The lake has thawed, the woods smell like pine needles and earth, and the sun has come back to us in McCall. I can’t get enough of it.

Beyond excited that I finally got this in the mail! Can’t wait for even more outdoor adventures for the year 😍 and probably for more injuries 😅
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I’ve been strength training with @bodyenroute and tomorrow I’ll start training technique with @justensjong. (If the plague doesn’t kill me.) Maybe after all this training I’ll look less befuddled on boulders. 🤔 Photo @krisugarriza

Please let me introduce my dear deer friends I found snacking on the side of the road 🦌🌿

Sunhats and sandstone. 😊 #CanyonlandsNationalPark can get pretty busy but if you head to the Needles section or better yet the Maze you can find respite from the crowds. 😌 #canyonlands #ExploreUtah #Utah #takemebackpacking #utahisrad #utahgram #protectourpubliclands #goparks #findyourparks #utahphotographer

I spent some time in the greater Escalante region this past weekend, reminding myself of geology, geography, and biology lessons tucked away in nooks and canyons. Time exploring new areas is always time well spent.

Took my boy Carter on a run in Forest Park yesterday for Earth Day. At 11 years old he doesn't come with me much anymore, but he's still got it if we keep it under an hour and there's water involved.

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Valley of the Gods, part of Bears Ears National Monument. The Trump administration through the Secretary of the Interior is trying to excise this from the monument for oil, gas and mineral development. The Antiquities Act grants a president the authority to designate a monument but not eliminate or shrink one. The lawsuits are flying. I say with 7 billion people on the planet consuming more and more, we need to protect all we can. #savebearsears #protectourpubliclands #nps #blm #outside #utah #valleyofthegods #camping #cleanair #trump #zinke #saveourpubliclands #rpod #toyota #4runner

#UNLIKELYTHRUHIKERS update! Before we read what Akuna has to say, can we just gag a little over this photo of him and YardSale, the other AT hiker we’ve been following here? This made me smile so big!
"Blew past the 300 mile mark while playing in rain all day. It was magical. Lil did I know at night the rain would turn to ice then snow. Since I didn't probably stake out my tent, one side collapsed and I had a soaked night. My friend’s feathered sleeping bag kept me warm and I survived the night. It was rough on me, but a little hiking in the snow this morning turned my frown upside down and good vibes followed. Remember rough times happen, but don't let them overshadow the good ones!” -Akuna / @akunahikes
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[image description: 3 photos taken on the Appalachian trail. 1 - Unlikely Thru Hikers
YardSale & Akuna taking selfie together. 2 - Akuna at 300 mike mark. 3 - Akuna next to sign reading “big butt pass.” 4 - snowy trail through trees]

📷: Sony A7iii w/ 24-70mm f/4 | 📍: Point Reyes Lighthouse, CA

Every day is a good day to get outside. #protectourpubliclands ~
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Sutro Baths to Lands End Labyrinth on April 22, 2018. Thank you Bay Area team for the coffee, great conversation, trails and sichuanese food.
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