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Uhm hi I am back. I’ve literally either been working or sleeping. I feel sorry that I haven’t posted anything. 🙈
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She forgot the words 😂, you could tell she was confused😂❤️

My @ddlovato is officially complete!!! All six albums!!! #proudlovatic 😍😍😍


WARNING: may be triggering...
I know I’m usually trying my very best to be a happy and positive person, but I’m saddened to hear that we lost a Lovatic due to battling an unmedicated mental illness. I don’t follow this person and I didn’t get to know this person, but it seems like they were so strong and my heart hurts so bad as I’m writing this, and tears are streaming down my face. It breaks my heart that people drive others to believe that we’re “weak” and they hurt us so much that we think the only option is to end everything and that is so not the fucking case. If you have depression/mood disorder, suffer from abuse, alcoholism, WHATEVER IT IS, PLEASE don’t end it here. Put down that drink and fucking recover, because recovery is such a beautiful thing. You have so much life ahead of you and I swear it gets better. You may not believe me, but keep holding on and you will finally see the light and will enjoy every single moment on this earth. You were given this life because you guys are strong enough to live it. I wish nobody had to deal with this pain, I for sure wouldn’t wish it on my worst fucking enemies. Stay strong and keep fucking fighting and celebrate the victories in your life, even if it’s as simple as surviving or getting out of bed and being social... you are loved and worthy of true fucking happiness. I wish @demisclit held on a bit longer because even though I didn’t know them, they still deserved way better. Please reach out for help if you need it. I’m being fucking serious, don’t do anything you’ll regret. Put down that razor, gun or whatever it is, and pick up the phone. Rest in paradise bby. Us Lovatics love you so much. 💔🤧

I will never get over this video, don’t @ me

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