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These gorgeous creatures are slowly becoming extinct. Healthy wolves in the wild are shy creatures that avoid areas that man inhabits. They are built on instinct and are extremely predatory, but are ANIMALS none the less and do not own moral code.
This does not mean their protection of home should be sacrificed for inhumane indecency.
You can adopt a wolf, the link is in my bio, for $55 a month through a secure charity that ensures the extinction of the Gray Wolf remains protected. #savethewolves #protectthewolves #endangeredspecies #wolves

Wolves play a vital role in keeping ecosystems healthy. Their presence in the wild have enormous effects on the balance of the environment. Raise awareness and celebrate #EndangeredSpeciesDay with our #ProtectTheWolves palette.
A portion of proceeds will be donated to Conservation Northwest. #Chantecaille #Causemetics

The beautiful #protectthewolves eye palette by #chantecaille 😍

Makeup by #Chantecaille || 2015 月夜迷蹤 秋季慈善彩妝系列 || #ProtectTheWolves #Prestigetaiwan #BeYourOwnKindofBeautiful @chantecaille @prestigetaiwan

Chantecaille 'Protect the Wolves Eye Shade Trio' 🐺 #chantecaille #chanelfall2015 #protectthewolves @chantecaille

За новой порцией макияжа и Шантекай #chantecaille зову в блог! ☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿 #шантекай #protectthewolves #chantecailleprotectthewolves

Our limited edition Ella Cheek Shade creates a natural flush of colour with a quick sweep over cheekbones. 5% of the proceeds of this item will be donated to Conservation Northwest in recognition and support of their excellent efforts to protectourwolves. Regram from @ e_katerinag #repost #regram #protectthewolves


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The weekend is here...
If you need me I'll be sleeping. 😴 🐺

Je vous en avais parlé il y a quelques mois, il est maintenant temps de vous révéler le nom de la marque suisse de bijouterie et accessoires avec laquelle je vais collaborer! Il s'agit de @alexa_k_brand Alexa K est une marque qui a choisi le symbole du loup pour souligner la force et l'indépendance des femmes. Aujourd'hui je suis heureuse de m'associer à ces belles valeurs et par la même, de soutenir la protection des loups, à qui Alexa K reverse une partie de ses ventes. 🐺🐺🐺 Have no fear, trust in yourself could be @alexa_k_brand's leitmotiv. The Swiss brand decided to pick the wolf as a symbol for its jewelry, since there are many parallels between the mythical animal and women. Strong, intelligent, independent both they are. Being an ambassador for Alexa K is an honor and a great symbol as a woman. 🐺🐺🐺 #alexakbrand #swissbrand #jewelry #wolfspirit #feminity #strongwomen #realwomen #empoweringwomen #trustinyourself #havenofear #beyourself #brandambassador #wolf #wolfjewelry #protectthewolves

We are delighted to have Swiss TV presenter Mélanie Freymond as our official Swiss brand ambassador.. Mérci beaucoup Mélanie ❤️🐾🐺!!
. . .

#Repost @melfr
New partnership with the swiss brand of jewelry and accessories Alexa K!
I have the pleasure and honor to wear the beautiful creations of Alexandra Elsener, who has been inspired by the beauty and strength of the wolf. A mythical animal, which in many respects is closer to the woman. Both share intelligence, integrity and independence. So wearing an alexa k jewel is to highlight the feminine divine, the strong woman we have in itself.
You can find the full article on the brand on my website www.melaniefreymond.com and discover the Alexa k collection on www.alexa-k.com

Animals should not be wearable. 🐺🚫#wearfauxfur

#rmwf #wolfrescue. Awesome time, tour & education at the Rocky Mountain Wolf Foundation #lovewolves #protectthewolves

Remain curious about everything don't be afraid to experience new adventures. 🐺 👀
Image via Northwen Lights Wolf Centre @northernlightswolfcentre

Catori is such a sweetheart once she warms up and look at that smile! Such a shy little model.
Make sure to check out uswolfrefuge.org to see what you can do to support them!
#animals #nikond7100 #nikon #uswolfrefuge #wolf #wolves #spirit #wolfdogsofinstagram #wolfhybrid #rescue #rescuewolf #stopthewolfhunt #protectthewolves

Sometimes taking the journey alone, is more brave than following the pack. #wolfquotes #sundaymoments

#tbt #got7
Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 - A beautiful scene full of wolves 🐺 . Do you think that really was Arya's #Direwolf from Season 1?

#wolfspiritwomen #wcw
Wolf Spirit Women have a boho chic style and vibe in life, love to seek out new adventures, challenging themselves and their comfort zones. They also care about the global environment and are passionate about protecting the animals and people who reside on Mother Earth.

Alright guys.. I don't mean to get all political but hear me out. I take pride in making handmade cozy items from the PNW and flaunting my amazing cabin/wilderness theme 😉🌲🍁🍂 But.. with that comes responsibility and respect for the wilderness. The govt is planning to kill the wolves in the PNW.. beautiful indigenous creatures completly gone. This is because farmers are just plopping their cattle in already taken territory (by the wolves). I've donated and so should you! www.predatordefense.org but if you do not want to donate then please get the word out. Again, sorry for getting political but its the right thing to do. I won't take pride in using the wilderness without showing that I also try to protect nature as well. Much love! 🌲🦊🌲🦊🌲
#ProtectTheWolves #Nature #Pnw #pdx #Oregon

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