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This weeks #weeklywhoats is a caffeine and chocolate filled bowl of absolute bliss.
I honestly think I need this every single morning to get me through life.
▪️My usual egg white oat recipe (I'll be reposting soon since everyone is asking again!).
▪️I mixed through instant coffee and @happywayau vegan choc pea protein powder after cooking.
▪️Topped with fresh banana, @loving_earth chocolate buckinis and their Coffee Kapow chocolate (purchase through the link in my bio!) and two slices of a Coffee Cocoa @googysproteinbars protein bar 🙏🏻.
These @googysproteinbars have been one of my favourite snack finds of the year. They're basically an Australian equivalent to RX Bars (but better 😏). I've been eating one almost every single day, and couldn't recommend them enough.
Details below:
▪️Macros per 55g bar: 201 calories. 17.5gC/8.4gF/12.1gP.
▪️Ingredients: Fruit, nuts, egg whites, coffee, cocoa and salt. That's it.
▪️Texture: eaten raw these bars are quite chewy, but they have crunchy pieces of nuts throughout. If you microwave them, they turn into a fudge/brownie consistency and it's basically life-changing.
▪️Taste: the flavours are spot on - this one has just enough coffee in it to make it noticeable, and the cocoa is rich and decadent. You can't taste the egg whites AT ALL 🙏🏻.
▪️Who should try them?: Anyone who wants a natural protein bar without sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners or chemicals. It's also great if whey protein upsets your stomach. They're also extremely balanced macro wise, and a decent serving size.
▪️Where to find them: they're still a new and growing business, but they're gradually being stocked all around Australia! Otherwise head to @googysproteinbars and use the code STEPH ✌🏻

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Hello!! Com receita MARA que acabei de fazer!! Vocês sabem que adoroo receita pratica né?! Então testei essas energy balls e ficaram prontas em 3 min! É uma boa opção de pré ou pós treino (dependendo dos seus objetivos) pode ser usada para lanche e pra matar a vontade de doce 🐜🐜 RECEITA ENERGY PROTEIN BALLS: • 5 tamaras hidratadas (sempre deixo algumas tamaras na agua na geladeira)
• 1 col de sopa cheia de pasta de amendoim ou amendoas ou macadamia
• 1 col de sopa de semente de chia
• 1/2 medida de proteina vegana (usei a veganone)

Ai é so misturar tudo com um colher e prontoo! Faça as bolinhas!! Você pode "empanar" no coco seco ou farinha de amendoas ou cacau ou usar purinho como na foto!

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Quick & easy Whey Protein balls👩🏻‍🍳
Stay tuned for the recipe 😃.
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😍❄️ Stunning

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Body Goal 😍
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I made these protein bites a few days ago on my instastory and I'm just here to share the recipe and how delicious they are☺️💖
Perfect for when you're looking for a healthy snack or a little delicious treat before bed 😉
1/4 c almond flour
1/4 c oat flour
1 scoop @proteinworld chocolate protein powder
1 tbsp pb
1 scoop @proteinworld super seed blend
1 tbsp @bioglanuk cacao powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp agave nectar
Mix all ingredients, roll and coat👅💦 Enjoy your new week and make the best of it 💖 I'm heading to the gym to grow my peach 😎🍑 , BBQ later and night out with the gals ✨💃🏽what are your plans for today?
Also, thank you sweet Laura for sharing yesterdays breakfast on your page @a.healthy.nut 😘🌷

Las famosas ~ BLISS BALLS ~ que les debía!
Son bolitas con ingredientes naturales ideales como snack saludable. En general su base es a partir de frutos secos por lo que son altas en grasas buenas y fibra vegetal. Además son muy energéticas; altas en calorías provenientes de azúcares simples de fácil asimilación (maple, dátiles). Muy nutritivas (contienen proteína, minerales, vitaminas), entregan sensación de saciedad y lo mejor es que son rapidísimas de hacer!👌🏻
Esta vez hicimos de 2 tipos: para los #chocolovers 🍫y los amantes de un sabor más cítrico 🍋 • CACAO BLISS BALLS•
▪️50gr de maní natural / 50gr de castañas de cajú (procesar y hacer una pasta, casi mantequilla) ▪️2cdas de quinoa instantánea o harina de avena ▪️1/4 de taza de proteína vegetal (pueden reemplazarla por whey pero ojalá que no tenga sabor) ▪️1/2 cda de aceite de coco @manarecl ▪️30ml (2cdas) de maple syrup de @manarecl (mi favorito) ▪️60gr de dátiles hidratados 3-4hrs antes ▪️1cda de cacao ▪️1/2 cdita de extracto de vainilla ▪️4 cuadrados picados de chocolate (usé Cacao Soul 85% que compro en @freeandlushnatural).
▪️50gr de almendras / 50gr de castañas de cajú (procesar y formar una pasta) ▪️1/4 taza de harina de coco o coco rayado ▪️1/4 taza de proteína vegetal (reemplazó igual que la anterior) ▪️1/2cda de aceite de coco ▪️45ml (3cdas) de maple syrup ▪️40gr de dátiles hidratados ▪️1cdita de chia ▪️Rayadura de 1 limón .
1️⃣Se juntan todos los ingredientes y se procesan hasta que queden bien mezclados y los dátiles molidos (el chocolate en las primeras se pone al final antes de hacerlas bolitas) 2️⃣Con tus manos humedecidas, forma bolitas. Está mezcla sale 250gr por lo que cada bolita fue de 50gr, es harto para una colación, recuerda que son calóricas, por lo que podrían hacerlas más pequeñas o comerse la mitad.
Ojalá les gusten! Ambas quedaron deliciosas 😋🤗
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'cause on Wednesdays we share pretty pink @girlboss quotes by Beyoncé for a little inspo boost! 💕 Xx
💗 www.healthygirl.co.za 💗
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no bake, vegan, chocolate PB protein-energy truffles~~~ (honestly couldn't think of a name for these yummy tings) so this will have to do for now✨
but oh my goodness YUM🍫
~ 2 cups dry oatmeal
~ 1/2 cup cacao powder
~ 2 tbsp PB fit (or some powdered PB)
~ 1 & ½ cup choice of creamy peanut butter ~ 2 scoops choice of chocolate plant protein powder ~ 1 scoop choice of vanilla plant protein powder
~ 3 tbsp coconut oil
~ 2 tbsp agave syrup
~ 1 tbsp vanilla extract
chocolate sauce:
~ 1 cup choice of chocolate chips (I used Lily's premium baking chips|dark chocolate|vegan)
~ 2-3 tbsp coconut oil (depends on consistency of sauce when melting the oil & chips)
~ 1 tbsp carob powder (or cacao if you prefer)
~ chia seeds
~ sweetened coconut
directions: ~ basically mix allllll the ingredients together (I used my hands) & roll into your size preference of truffle balls☄️ & then coat each in chocolate sauce, top it with whatever goody you prefer (or don't), place on a plate/pan w space between each &&&& freeze(to harden chocolate shell) ||| |keep in freezer until want to be eaten (so last longer)😋
☼ makes about 15-30 (depending on truffle size)☼

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Gotta love it when one of the girls from gym gives you protein balls. They were so yum!
#proteinballs #gym #postworkout #goodies #chocolate #getinmybelly #postpartum #weightloss #sweatingforthewedding

Sugar-Free Cacao & Chia Protein Balls! Trying new snack ideas to help combat my sugar addiction! Perfect treat after my swim this morning 💪🏊 #proteinballs #iquitsugar #healthysnacks #cacao #musclegrowth #strong #fitgal #activegal #snackattack #rehab #swim #recovery #fitfam #strongisthenewskinny #fitness #health #healthyliving #healthyeating

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A moment of calm #lifeafterwhole30

House made protein balls !!Left to Right :
Lamington || Lemon Passion || Jaffa || Snickers || Mint Matcha #vegan #paleo #fitness #proteinballs #healthyfood

Chocolate Protein balls ☺️💪🏼Made from banana, pea protein powder, peanut butter, cocoa powder, almond meal and shredded coconut #rawvegandessert #nobake #healthyliving #proteinballs

Trying my hand at these protein balls... Lol. They're pretty good. #healthyeating #yummy #snack #nobake #proteinballs

#TryItWithRogers: @thehealthymaven's No-Bake Oatmeal Protein Energy Balls. 
We gave the recipe a go using our Rogers Large Flake Oats and have since made them 2 more times! They're perfect to have in the fridge for the whole family grab and go. 
Recipe link in bio.
#MadeWithRogers #ProteinBalls #EnergyBalls

I love using Level 1 #1stphorm for my protein balls. .
Ice Cream Sandwich Protein Balls:
Ingredients: .
▪️2 scoops Level 1 Cookies and Cream protein
▪️1/2 cup vanilla almond milk
▪️ 1/4 cup water .
▪️1 tsp agave nectar .
▪️1/4 rolled oats .
▪️1/4 cup dark chocolate morsels. .
Pour milk, water and Protein in a mixing bowl and stir well. Add agave nectar and rolled oats and mix with Protein. Add dark chocolate morsels last and once mixed well. Form into little spoon size balls and place on a cookout sheet. Refrigerate for 1 hour and ready to eat! :)
Chocolate Lovers Protein Balls:
Follow same as above but substitute protein to Level 1 1stPhorm Milk Chocolate Protein and use dark chocolate almond milk instead. .
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Love a no-bake snack? Us too! For fuss-free baking, get your hands on our IQS make at home range, available at your local @sainsburys (in the UK) and @woolworths_au (in AUS)! Show us your creation by hashtagging #IQSJERF

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