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I am going to center right now in this message our beautiful Black Trans womxn cause they aren't centered as much as they should be)
I love you so much! I am your keeper and our liberation isn't going to happen without your survival! I vow to continue to work at being the best ally I can be for YOU. I love you so much!
#protecttranswomen #nationaldayofaction
#iamyourbrother #iammysisterskeeper

On this day of action, we celebrate @raquel_willis, Black queer transgender activist, writer and media maven with the @translawcenter. Here is a portion of her powerful speech at the #WomensMarch: "Trans women of color like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera lit the fire on the LGBTQIA Right Movement but were quickly pushed aside.

They share a common thread with another revolutionary woman I look up to - Sojourner Truth… Just like her Black women, other women of color, trans women, queer women and many others - are still asking - AIN’T I A WOMAN?!"
#ProtectTransWomen @getEqual

Today was a National Day of Action to #ProtectTransWomen. Here model and activist, #GeenaRocero, talks about #trans rights and being proud of her identity. Trans women of color are being murdered at an alarming rate and need to be protected. @geenarocero ✊🏽✊🏿✊🏻

Om en transtjej är på din fest, prata INTE om hur "fab" och "fierce" hon är. Hon är inte en stereotyp bög i en amerikansk high-schoolfilm, hon är bara en en tjej på din fest. Något du istället BORDE göra är att fråga hur hon kommer hem efter festen.  Åker hon själv? Kan någon följa med henne på vägen osv. Det finns inget viktigare än hennes säkerhet.

#protecttranskids #protecttranswomen

This child gave me a surprise 31st birthday gift: a message stating that for a school art project challenge, she created a poster that said Too Awesome To Be Binary 👏🏽 They also created an IG account for their gender non-conforming fox (@buddyfox1). This child, like most children (not gonna lie, some 👶🏻 children make me more afraid) gave me the gift of hope for a more gender chill future 💖 (cc: @sarahdashji) ps. If you'd like, you can give me a bday gift! Here's how: 1. If you're around a baby, be more chill with the gendering of them 💜 2. Make a donation to Chicago Black Trans & Gender Non-Conforming (BTGNC) Collective today for the #ProtectTransWomen day of action that @forthepeoplechi is helping to support over at paypal.me/BraveSpaceAlliance ✊🏽link in bio

Joking about killing trans women isn't funny, it's violent. #breakfastclubboycott #protecttranswomen

"We must be ourselves, love ourselves for who we are" #BlackTransLivesMatter #ProtectTransWomen


#payitnomind hats are now on sale online! 🌺 Purchase from link in bio! 🌺 100% of profits go to the @aliforneycenter! Our mission is to educate about our trans* history, celebrate and honor Marsha P., offer support within our trans* family, and donate as much money as possible to an organization housing and empowering homeless queer youth! #marchingwithmarshap #protecttranskids #valuetranslives #protecttranswomen #blacktranslivesmatter #poclivesmatter #endyouthhomelessness #ftm #mtf #twoc #nonbinary #trans #gendernonconforming #transisbeautiful

We've touched down in Jacksonville! Check out @project4293 and our collaborative shirts.

Had such a wonderful evening at the opening night of Paul Kalburgi's "In The Tall Grass." It was truly an incredibly honest and gripping portrayal of the aftermath of the murder of Shade Schuler, a young 22 year old Dallas transgender woman whose body was found dumped in a field in the Medical District in July 2015. 👩🏾❤️🏳️‍🌈👦🏾 #BishopArtsTheatreCenter #InTheTallGrass #PaulKalburgi #ShadeSchuler #SayHerName #SayTheirNames #BlackTrans #BlackTransLivesMatter #ProtectTransWomen #Trans #Transgender #TransLivesMatter #TransMen #TransWomen #TransRights #Gay #LGBT #LGBTQ #Equality #Dallas #DallasTx #Texas

It may be triggering to see constant reminders of violence for trans women, so lets share words of positivity and love as well.

So many thiiiings! Next Saturday femmes (and those who appreciate us) are getting together to celebrate our labor, existence, resistance, love, fight and insights. Many performances will be scheduled, some comedy, some spitting spoken word, and some are hitting the pole. 😉💅👠🌹
I'll once again be slingin zines, posters and prints to live and to help support others in their survival. 🌟Checkout link for event in bio🌟 [pic description : two Femmes bound by Transcestral and Pilipina ancestry laughing and being joyful after A Femme Salon]
#FemmeLife #FemmeSolidarity #IGdaily
#Community #Comedy #InstaQT #SpokenWord #PoleDance #ProtectTransWomen #AFemmeSalon #FemmesofColor
#ProtectTransLives #GiveUsOurRoses #WhileWeRStillHere

Unfortunately another Black Transgender Goddess was taken from us on 9/12/17. #DerrickaBanner, 26, of Lenoir, North Carolina is the 20th Trans Person Murdered in 2017 in the US. Once again misgendered by media sources. Rest In Peace Goddess. #SayHerName #StopTransMurders #StopAntiTransViolence #BlackTransLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter #ProtectTransWomen #HoldMediaAccountable

We are a country made strong by the tolerance and acceptance of all races, sexualities, and religions. I do not believe our society as a whole has taken steps backwards in recent years. We are always improving, things are continuing to get better, but intolerance and hate has gained a new voice. As a country we will overcome the opposition, but we must continue to resist.

So...if you're racist, not only can you keep your job, you could even be the president of the United States but if you call out racism you're fired? Oh. I see how it is. Well, @lorealmakeup , y'all better get your minds right. Because it's 2017 and if your diversity has rules and regulations then it's not really that diverse. Is it? #IStandWithMunroe #transrightsmatter #protecttranskids #protecttranswomen #brownwomenmatter #browntranswomenmatter #blacklivesmatter #fuckthepatriarchy #fuckwhitesupremacy #boycottloreal #munroebergdorf #loreal

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"Nasty Women Get Sh*t Done." So go out there and make a difference. Photo taken by @cshooky #100daysofresistance

We are SO excited to announce our new staff leadership! Meet Gaby Garcia-Vera (@g2evera) and Aaryn Lang (@aarynnlang)! Read more about this exciting transition of leadership at our blog; link in bio! ⬆️
#lgbtqia #lgbtqiaplus #queerpower #getequal #getfree #qtpoc #qtpocmagic #lgbtqcommunity #nojusticenopride #protecttranswomen #familia #thefutureisnonbinary

"Get your crusty feet off of me" is a forever mood. 😂
New @StillDiverted!

🎶 Lemme see ya go back!

Women in power make the world a better place. Strive for greatness and change the world simply by being present.

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