I'm a proud goonie❤️. They've came so far. They're doing what they love and they're doing it with people who give them the love and support they need💗. I love them tons and I'm proud to say I've been supporting them for 2 years. #proudgoonie (ju and jo liked 💞 papa jara liked ❤️)

So proud of the hard work and dedication my boys have been doing. This is just a start and everyday they are learning more and more. I can't wait to you hear then next one soon. You will see what I mean by improving everyday. Thank you for being here and supporting the boys they this time they will make you proud. I know I am. #99goonsquad #99gsnewremix #proudgoonie

I'm so proud of them words can't explain how proud I am they come so far they achieved there dreams reached there goals I know there gonna make it in the future I love them so much they have a special place in my heart keep smiling and reaching your goals and keep inspiring people around the world I love yall so much I'm so happy for y'all and how much y'all have accomplished I love yall 💕💞❤️😭😘 @jaraandrea @99goonsquad @99gs_andreajara_dad @99goonsquadmomjaraburns @julianjxra @jovanijara #99goonsquadedits #playlist #99goonsquad #99goonsquadedits #99goonsquadvideoedits #proud #goonie #proudgoonie #proudfamily #jovanijara #julianjara #andreajara #papajara #mamajara #like4like #likeforlike

They did so good on stage
I'm proud of them for how far they've come 💪🤗❤ #proudgoonie
#99goonsquad @99goonsquad @julianjxra @jovanijara

Opening night was a complete success and I am so proud of everyone!!! I love you all and thanks for a wonderful show!! Thanks to everyone who came tonight and if you didn't, you have 4 more chances to see it!!! I'm just so happy rn idk❤️💛💚💙💜 #josephandtheamazingtechnicolordreamcoat #anydreamwilldo #elkedroomisgoed #proudgoonie

•Everyone tells me that good guys are found in every corner of the earth but I realized the world is round😭😭😭😂😂❤• @julianjxra @99goonsquad @99goonsquadmomjaraburns #julianjara #julianjaraedits #99goonsquad #99goonsquadedits #99goonsquadmom #goonies #goonieforlife #proudgoonie #iloveyou #edit #edits

Always believe in yourself, because if you don't then that's how depression starts to build up, just believe in yourselves so you could achieve your goal. Love you guys💗. Put your name in the comments, so I could call you by your name instead of your fan account name🤗💗. Spread positivity❤️. #99goonsquad #99goonsquadvideoedits #proudgoonie

12/27/15-12/28/15 an important day. A year ago I found out about these two losers. My friend told me about the video they made with Bryce and then I saw them and I was like damn who are these two twins 😍😍. So after that video I found out that they were 99goonsquad. I started watching all their videos and I fell in love with them. Not only were they really cute but most importantly I saw that they were spreading so much positivity to their goonies which really made me happy. On January 1, 2015 they were going to be in LA and I was really sad because I had just found out about them and I didn't have money to go, but on March 22 I finally got to meet them at POMS and I couldn't believe it. I was so happy that I finally had met these two amazing people that always put a smile on my face and did so much for me through the tough days. They also made me be for confident in myself in which I really appreciate and truly am thankful. I have learned that others opinions and hate don't really matter and you should ignore it. They made me make amazing Internet friends that I love so much as well.I'm honestly so so thankful and happy that I discovered these two amazing guys that I love so so so much💗 and I'm very proud of them on how far they've come with it being YouTube, djing, and all social media. I can't wait for what the future holds for you two❤️ I love you Julian and Jovani Jara and happy one year babes❤️💗 💞🎉 can't wait to see you January 21, 2017 in LA. It bout to be lit asf🔥Thanks once again for always putting a smile on my face ❤️ @julianjxra @jovanijara @99goonsquad @99goonsquadmomjaraburns @99gs_andreajara_dad #99goonsquad #oneyear #proudgoonie

Im so proud of them💕 #proudgoonie #99goonsquad @99goonsquad @julianjxra @jovanijara (Julian liked💕)

🌿 Forget about your worries and your strife 🌿
🌱 Tag the fam please! 🌱 -----I am honestly so proud of them and how far they have come. The livestream today made me realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful twins in my life. I can't imagine living a day without these two.----- @99goonsquad

Yoo Today's Broadcast Was Litt!🔥❤ I Had Some Good Laughs 😂 Especially The Comments 'You Have McDonald's Wifi' 😂 Man Had Me Ded! I Waited All Day ❤ You Guys Are Gonna Make It Big One Day I Mean Its Not Like You Haven't ☺ I Love Theses Guys So Much 💘👑 They Always Bring Me Up When I'm Down 😆 85 More Days ❤#proudgoonie #99goonsquad #gooniesareproud @99goonsquad @jovanijara @julianjxra @99goonsquadmomjaraburns @jaraandrea

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