The road home 🏡🏠...

The final gates on the way home...

Spending the day at the beach! Not a bad plan... 😎
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Here is the second thing whch was bought by ma stubborn .do any one agree that if a person say tht if the most expecting of urs got by u ,thn a hope u urself get tht everythjng ll be fine .its not lyk am spiritual ,a kinda of concern on it .time plays a role in ones life .by viewing Dhiz one ,i revisiting ma past ,ma older one. With the help of my compulsion ,my parents had presented it as ma birthday gift .bt suddenly at one day if u had seen tht the place from where did u keep it secured isn’t there and the feel u ll be having on tht moment is more thn the everything .the pain of losing a. Thing whch is ur favourite to buy and bought by ur fav person .how can we get out of tht easily .still I remember ma older one .when none are there for me ,getting mingled with more reliance and finally ending it is useless .even we can keep the same feel towards a think whch takes us to wherever destination we used to go ,when we stressed out thts bike .vehicle and the next thing whch stand upon the same category is the fav thing u bought .and here is the thing whch suits for the second one I uttered above .coz whoever leaves its gonna be ma companion . Companion isn’t lyk it must be a person .even a thing whch provoking urself tht u must have buy more thn it by ur own expenditure tht inducing feel getting by me .and so I emphatic tht its ma stimulation .even a bit worries I ve of spending lavishly and getting it by ma mothers expenses .bt when any problem comes in forthcoming ,some humans ll be saying tht would u be buying this exorbitant products by ur own .?.it wll be hurting one side and from other side it ll be a kinda motivation to get settled to put up hardwork ,and finally to buy wht were the things we dreamt it many times .have a mentality of not forgetting the older one .though I got a better one more thn older one ,I still say tht ma older one was memorable it was got by me in an unexpected situation as a memorable gift from ma parents bt .here why I used to buy it is atleast by looking at it let the feel I was being getting in the past when the older one were be with me ,can get a bit of it through Dhiz new one .#provoking #gshock


Trolls are people who #post#inflammatory, off-topic messages with the #primary intent of #provoking the #reader.
The #internet is a #world of it's own where the #bad and #ugly is #shared and done by #people with a #terrible #stateofmind.
The act of #trolling people has gone beyond #normal, it's now an #illness that needs #diagnosis.
The #harrassment #racism #sexist and #insensitive comments are #hurtful and does have #affect the reader. You don't like her? Fine. Move on, after all, you can't like everyone.
Trolls are people hurting and insecure, ignore them as much as you can no matter the #tags.
Just send love their way and look away.. Only You know the truth.

Generic airport under renovations picture...

Zero sleep 💤 🛏 headed home after two very productive days in Thunder Bay. The boarding gate security has slept in as we lined up at the gate awaiting their arrival.

I heard it was nice outside?

What would the cannabis community be like if all of the supposed craft producers banned together instead of fighting one another!? Comment below

Don’t let the view for breakfast deceive you... BUT they had those waffle machines!

Don't worry, be Happy🎵🎶
At the moment I'm taking a little time out from Socialmedia, enjoying my Holidays and resetting my Mind. It feels great I tell ya! But don't worry - Next week I'll return fully refreshed!
Uuh by the way, I visited a pretty awesome Gallery in Split yesterday called @jamanart! I love all the vibrant colors and all the hidden messages in the paintings and really had a great time talking to the Gallerist 😄❤️ I definitely also have to visit Jamans second Gallery in the old City of Split!

I don’t frequent Canada’s 🇨🇦 largest coffee chain very often. I have a standing feud with a few in Regina that they seem to be able to screw up my sandwich 🥪 order with regular frequency. ANYWAY this is the closest beverage watering hole to my hotel in Thunder Bay. The lady who served me noted that they don’t usually ever have an order that lands on an even dollar amount... so there ya go...

The final leg after a false start and having to get a new plane ✈️ we got up above the clouds ☁️ ⛅️.

"My spirit is immortal. Look into my eyes, you’re looking at God’s portal. My crossover was epic, like Iverson over Jordan...” ♠️ #FreeWillFlows #WillTheWorld #WTWWednesdays #JazzWillShootIt 🖤 SUPPORT & SHARE w/ 3 people‼️ · Title: "MANIFEST: THE DREAM" · 🎥: Jazz Will · · ·
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"THE LADY JUSTICE MURAL". This powerful Mural in Victoria B.C. and some more beautiful art around the city.....

Next up Thunder Bay...

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