Your K9 Kravers spokes-dog @cano_the_american_bulldog showing you how we get #stackthekravers done. Luckily he’s out of the running 😉

Have you tried the #stackthekravers challenge yet?? Let’s see those entries! Don’t forget there will be FIVE winners!



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Spent the morning working this kid! I take every opportunity to train if given the chance. He nailed his positions! #positions #mondioring #ringsports #roadtomr2 #protectionsports #belgianmalinois #malinois #workingdogsofig

Little woods(scent discrimination exercise for mondio) It’s windy af out here in OBX! But he managed to find it on the second send. #babysteps#mondioring #roadtomr2 #protectionsports#ringsports #obx #outerbanksnc#malinois#belgianmalinois

Maybe we have been hinting at this one for a bit... but we want to see how many K9 Kravers you can stack in front of/on top of your dog!
The rules are that they MUST be K9 Kravers- of you do not have any, we will be selling 4oz bags for only $5 SHIPPED. But the 4oz bags will only be available until May 1, 2018 so order from the link in the bio now!

The treats must be stacked at least 3 high, and your dog must be in the photo, utilizing their “leave it” skills. You can stack on their head, body, feet, or the ground in front of them. (Like you see our lovely model Zozo showing) Trust us, this is harder than it looks.

You MUST follow us, tag @k9_kravers, and #stackthekravers in your photo. Only one entry per dog owner, so make it count, and challenge your friends!
Whoever stacks the MOST treats wins! But we will have 5 winners because, ya know, 5 ingredients.

1st prize gets 2 1.5lb bags of Kravers plus a bag of our new product. 😱
2nd prize gets a 1 1.5lb bag of Kravers plus a bag of our new product.
3rd gets 1 12oz bag of K9 Kravers and a bag of our new product
4th & 5th win 1 12 oz bag of K9 Kravers
contest ends Monday May 21, 2018, winners will be announced May 23, 2018
Now get stacking those Kravers!!

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