Since the regime’s army retook the Deraa region, dozens of journalists from local and international news agencies have been trapped in southwest #Syria on the Israel border. RSF has called for the UN and adjacent countries to intervene in this emergency immediately. Options include creating a humanitarian corridor or discreet access to a territory at peace in one of the adjoining countries and encouraging countries to grant them asylum. These journalists face the serious threat of being imprisoned or executed if captured by the regime. Syria continues to be one of the most dangerous countries for journalists in the world, ranking 177/180 on RSF’s 2018 World Press Freedom Index. To find out more, follow the link in bio.
#pressfreedom #protectjournalists #syria

Listening to the Drump press conference. Our dumpster fire of a political system is about to set the world ablaze. Also where are the fucking children? #notmypresident #familiesbelongtogether #wherearethechildren #russiaelectedtrump #facism #1stamendment #protectjournalists #mediocrewhitemen #voteblue2018 #bluewave2018 #anydemwilldo

😞 Gutted to hear about the attack at the #capitalgazette ystrdy. Even worse to hear that Wendi was one of the victims. She’d interview me whenever anything cool came up. She invited me to the HQ and I stood in that very newsroom. She was a champion of all the good things people were doing in the hometown. And I can’t believe we lost her to yet another middle aged incel dude. Except yes I can, fuck these guys. They’re predictable and deserve their loneliness. RIP Wendi. #protectjournalists #freepress

Our president has called reporters “scum,” “slime,” “dishonest” and “disgusting.” After the tragedy in Annapolis, I urge our leaders to #protectjournalists. After all, these undervalued professionals protect our people, communities, and ultimately our democracy. #capitalgazette #truth #journalism #writersofinstagram #writersunite #annapolis #restinpeace

White ✔ Male ✔ Trump supporter ✔
#guncontrol #impeachtrump #protectjournalists

RSF is devastated to learn that a shooting at the Capital Gazette, a local newspaper in Annapolis, MD, has resulted in five deaths. Robert Hiaasen, Gerald Fischman, John McNamara, Wendi Winters, and Rebecca Smith were killed in the June 28 shooting. The shooter, Jarrod Ramos, was charged with five counts of first-degree murder and is being held without bail.
What happened yesterday was a horrific tragedy and is unprecedented in the country of the First Amendment. We send our deepest condolences to the families, friends, and colleagues of those affected. This loss weighs heavy on all of us and on the greater journalism community. Link in bio.
#protectjournalists #capitalgazette #pressfreedom

The Alt Right is celebrating the deaths of journalists in Annapolis. The same alt right that follow Milo religiously. The same Milo that called for people to gun down journalism #killfascists #killnazis #miloyiannopoulos #protectjournalists

Being civil with neo nazis/alt right is a lose lose situation. They must be crushed not reasoned with. #killnazis #killfascists #miloyiannopoulos #protectjournalists

The deaths of those journalists in Annapolis Maryland are the responsibility Milo Yiannapolus and Trump. Trump continues to push back against any journalism that criticizes him emboldening his base, while Milo deliberately called for the deaths of journalists. This tragic development is only the beginning for journalists. #protectjournalists #miloyiannopoulos #fascism

another one of my heroines, journalist amy goodman. this may be from her journalistic standpoint but I believe it applies to us all, especially artists. break the silence. speak for the people and for the things that can't. 💞✊🏼💞

We urged armed squads to protect journalists from alt right vigilantes #miloyiannopoulos #protectjournalists #killnazis #killfascists

This week, prominent Kashmiri journalist Shujaat Bukhari was murdered. The editor of the well-known daily “Rising Kashmir” was shot several times by unidentifiable gunmen as he was about to get into his car outside his office. Bukhari had been receiving threats since 2000. Though the precise motives for his murder are not yet known, the shooting occurred during a ceasefire for Ramadan that Bukhari had encouraged in one of his articles. The picture, taken by AFP’s Tauseef Mustafa, shows relatives of Bukhari mourning over his coffin during his funeral precession. Rest In Peace, Shujaat. Link in bio.
#protectjournalists #India #Kashmir

The OSCE Mission in Kosovo continues its campaign to raise public awareness about the safety of journalists, with billboards and murals featuring prominent journalists placed throughout Kosovo.
Launched in 2017 with TV ads, the campaign addresses persisting challenges that journalists encounter while doing their job and the consequential impact on their work. It stresses the importance of finding the perpetrators of any form of threat or attack against journalists, to prevent future attacks.

As part of this campaign, the Mission is also running TV debates on the safety of journalists and related topics. On 22 June it is organizing a conference for representatives of rule of law institutions, media and civil society on legal standards for the protection of journalists.
June 2018
Design: ASHA

#ProtectJournalists #campaign #raiseawareness #DefendFreeSpeech #safetyofjournalists #oscekosovo #billboard #media #journalists #murder #threats #attack #freedomofmedia #protection #freedomofspeech #work #protect #design #job #mural #attacked #attackedjournalists

This morning, the @newseum held their annual rededication ceremony in recognition of journalists who died in the line of duty in 2017. Eighteen fallen journalists from around the world were honored by members of the Newseum, the Freedom Forum Institute, and keynote speaker Holly Williams of CBS News. In the first photograph, every panel behind Holly Williams bears the names of journalists who died covering the news between 1837 and 2017. 2,323 names can be found on the panels. RSF is humbled by those who put their lives on the line in order to shed light on the truth.
#pressfreedom #protectjournalists

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