE. That's huge 💁🏻 I use them daily and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have gotten rid of so many unnecessary things in my life and replaced them with my favorite Young Living products. My path towards a natural lifestyle has been such a great one and extremely eye-opening. I'm never going back 💕 Supporting my body and my loved ones bodies with things that I trust and know exactly what's in them is so comforting. ❤️
What do you have to lose? 😍😊
Included in the PSK:
- Lavender
- Stress Away
- Peppermint
- Lemon
- Frankincense
- RC
- Digize
- Purification
- Panaway
- Copaiba
- Thieves
- Your choice of a DewDrop diffuser, Home diffuser, Aria diffuser, or Rainstone diffuser
- 2 packs of NingXia (it's DELICIOUS!)
- Sample packets and other goodies!

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No but seriously, your mom did call and she wants OILS! Let me help you make her Mother's Day the best yet! You want FREE shipping?? Okay! You want a FREE surprise oil?? Okay! I will hook you up!

These 6 bottles are my favorite friends in the world and they come with me everywhere I go. How do you carry your oils? Which ones are your favorites?

Would you like to try some supportive pure therapeutic grade essential oils?

I have a bunch of free samples of Peppermint and Thieves. If you don't own a kit and want to hace one of these, please let me know!

1 packet per person / 100% FREE (while supplies last). Free shipping (US only)

I love this oil when I need to focus and motivation. My ideas and creativity flow!

My husband has a very important presentation at work today... this 2 gems will help him to succeed!

Peace and calming to the rescue! Ahhh... My little boy has so much energy, time to clean up toys and prepare for a long night sleep!

A bedtime book and the sweet smell of lavender and gentle baby on the diffuser help our bedtime routine to be less hectic in the evenings!

If anyone wants to get a Premium Starter Kit, now is the time!! Why wait to focus on your health? Why wait to take control of your wellness? Why wait to start a healthy legacy for your children and their children? The time is now! This is the best $160 you'll ever spend 🙌🏼 I'd love to join you on this wellness journey 🌿

One of my favorites on the diffuser! They smell divine, super relaxing and refreshing!

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