CLC MEMBER FEATURE: Hi I’m Nicole, I’m 20 years old and a recent left below knee amputee! I have one clotting disorder, which is called Factor 5. However, I did not know about it until I combined birth control into the mix.

October 2017-December 2017 I was hospitalized due to a severe blood clot (DVT & May Thurner Syndrome) throughout my whole left leg. I had 15 surgeries to try and save what we could of my leg. Unfortunately I left the hospital with an useless leg, no feeling from the knee down & no function in my ankle.
Fast forward to July 2018 and I was still fighting infections and problems. I was tired of hospital visits, antibiotics & wound care. I decided it was time to take my life back and asked for below knee amputation which happened in the beginning of August.
My doctor said I did the right thing, since my leg was all dead tissue and muscle. I am now learning how to rewalk with a prosthetic leg.

These past few months have not tied me down, I am actually very proud of how much I have overcome. I want to show people that your disability is not the only thing that defines you. You are unique in your own way and should be proud of who you are!

Peggy has been quiet, but today she went to Falcon Ridge Elementary! #prostheticleg #amputee #grandma #grandsons #prosthetics

Just wait for it... soon you will meet other face of Glaze prosthetics. Jokes is over, Monday will show you dawn of the new technology. #prosthetists #prosthesishand #adaptiveathlete #prostheticleg #amputeestyle #amputee #amputeefitness #amputeegirl #prosthetics #adaptive #amputeeproblems #amputeemodel #comingsoon #prostheticmakeup #prostheticarm #myoelectric #myoelectrichand

MCOP Annpolis client Edward Poe Sr. standing tall with his brand new #WashingtonNationals carbon socket. #prostheticleg #moveforwardmcop

Today was a big day as I started my trial period for an MPK. For those who I have not bored to death already on this subject, MPK stands for Microprocessor Knee.
I have so far been learning to walk on a mechanical knee, where the knee joint is effectively replaced by a simple mechanical hinge. An MPK, on the other hand, contains an internal computer with sensors which monitor how you walk. As it monitors, it can make adjustments to the resistance in the knee joint, just like the muscles in an anatomical knee would do, allowing you to walk much more naturally and much more safely.

Today was mostly spent walking up and down the bars so the knee could ‘learn’ my own individual natural walking pattern. This was followed by some physio, where we practiced walking with sticks, as I have been doing previously. The issue with using sticks or crutches with an MPK however, is that you are allowing your upper body to take some of your weight, so you do not fully weight bear on the leg. This means that the sensors in the knee can become confused as to whether you are taking a step or in fact stumbling. The result is a sort of frozen judder as it tries to protect you from falling! So in order to enjoy the true benefit of the MPK, it is essential to lose the sticks and trust the leg! This is a scary prospect right now but that is the goal we have set.

For the next week, I am to continue practicing walking with sticks and to focus on distributing my weight evenly on both legs using the App (yes APP!) which connects to the leg via bluetooth. I am currently recharging my batteries whilst my leg recharges its battery and hopefully tomorrow we will both have enough charge to make some progress.

Knees like this are obviously extremely expensive and have only recently become available on the NHS, with a number of eligibility criteria. So I feel very fortunate to have had one made available to me. Hopefully by the end of the trial period I will have experienced some benefit!

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A few people had questions about the size of my first prosthetic from my last post. Here is a size comparison from first to current. 38 year difference. #amputee #prosthetics #prostheticleg #shriners #hangerprosthetics #neversettle #nike #metcon

1ère marche des vacances à la Réunion : Grand bassin, 800m de dénivelé 😨
3h de descente, 3h de montée
1ère grosse rando à la Réunion, bonne sensation avec la prothèse 👍👌
Photo de fin, photo dans la montée
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It don’t gotta be Monday for you to be motivated. #fridayfeels
📸: @pocketsoffilm

U prethodne dve godine, FTN mi je pomogao u svakom pogledu. Moje studiranje se nastavilo bez obzira na moje fizičke "poteškoće". Zahvalna sam svim profesorima i studentima koji mi pomažu u svakom pogledu ❤️
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